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  1. So if registering a new address on a CRA means it will get passed on to DCAs, I guess it also means that if someone else does a credit check on you with your new address, the same thing will happen?
  2. So it looks like I either pay or ignore them...They call every day..what would happen if I kept on ignoring them? They don't know my new address but I'm guessing they can somehow find it eventually.
  3. I've sent them letters similar to the one I found on that link, didn't get anywhwere. I also raised a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman mentioning BCOBS and they aren't going to do anything about it.
  4. January to May 2013 it started going overdrawn, they closed the account June 2013.
  5. It was a current account and I was using it kind of as a savings account. I thought I had more money in there than I did, and made a card payment which took it into overdraft. I had a direct debit on it, which further took it into overdraft. I owe the amount from the card payment and DD, but have an issue with the charges they slapped on there. I didn't realise it had gone into overdraft for a few months as I had changed address and wasn't getting their letters.
  6. Dx, the £58 is from a few direct debits that went out that took me into overdraft. I haven't payed this back yet. What would you suggest that I do now?
  7. Brigadier, I don't know why I get calls from Ruthbridge now as well. They leave a recorded message on my mobile every day asking me to call them back. The number calling my landline is Cabot. I presumed they were just connected, like the same company or something. Interesting that you think if Ruthbridge is involved that there's a problem with the account...is that usually why they get involved? As I still owe £58 from my overdraft and £108 in fees, do you think I should try and pay the £58 on the Cabot website..I don't want to speak to them on the phone. The £58 is what I actually owe, b
  8. I have just been ignoring the Cabot calls but have had messages left on my phone from Ruthbridge. The Financial Ombudsman recently said they aren't going to do anything about it. Now getting calls on my landline and when I looked up the number found it's Cabot. I 'm not sure if I should pay off the overdraft debt I owe on the Cabot site, and not pay the charges. Or I don't know whether I should just pay the charges as well and have done with it. I'm worried they are going to add a load of interest on it.
  9. Can someone give a bit more information on what to actually to when making a BCOBs claim? I've read the links and although they are informative about what BCOBS is, what do you actually do, apart from writing the bank letters? I read on there you need to sue them, so how would you go about doing that? Do the banks sometimes drop the charges without needing to sue them?
  10. Ok I've attached another letter I have wrote. I've basically boiled it down to them making unfair overdraft charges against me. I still owe £58, but the fees are £108. Cabot has the debt so not sure if they can try and put a load of extra charges on top. Anyway, hope I can get some feedback on the letter, and if there is anything else I should write. Thanks.
  11. Hi Dx, I've attached the latest letter they sent. It's not too different from the first one they sent. Shall I attach that as well as the ones I wrote?
  12. Ok I've sent a couple letters to Halifax about the charges against my account claiming BCOBs. They've sent another letter fobbing me off, so not really sure what to do next. Do I send another letter, threatening court action? I have closed my account with Halifax. The debts has been passed to Cabot, who have been calling me for the past few months. I haven't been answering them. Halifax have also said the account conduct is going to reflect on my credit file. It's getting a bit frustrating and depressing having to go through all this, and I don't know if I'm re
  13. Ah, had no idea about XBMC. Thanks dx If that works that would be great. Then I might phone Virgin and see if I can get a cheaper deal.
  14. I wanted to change to BT, saw a better deal and I can get sport with it. Don't really want another contract with Virgin.
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