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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening all! A self employed, hard working friend who is a decent man, employing locally and is just a generally good bloke has made a schoolboy error in trusting without the legalities. He is a commercial painter and decorator who has to take on huge contracts and suffer the cash flow problems associated therein! In December, a 'manager' told him to proceed with extra work but it was not backed up in writing and there were no witnesses. The company are now refusing to pay him for the extras which could force him and his family into insolvency. Is there anything (apart from learning a massive lesson), that we can do to help this guy please? Thank you JT
  2. Maybe this will focus the world's attention and let us negotiate Brexit in peace....
  3. Received a standard letter template from the Co-op, hopefully attached? However, it wasn't until I re-read their missive that I noticed the wording they used. "Continued misuse of your account means that we can impose restrictions to your banking facilities, including your debit and credit cards, or even close your account" Now considering this is only the second time I have bounced a direct debit, I find their language very threatening, quite how depriving me of £30 is ever going to force me to not "misuse" my account is totally beyond me? After all, isn't the reason why these DD bounced because I didn't have enough money in there in the first place? No wonder the finance industry is in such a mess, I rang them (Truecall) and spoke to a pleasant enough lady who told me they can only waiver bank fees once in a 12 month period, when I told her that the only payments going into my account between now and their attempted 'charge' of £30 is going to be my benefit money, it sort of fell on deaf ears, 'it's in the terms and conditions' yadda yadda yadda, 'were allowed to take money out of the account' yadda yadda yadda. So letter of complaint is going out first thing tomorrow, along with my thoughts on why I feel their charges are unfair, and if they wish I will send them a letter of appropriation. In the meantime I'm looking for another bank!
  4. Viewers who avoid the licence fee by only watching catch-up shows on iPlayer could have to pay up, the BBC’s director general warned yesterday. Lord Hall’s comments come amid growing concerns that younger viewers are using free catch-up services to dodge the £145.50 annual charge. He insisted that the licence fee has ‘plenty of life yet’ but admitted it could be changed. Currently, a loophole means viewers who only watch catch-up shows instead of on TV as they are broadcast do not have to pay the licence fee. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2731277/Now-BBC-threatens-make-iPlayer-users-pay-licence-fee-Director-General-admits-charge-modernised-apply-programmes-catch-service.html#ixzz3BPWSiM4D
  5. Hi, I need your help people again! I decided after the advice of people on here regarding a number of grievances I had with my employer and statuary rights, that I would get a solicitor. I ended up resigning because of what ha[ppened and solicitor said with all the evidence I have got we should take my employer to a tribunal for automatic unfair constructive dismissa which l was told had a very strong case. Then after few letters and text messages back and fourth. My solicitor speaks to my ex-employer about a settlement. He said that he wants a figure asap and he would not give offer til we gave him figure and that he might put the company into insolvency. Now from what I understand I cannot take company to tribunal if they go into insolvency. So what are my options? Do i just ask for wages I was owed which was £5000. Do i ask for compensation? Do I work out what I would claim at tribunal and get figure from that? Do I put my solicitors fees on top? I'm hoping someone can help because I'm confused about what I should do as I think my solicitor thinks i should just accept the money I was owed. Not the fact that I cant get any more work or the fact of how he treated me, just for wanting the same as everyone (holidays and not to be paid short etc). Plus that I have no income since I resigned, so losing out on wages and future wages. PLEASE CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE ON THIS SUBJECT.
  6. On 23 march I logged into my account and paid an estimated bill around £500 and submitteda meter reading I had taken. I then a couple of days later logged on to see a revised bill so I sent this: Npower site 27 march2013 Account number&*&^%$££”!” You have don it again. You do notsend notification via email or letter for a bill. I have to log on tofind a bill awaiting that is paid in full. You estimate everything soI supply reading and you send a reminder out to me of outstandingbill. Well what happens when you over estimate and I have paid billyou take it off the next bill. So I will employ your policy and waituntil the next bill to pay out standing charge that you would nothave had any idea of unless I informed you. Useless is yourcompany as you have failed with the simplest of things and that is toissue me with a bill until a reminder. I was received areminder letter from Collects Direct dated 3 April 13 but fell on mydoor step on 8 April 13 stating “We got in touch recently to remindyou that your bill hasn't been paid yet” This is untrue as I didnot receive any correspondences from either Npower or CollectionsDirect. I called Collections Direct and the following was said: I asked when the emailswere sent out? 3 dates supplied and none sent at all and I checked myspam filter, This has been an ongoing problem with Npower I alsoconfirmed email address. I have paid my bill andthis needs to go onto next bill as this is taken from my meterreading. I would pay next billdate which I was informed would be the 10 May 13. I asked why they do notplace notification on the bills when the next bill is due so an up todate reading can be undertaken? Reply “we only have to read metresonce every two years” I also asked why mymoney is not given back to me when I over pay due to theirestimations been two high? Reply “because you have not asked forit” I asked what my rightswere? There were no response to this question. I stated that I hadmade an offer and no Judge in their right mind will go against this. I also agreed for themto contact me via telephone then informed them that I record allconversations. I was informed that aletter would be following dated 13 April 13 stating charges I wouldincur. This letter arrived today 25 April 13 dated 19 April 13stating I have 7 days from letter date to pay or they have the rightto enter and that extra cost will follow stating £315.65 per fuel. I had made an offer topay as above but I get the feeling they want me to go Direct Debitand simply want my bank details. I did state that they have never hada problem with me paying my bill. I have also given meter readingsafter paying a bill and never had such a response from Npower. I am considering makingan offer to pay £1 per month via cheque starting 10 May but I do notwant to do this as I see this as a bullying tactic. Although if thisstops them reporting me to Debt Collection Agency and moreimportantly Credit Reference Agency and Fraud Prevention Agency asstated in their letter then I may do this. I am also consideringletting this run its cause and go to court as failings are beenexploited but I need reassurance, experiences and legalities tofollow this rout. Any advice greatlyreceived and pointing me in the right direction where legislation orNpower procedures may help.
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