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  1. Hi All I’m not too sure how to start really… Long story short is i stepped off a kerb into a hole (missing piece of road) which let to a severe sprain to my ankle. Visit to A&E, x ray and working from home. The ankle is super painful and black in many areas, I taken pics of the area of road and kerb and obv my foot too. Is it worth chasing compensation? If so where so i go next? Thanks
  2. Thanks dx - what does the confirmation of address do? What format should it take? It feels like they’re both fishing ?
  3. Hi all Here's a copy of the email from DERBY and the second is the most recent comms from IDRWW which arrived today. Keen to understand best next steps. Thank you in advance. IMG_0192.pdf
  4. No not been in contact with original creditor. I’ve lived in different addresses before my current address. Is there a legal way to get the collectors to stop? Also I’ve not received a letter of claim. I have not confirmed and they have not received confirmation of my identity
  5. I’ve recently received letters and email from IDRWW (Emirates NDB Debt) and Derby Debt Collection UAE (Standard Chartered debt) IDRWW - have sent get in contact letters and emails Derby Debt - have seen my details on linkedin (I’ve hibernated the page) and contacted my employer who think it’s a phishing email, but I haven’t confirmed anything with them. Ultimately - i had to leave the UAE 8yrs ago due to my partner and the only way was to leave these behind. I’m keen to know how to keep them at bay - I’m happy to use a lawyer to do so. This is the first time I’ve heard from them.
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