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SAMSUNG not honouring warranty for screen damage - **RESOLVED**

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My mobile phone came with a 2 year warranty for repairs to screen except for that caused by accidental damage.

The screen has a problem which requires replacement of the whole screen but SAMSUNG are demanding payment.

I have contested this with their contracted repairs company, and plan to escalate to SAMSUNG,

I was wondering what I can do if SAMSUNG simply refuse to repair the phone.

I understand that OFCOM don't exist anymore; has the government replaced them with another authority?



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Is the screen actually damaged in that is the glass broken? Or is it simply that electronically it has ceased to function?


Also, who sold it to you


I'm also rather curious to know why you think that Ofcom would have anything to do with the problem

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BankFod, bought from 3 network with a contract. 

Screen looked okay to me except for the inner screen protector which bubbled up and at one point looked cracked (I think it's mad of Perspex like material). 

I may have been thinking of Office of Fair Trading. I remember them stepping in and resolving a problem with CURRYS warranty years ago

I've email Samsung as per above, lets see what they say.


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The office of fair trading doesn't exist any more and anyway, they would never have dealt with the individual complaint like this. Trading standards might have done but a very long time ago. They completely change now.
The only person who will help you will be yourself – and with our help if you want.

I'm still not sure why you think that Ofcom might have been interested.

When did you get the telephone?

If there is no damage on the outside of the screen then I don't think it's possible to say that it was deftly damaged by you. I think that there is sufficient leeway and explanations that you could make a good case that it was simply some fault with the telephone


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When you say the inner screen, is this one of the foldables? The warranty for Samsung foldables is 1 year for a screen replacement, not 2. It is also not free, and there is a small deductible to pay.

As bankfodder states, when did you purchase the phone?

Double check that you're not double covered, normally with contract phones you'll get a warranty with your supplier as well for the duration of the contract. (even if it's not needed due to consumer rights laws). It might be worth, if this is the case, seeing if Three is willing to repair/replace the phone instead of Samsung.


We could do with some help from you.



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Posted (edited)

Samsung have confirmed that it will not repair under warranty. 😕


Cheaper for me to sell the phone as used and put that money towards a newer mobile. 

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I don't really understand. You have been asked twice now when you first bought the phone. You are first of all over 12 hours ago and yet you still haven't told us and I am getting the impression that you don't want to let us know.

Maybe you could confirm this and tell us why not.

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  • 1 month later...

Phone was bought in January 2023. Sorry but I couldn't access the website.

SAMSUNG have not replaced the screen but they have somehow fixed it so that it looks like a new screen!



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You will have to stand by for a response because it will take a while to go back over and refresh our understandings about this.
This happens when people don't engage with this thread properly

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Actually, I don't need a response anymore since Samsung has given me a satisfactory resolution.

I am, of course, eternally grateful for the responses and the guidance from all in this forum. 

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  • dx100uk changed the title to SAMSUNG not honouring warranty for screen damage - **RESOLVED**

Okay, I jumped the gun. I didn't read your post properly.

Thank you very much indeed for letting us know. If it is a satisfactory outcome for you then that is excellent. Well done

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