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I hope someone can help me.

I have been on Contribution-Based ESA for a long time, in the support group.

I had 2 letters from Job Centre Plus. One in March 2021 which shows the correct amount of benefit I should  be receiving (£131 a week) 
In April I received another letter, the benefit was reduced to £113 a week. I have disputed this amount as my circumstances haven't changed.

I telephoned Job Centre Plus last week to find out why it's been reduced.

I was told two things;
1) They have sent me out a form to fill. I never received the form.
2) When my partner received permanent stay in the UK, I haven't notified them.

My partner came to the UK 11 years ago, I telephoned DWP and told them my circumstances have changed (My partner is living with me) they sent me out a form to fill.
In the form I stated in that form that I do not wish to claim any benefits for my partner.

I had a few more forms sent to me later on in the years, which I filled out my partners details and stated that I do not wish to claim any benefits for my partner. 

I had a telephone call from Job Centre Plus late last year, asking me why I'm not claiming for my partner. I said she is looking for work and I don't want to claim for her.
He said he wants me to close the claim and claim universal credit with my partner. I declined. 

I feel Job Centre Plus are trying to force me onto universal credit and cutting my benefit.
Job Centre Plus are doing this just to keep their books in order and move me onto universal credit which I understand is a different department.  

I will be asking for reconsideration for this decision, and wait for what Job Centre have to say as I have had nothing in writing stating why my benefit has been reduced.

I appreciate any help and advice. 

Please note my son is typing for me, so there may be a delay in replies. Thanks.

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I expect people like unclebulgaria from the site team or others in the know will be along later to advise you, so you may not get your answer straight away.


We understand about delays on your side, good for your son for helping. :)



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Illegitimi non carborundum




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You need to include your partner on the claim, as their information may affect the claim.


Please provide exact amounts for the 20/21 an 21/22 period, as the £133 and £113 amounts don't appear to be exact amounts that relate benefit rates.


What ESA components were you entitled to.  Personal Allowance, Support Group, Enhanced Disibility Premium.


You should have had letters from DWP telling you the ESA benefit components for the two years in question.

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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