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Advice on landlord who doesn’t maintain property

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Hi, I own the first floor flat in a converted house and I have a few issues with the landlord and tenant of the flat below.


The landlord never repairs or maintains her flat, other than a lick of paint between tenants.


She has paid half towards a few roof repairs over the years, but has always caused a problem over it.


I’m currently waiting for her to come back to me on a current rod repair needed, but she is ignoring my messages.

The letting agent also doesn’t seem interested.


Where do I stand legally on making her pay?

The tenant in the flat also causes issues after some workmen caused a leak in my flat, which went underneath.


My insurers are dealing with it, but it seems that they think I should be paying for their negligence and as I personally haven’t, the tenant is constantly coming up with ‘problems’ that he wants me to rectify or pay for.


Where do I stand with that as well?


Many thanks for any advice :-)


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who owns the frehold of your property? the same landlord of the rented out flat?

read your lease and see what it says abiout repairs to fabric.

As for tenant making a fuss, they are supposed to go to their landlord who may or may not have rights to enforce certain things. If the ceiling is damaged then that is nothing to do with tenant, their only interest is in damage done to their property.

Tell landlord that you will be making a complaint of harassment if they dont tell their tenant to wind their neck in

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The freehold is owned by someone separate (who I’ve never heard from!) and we are both leaseholders. Our leases are both the same and state that we are responsible for keeping the property in a good state of repair, etc. Roof repairs are also up to us I believe and we’ve always done it in the past. 


the tenant has always come directly to me, as we initially had a good relationship and his landlord is very difficult. However, now I don’t want to be dealing with him and all the “issues” he keeps coming up with - he has way too much time on his hands! - so can I tell the landlord (and him) that communication must go through her from now on and for him not to deal with me directly on anything? 


I will always repair anything that needs fixing from my side, but do not want to be dealing with things that he just simply doesn’t like - he’s constantly trying to tell me what I should be doing in my own home and telling me how things need doing and I need to pay for it. I’ve recently realised that on some of these occasions, I shouldn’t have had to pay for certain things and I strongly suspect he’s also been trying to make money out of me on occasion also. 


With regards to the stain on the tenants ceiling, caused by a leak, I have offered for my partner to repaint the ceiling (he is a painter and decorator) once the problem

my end is sorted - can the landlord legally refuse this and make me pay for an external contractor, without any just reason? And if she refuses to pay her share to have the roof tiles replaced, what is the best way to go about making her pay legally? 


Thanks so much! 

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roof repairs are not up to you unless the lease says so. It will be in your lease if it is the case as you are the top floor

Do not guess at things, know and ignore the tenant, he is nothing to do with you. Stop offering things that are not in your remit or domain.

but first

read your lease and then reread your lease before you open your mouth again to the tenant or the flat owner

to anwser the rest of your questions read your lease.

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