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  1. Hi Stu007, Yes that's correct. I live in a converted property and are both leasehold for our flats. I know the other owner is holding up repairs, as I've been dealing with her directly on the issue. The letting agent is doing nothing. I went to them originally about the problem with the roof, but they passed me straight to the other owner, as she wanted me to deal with her and is now refusing to take things any further. I own my flat and the letting agent manages the property for the other owner, who rents hers out. There is an ongoing issue with a leak caused i
  2. Hi all, I am having an issue with the landlord who owns the property below mine, who is refusing to pay for roof repairs on the property. We are both leasehold and these repairs are our responsibility. Could anyone point me in the direction of the best forum, to find information on where I stand with this? Or even pass on some links for forum discussions on a similar topic, which might help me understand more? Many thanks.
  3. The freehold is owned by someone separate (who I’ve never heard from!) and we are both leaseholders. Our leases are both the same and state that we are responsible for keeping the property in a good state of repair, etc. Roof repairs are also up to us I believe and we’ve always done it in the past. the tenant has always come directly to me, as we initially had a good relationship and his landlord is very difficult. However, now I don’t want to be dealing with him and all the “issues” he keeps coming up with - he has way too much time on his hands! - so can I tell the landlord (and
  4. Hi, I own the first floor flat in a converted house and I have a few issues with the landlord and tenant of the flat below. The landlord never repairs or maintains her flat, other than a lick of paint between tenants. She has paid half towards a few roof repairs over the years, but has always caused a problem over it. I’m currently waiting for her to come back to me on a current rod repair needed, but she is ignoring my messages. The letting agent also doesn’t seem interested. Where do I stand legally on making her pay? The tenant in
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