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  1. Yes I know assets is everything owned by the deceased.. On speaking with the ccard companies so far.. They have specifically said "cash in the bank" As you've just stated its probably not top of their list to chase for it.. If it was half a million quid owed they probably would.. Yes he had a will and no I'm not the Executor.. Mearly attempting to investigate what is correct and proper for a bank to do in the circumstances I've outlined above
  2. This is the minefield I suspect. Credit cards are unsecured debts and the debtor has died. So there is no one to chase for the money.. The biggest asset (the house) my mother lives in. I doubt a CCard company would persue attempting to secure a charge on the house through the courts. He has two other credit cards and one has been written off immediately (I have written confirmation of that) the other basically said if there's some money (cash in the bank) we'll have some, if there isn't please confirm that and that's the end of the matter.. "assets" are referred to as cash in the bank when I spoke with them all advising of my father's death.. Post been and nowt from Barclays today. I've paid £2400 deposit on the funeral cost. With the balance due in about 10 days..
  3. Correct I have.. Covid 19 has put normal response times under pressure. Even the post office is only delivering mail every other day.. Had no mail since last Friday Hence I'm expecting something today.. The reason for my original post was I doubt a letter mearly saying," please friendly and nice bank pay the funeral costs first and whistle for any remaining debt balance" would achieve the desired affect. So I asked if anyone new if any rules, acts or the like that would force them to if they didn't....
  4. I'm awaiting a letter from them setting out the position.. I attempted to phone them on Thursday last week as they had written to my mother detailing the credit card details and said they hadn't received a death cert, which were certain we sent. Anyway it was a recorded message due to covid 19 etc the call waiting time was an hour. So I hung up. As above though, it's wise to communicate in writing. I'm expecting something to land on the mat any day now. See what they say.
  5. Thanks HB Having read this bit from your first link.. "WARNING: If an organisation such as a bank has multiple assets, e.g. a current account, a savings account, a credit card and a loan, they can legally put all those accounts together to discover if there is an overall positive or negative balance. Therefore it will probably not be possible to use money from a savings acount with money in it to pay for a funeral, if there is an overall debt to the bank." Based on that I'd say that Barclays will lump it all together. Find a positive balance of approx £1500 and send that as part payment of the funeral invoice. However, that would depend if priority is given to paying the funeral costs first.. Then they put the account balances together to calculate what's left positive or negative, in this case it would be negative as the funeral cost was approx £4350. Based on the above warning Barclays will ensure they're paid back first
  6. I've been told that by someone however, the lady I spoke to at Barclays basically said it's the other way around.. Communication with Barclays is slow at the moment due to staffing levels and people trying to get through on the phone re' other issues.. As an absolute minimum I'd expect the funeral costs to come out of my late father's estate then what money is left pay the C card debts. As yes as you say they are and unsecured debt. I'll update as I learn more directly from Barclays over the coming weeks..
  7. Unfortunately, My Dad always "knew best". Wouldn't talk about finances nor take advice. I told him some years ago to transfer any balance onto a different lender. Obviously, he didin't The difficulty here is there are terms and conditions for both his current account and credit card accounts.. I thought it would be a hiding to nothing but thought I'd ask the question.
  8. Hi Guys and Girls. It's been a few years since I've posted on here. In February this year unfortunately my father passed away. Im in the process of sorting out his financial affairs, having notified Barclays of his death his accounts are all stopped. He has a savings account, a current account and two barlaycards. One credit card with a balance of approx £6000 one with a balance of £750 my mother is also a card holder on this account. He has Approximately £8000 in his savings account. On speaking with Barclays their immediate responce has been that the debit balances are to be cleared from his savings and current accounts. Any surplus money can be paid to the funeral directors on reciept of their invoice and any money left will be forwarded to my Mother. In the short term I have forwarded the funeral directors invoice, a death certificate and am still awaiting Barclays to contact me again. My question is (and yes I appreciate its a little unethical) but if I sent a CCA request as proof that my father had indeed signed an agreement (if they can obviously find it after 30 + years) that would confirm that indeed what they are saying will happen. If the can't then the minefield could be opened that they aren't entitled to deduct monies from one account to pay a debit balance in another? Any thoughts or pointing in the right direction of approach would be appreciated. Cheers PJ
  9. Ha Ha, The Halifax??!! Have a look at the terms of service for a basic account customer.. They dont allow you to deposit money or a cheque at their tellers windows, paying in must be done in an envelope through a machine!! They may as well say "sub humans" this way >>>>> I only breifly read their terms of service, so I may be wrong but that is how interpreted it!! Yes I have the name of the chap who is in charge of customer complaints... I only want to save the account because it is easier than changing.. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi Bombaymix, Thanks for that, I was after something to make the co-op realise that I actually pay in (about 50 grand a year), but they use virtual money so not bothered... Which really peed me off!
  11. Dead easy...... BARTER your skills and services!! No money needed, No tax to pay, on purchases or earnings! Swap Shop without Noel !! Showing my age here. Think about it, start in your street, road, close, or wherever you live! Stop using money! Don't use SUPERMARKETS, or GAS/ELECTRIC companies, dont buy petrol/deisel, £7 a gallon???? plus road TAX, insurance? have you ever tried to claim? It's all MASSIVE profit on S H one T for very litgtle or sod all !! The Government is Bust, Banking is bust, B&Q and Tesco's etc can only employ so many...and their profits are down!! Ha Good! What about the rest of you??? Think about it!!!!! Paul
  12. Hi All It is some years since I have been on this site.. So long in fact I have a new email addy and have hade to re-register. I had some succes with recaliming bank charges which i am grateful to the site for. But I did lose two claims It's 3:00am saturday morning and am trolling through all the threads.. A lot has changed over the years, but hey if you dont ask.... I have had a cashminder account with the Co-op bank for about six years (aniversary in May this year). Being broke all the time and sruggling to keep afloat (self-employed) I'll be honest i "flew a kite" had money in my current account, used my debit card say on a monday, went on internet banking, monday night. Money still showing as in my account on on-line banking (oh i get so confussed) transferred my balance to my savings account (also with the co-op) instant tranfer to that account, go to cash machine, and withdraw the money from savings account. If i have £50 in my current account spend 45 on my card, i can transfer 50 to my savings account and withdraw £50 in the morning. I have spoken at length with customer services about the fact that their internet banking statements are not "in real time". I have to go to an ATM for an available balance. I am far to busy with my life / work to be trudging to a cash machine to get a balance!! So, the long and short of it is. I played their inept computer system, got cought out and because i went "overdrawn" 5 or 6 times in the last 3 months their terms and conditions say "close the account". I would accept this but a/ i have been charged for "breach of contract" b/ the money "borrowed" has been paid back within 3- 4 days. c/ this scenario has only happened through absolute nesseceity over the last twelve months or so. I have spoken with customer services who advised that they would extend the closure from 7 days to one month... I think this is unfair considering what i pay in on an Annual Basis, I Turnover a reasonable amount, and try my utmost to keep my account with them in good order.. Is this Fair? Are there rules they must abide to that will take a week or more for me to research? Call centre staff a great but they all just read of idiot cards! Bahh Bahh, it's a job, do the shift and go home.. All a bit vague, but i need to save my cashminder account.. Any Ideas folks?? Thanks Paul
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