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    Tesco Bank

    Thank you Andy for the reply and no it is not a Notice of Assignment just a normal letter and on the back of the letter is a direct debit mandate and if we filled it in then the payments would go to Intrum UK Limited. Cath W
  2. Good morning fellow Caggers, It has been a while since I have been on this site. Both my husband & I have a Tesco debit card which we are paying a small amount of monthly as agreed by Tesco. We have been doing this for a number of years and then out of the blue we have both received a letter from Intrum UK Finance Ltd (Reigate) saying that they are now the legal owners of the debts and that we have to pay them from now on (the letter has a photo copy signature by Gavin Flynn Operations Director). With the letter was a photo copy headed letter from Tesco Bank Recoveries saying that if we have a repayment plan in place then we can continue to pay but we now have to pay Intrum Uk Finance Ltd (this letter is unsigned). Am I right in thinking that we ignore Intrum and continue to pay Tesco directly. Thank you
  3. Thanks guys, that is what I thought
  4. H martin2006 and dx100uk I meant to say that my husband had a Mint credit card before 2007 and was paying them what they were asking for to March 2011 (this being the last time that he had charges for). Then he wrote to Mint saying that he was in financial difficulities and could only afford to pay £1-50 per month (now £2-) to which Mint agreed So am I right in believing that he should still pay Mint and ignore the DCA's
  5. My husband has a account with Mint and has been paying £2- per month by cheque to Mint which they have accepted. Wescot have now taken over the administration of the account (my husband had a letter from Mint saying that they have partnered with Wescot who will now manage the account and please continue to maintain your existing payment to us). He has received a letter from Wescot saying that he should now be paying them directly. Does he continue to pay Mint directly. Thank you
  6. Re my husbands first direct credit card. We are paying £5- per month to Robinson Way (previously MKDP) who sent him a Income & Expenditure form to fill in which he hasn't done. Yesterday he received a letter from Howard Cohen & Co. Solicitors saying that Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited are the legal owners of the debt and Howard Cohen submitted application form to the Court to substitute the Claimants details from MKDP LLP to HPH2, he also received a copy of the Apploication which reads In the high Court of Justice Claim Nos: Mulitple Chancery Division Mr Justice Henderson 18 December 2015 (with a date stamp High Court Of Justice 21 Dec 2015 Chancery Chambers) Between MKDP LLP Claimant and Multiple Defendants Order Upon the Application of the proposed new claimant by notice dated 24 November 2015 And Upon Reading the evidence in support of the application Without Notice to the parties in the cases conatained in the Schedule which forms exhibit JPM1 to the Witness Statement of John-Paul Murphy dated 25 November 2015 ("the Schedule") It Is Ordered That 1. In respect of all Claims in the Schedule with the Claimant as MKDP LLP, there be substituted, as the new Claimant, Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited ("HPH2"), on the basis that the benefit of the Claims has been assigned by MKDP LLP to HPH2. And then today he received a letter from Robinson Way saying they do not have a payment plan in place on the account and it is importnat that we agree a payment plan to prevent further action and to contact them by 20/01/16. What should he do next Thank you
  7. This is a seperate issue to the court thread but as MKDP/Robinson Way have linked them both together and we are still paying £5 - cheque payment to Robinson Way and keeping a copy of the cheques. Although it is a seperate issue the 2 accounts were linked together on the paperwork that went to the Court because the application for the credit card was attached to the application for the joint bank account and it was only my husband who was taken to court for the sum outstanding on his credit card. Cath
  8. Today we received a letter from Robinson Way regarding our First Direct Joint Account saying "Thank you for your recent contact, the balance relates to a current account and as such is exempt from part V of the CCA act 1974. There is therefore no requirement to produce a copy agreement". They said that the postal order will be returned and they also enclosed a financial statement for us to fill in with our affordable proposal for payment and return it within 14 days. This bank account was opened in October 1996 what action should I take from here. Thank you Cath
  9. Just to confuse matters, we have a Joint Bank Account with First Direct (which we don't use anymore) we received a letter 11 Nov 2015 from Robinson Way (dated 6 Nov 2015) saying that our Joint Account £1438-16 had been passed to them from HPH2 Ltd (last company was MKDP and letter 27 Oct 2015 from them saying that the Joint Account had been sold to Hoist). They appear to be trying to tie in both my husband's First Direct credit card account and the Joint Bank Account. We sent a CCA request form to Robinson Way with a postal order for £1 - and I wrote on the back "for statutory consumer credit act agreement copy £1- fee only not to be used as any payment against any alleged debt. Today (2 Dec) we received the postal order back from Robinson Way with a compliment slip saying "Please find enclosed returned £1- CCA fee, Kinds Regards J ????. Should we do anything else or wait to see what Robinson Way do next. Thank you Cath
  10. Thanks again dx and I am wondering what will turn up in the post next.
  11. Well this just gets even better. Today my husband has received a Notice of Assignment from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited saying that MKDP have assigned the rights, title and interest to Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited, balance £1116-89 (they seem to have lost £35- worth of payments that were paid to MKDP and I kept copies of the cheques) and that HPH2 Ltd have appointed Robinson Way Limited to manage the account and they would like my husband to contact them by 11 Nov 2015 to let them know which payment option he will choose. Option 1- Pay £7-16 per week for 3 years to clear the balance in full. Option 2 - Pay £4-30 per week for 5 years, Option 3 - Pay £3-07 per week for 7 years and Option 4 Tell them what he can afford. Cath
  12. Hi, 16 March 2015 MKDP's debt started out at £1126-89 where my husband has been paying MKDP £5- per month (keeping a copy of the cheque and noting the date that cashed) and as of today's date the balance is £1081-89. Today he has received a letter from MKDP saying, Due to MKDP LLP (Ex HSBC), Our reference ......., Account number ...... and Amount due £1116-89 We are writing to let you know that, in accordance with our rights your account referenced above has been sold to Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited on 26 October 2015. You will shortly receive a Notice of Assignment from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. This will confirm your new account reference number, together with details of who to contact about your account. Any payments made towards your account after 26 October 2015 have been forwarded to Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited. We set a cheque to MKDP 3 Nov 2015. Can MKDP now sell the debt over to another company when the Court case was with MKDP and nobody else. Thank you Cath
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