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  1. They just keep sending letters and emails offering me discounts and to contact them to make an affordable repayment. Ignored of course
  2. Yeah I get it. I just re-read the only letter I have received from Moorcroft who say my details have been passed on to them from Cabot on Cabot’s behalf and are now dealing with my account. Cabot already tried with their own in-house solicitors, and didn’t get anywhere court wise ….so makes sense they pass it on to someone else to try for them … these will also fail too … There’s no paperwork except a statement of last payments from 2022- and that’s clear as Cabot acknowledged my CCA request in July 2023( even though I sent it in April 2023) last and never came through with anything. I used to be scared if these people but thanks to this site, and the outstanding knowledge on it, I no longer am. so I thank each and every one of you.
  3. Now receiving emails but they are marked as junk. If I get court forms again come through like I did with Cabot, will I not need a CCA request from moorcroft to dispute since they have taken it over from Cabot .
  4. Nothing new just calls and texts from moorcroft. Blocked calls and texts, reported as spam.
  5. Ok. I will continue to ignore and will keep this updated as and when I receive more from them.
  6. Ugh so Cabot use both Mortimer Clark AND Moorcroft yes I will IGNORE. regarding my old username, I no longer have access to my old email address and don’t remember the password so I cannot login using it.
  7. Ok I found my post it seems after losing it…. I received a letter from Moorcroft . they have received information from Cabot financial…. it seems that Cabot have sold it on. so the cycle begins again. should I send a CCA Request to Moorcroft or should I wait for more correspondence from them first ?
  8. Just a quick update… no response at all to CCA request. just gone back to the beginning with the harassing calls ( which get blocked as Truecall shows them as Cabot ) and todays letter was just the standard your account is in arrears please call us to set up a repayment plan. I guess I will just wait again for the PAP letter now and go through it all over again it seems
  9. I haven’t received any emails from them ever. The text message was filtered via Truecall and was subsequently blocked.
  10. a follow up for the last letter. I got a SMS saying I had a new letter and I viewed it online it told me that my account is no longer on hold and I should call them to set a repayment plan. er..no I don’t think so ! Still no response to my CCA request I guess I will just wait for the next PAP form to come is it worth sending a 3rd CCA request?
  11. I actually lost the proof of posting for the first one but I have the second one form April. I will keep this letter with my other things in the file and will keep you updated if anything else comes . This is the letter I received 2023-11-03 didnt get cca requests.pdf
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