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  1. It hasn’t reached that point. I’m at the limit of them and can’t seem to escape the limit as explained before.
  2. I have decided to send CCA to only two. the others are credit cards but I’ve since made payments and have cleared the arrears as I was a month late. the only problem I’m facing with those is that once they later apply interest I go over limit and get charged 12 quid each time aswell as being over. It’s a never ending battle.
  3. I have done but it mentions computer typing and I don’t have one or access to one so if Its handwritten do I have to sign it or still just print my name the same
  4. If I have to hand write it, does the not needing to sign it still apply or would I have to sign in?
  5. Can you tell me how to do a CCA request and tell me how much it costs please thankyou
  6. Ok so if I send a CCA request and they don’t have it…what will they likely send me instead ? if they don’t have a CCA for me then how can they prove that I own the debt ?
  7. But when selling a debt to a DCA, wouldn’t they have sent them all info including a cca
  8. DX, I am In arrears (and maxed out )of one month with several CC companies and am at the risk of being unable to pay hence finding a 3rd party to pay everyone so I don’t have to stress every month finding out how much I need to pay who. It’s draining. Just one simple payment. In relation to the other question of mine , My main debts are as follows: original creditor : Aqua Account opened : 26 September 2013 Defaulted : 27/06/2017 Taken over and sold to Cabot sometime after July 2017. amount remaining : £2898 The default for this drops off next year. If I stop paying this will it drop off still or could a new default date be applied or updated ? Last one was Original creditor : Hitachi Capital Finance. Account opened : 19/01/2016 Defaulted 30/06/2019 Sold to Lowell Portfolio One sometime in July 2019. amount remaining : £4037.
  9. Hello everyone a couple of questions please 1) I’ve a default from June 2017 ( it was a hitachi loan but then sold on to the Cabot financial. I’ve been paying £15 a month for a while but if I decided to stop paying them, will they default still drop off in June 2023 or can Cabot add a default from when I last stopped paying ? 2) As I have several creditors I’m struggling to be able to pay some, and others are manageable only just. However it’s very hard for me to keep an eye on how much each one needs to be paid every month. I’m asking.does anyone know if is there any kind of organisation where they will take one payment from me and pay the companies with the money I paid. i know there is step change but some of the accounts are not yet In trouble but are maxed limits.
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