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Found 6 results

  1. I am getting so sick of this company! I changed from EDF to Co-op back in February 2012. I realised things were not going as planned when 5 months down the line I realised I hadn't had a bill. I telephoned them to be told that I wasn't with them and I needed to contact EDF, who also said I was no longer with them. I emailed both companies, asking them to confirm in writing whether the account was with them. EDF replied but Co-op didn't. I know they got the email as I received their automated "thank you for your email" blah blah. I got fed up with chasing and decided to wait. Someone somewhere will notice that they are not getting any payments and will contact me surely. Roll onto to January 2014 and I came home to a red letter threatening to break into my home. I emailed them again as I can't record calls here. Got the same auto reponse. next day still not receiving a response. So I went onto Facebook and left a sarcastic message. Shouldn't have needed to take such a drastic step but there we are. Anyway......it got their attention....but they then had to publicly admit they couldn't find the email. So a private message was sent to me, could I forward the email onto a named person in customer services and I was given an email address for this person. I forwarded it on and after a little bit of an exchange, a request for the back billing code applied to be denied stating they said they had emailed me the bills but they clearly hadn't. They apologised as clearly there is nothing wrong with my email address or postal address and rather than leaving it so long they should have realised something was wrong and sent the bills by post. I made an arrangement to pay per month and they said they would send all bills by post. Roll onto May 2014 and not a bill in sight. Nope instead they thought it would be much more professional to send a debt collectors letter to me instead. Now I have made payments as arranged. I emailed this women to which I have received no response. I sent a further email two days later stating that it would have been polite to at least acknowledge the email, again deadly silence. I have now sent this to the energy ombudsman but short of turning up at their offices, somebody please explain to me why they see this as good business practice. It just can't be normal to refuse to send bills wait some time then sent threatening letters. I have no words to describe how inadequate I find this company. I just can't see what else I can do. I have kept all copies of the emails right back to 2012 to prove contact.
  2. Hello Sorry if this is rushed but I have to go work soon. A couple of years ago I got into contact with Stepchange about my debts. With their help I stabilised my debts, shut my old bank account which had an overdraft and opened a Co-op Cashminder account. Since then my financial situation has "normalised" i.e. I get reasonable wages, am paying my Mortgage etc, although living a lot frugally now. Over the last week I have had various companies phoning me and saying my direct debit has failed. I looked at my online banking and all my direct debits have been wiped. I phoned the bank this morning and they told me because over the last 12 months I had had a certain amount of transactions cancelled (for which I incurred charges although the transactions were for relatively minimal amounts of money) Although I was aware this was part of the Cashminder Cards conditions I had received no warning that this was going to happen. In fact they told me they were closing the account. Now over the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to have a very decent balance for 99% of the time. They have given me a couple of extra weeks to sort myself but my main concern is will I find a bank that will take me on. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.
  3. All I want is my statements to end on the 2nd of each month. Instead I get two pages sent days apart. It seems that when I have generated 25 transactions the statement is sent leaving the remaining days to the 2nd of the month to come later. This make it harder for me to manage my account, less able to compare like with like. I want to know how much has gone in and come out for the said period, not part of the said period. I spent years deciding to leave Lloyds bank, purely for ethical reasons. However, I had the statements I wanted with them...in Lloyds case up to the 15th of each month. Why can Lloyds do it and not the Co-op. I am told it is their system...so why cant they change their system?
  4. Hello, My wife's Smile account has just been closed, denying us access to the overdraft facility. We have recently paid several hundred pounds in from family which was to help get by until I am paid in a few weeks. Since yesterday Smile have firstly said the account would be functioning with a usable o/d until 15th Feb. Then they changed their mind and made the account unusable. We phoned them, explained that we needed to use the facility for a few more weeks and were told this was ok, that the account would be reinstated. Then they shut it off again, saying that was that, they can't let us use the account. I really hope someone has advice on how to handle this.
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you can help, the Co-op are causing me no end of stress and I'm starting to wish I never took my loan out. Today I recieved a default notice which was quite a shock. The thing is, I hadn't recieved any previous requests for payment, but I'm now allegedly two months in arrears? I spoke to them today and after much to-ing and fro-ing, the guy on the other end finally admitted they hadn't sent me any letters. He said it had to go through several managers but he would 'unoffically' start my payment from this month. It was like this was such a big favour to me! Plus I have to call them bach tomorrow to check it's OK. I've just started a very low-paid internship and I don't think I can afford to pay £116 at the end of this month (which is only three days later than was demanded in the default notice). I'm really annoyed with their customer service, and I have a feeling I've gotten a raw deal. I would love some advice, PLEASE!!!!
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise? I have an old current account with the Co-op which I opened in the 1980's. I did use the account but not for my main banking as the store which had a bank counter in it was closed down so the nearest branch was 16 miles away. There was no internet banking then so having a local branch was essential. I last used the account around 1992. The account still has a small balance and I have decided that I now want to use it again, as my main bank. I wrote to the Co-op who said they could not trace it. I then found my old bank card (Electron) which I sent to them proving I did. They have repeatedly said they cannot trace any account without the account number. I complained to the FOS who have told me verbally that they accept that Co-op have done everything in their power to find the account. Really?! They have had every address I have ever lived at, DOB and know which branch my account was held at. I have chased up the bank regarding the card as all they said was that the data on it was too old. I aksed then about the printed number on the back (it didn't have the indented numbers as cards have today) and they said the 'BIN (now?)related to an account number at the Commonwealth Bank' and the card had been destroyed. I now have a form from the FOS asking if I accept their decision with a tick box option. They have not put in writing what they told me on the phone. Sorry if this is a bit long winded, but this is the short version. I thought banks had a duty to trace dormant accounts. Some people I know have found relatives accounts over 50 years old by just writing with a name and address. I'm still very much alive and the account was last used less than 20 years ago!! Thanks for any advise you can offer. Paul.
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