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    • @Jase1982   I have been trying to get up to to speed, and struggling   "Unite general secretary Len McCluskeytold the Guardian that Labour had to win over the party’s traditional working-class supporters with by promising to end free movement of workers - migrant Labour from Europe - after Brexit."   Labour declares a completely stark raving mad open door to anyone and everyone   Immigration was and still is THE big issue driving Brexit (but Corbyn is of course a Brexiter)   Corbyn promises a new Scot ref, then doesn't then hums and hars.     So what actually is happening?     Corbyn declares he's in it for all voters - but seems to mean he wants to ostracise most voters (biggest issue driving Brexit) and bring in new voters who might vote for him in gratitude despite not knowing who he is and probably not caring, and hopes some of them might be nurses.   Cluckskey wants to end (EU) free movement or workers? So where is he on the open door policy - (Theres apparently 40-60,000 none Turk ISIS looking for a new home ...)     I cant make any coherent sense of it whatsoever. Bonkers.     ‌
    • OK, using the Norgan rule  payments of £100 per month towards the arrears would clear them in the remaining term of the mortgage, but only just - you would need to keep those payments up for 12 years without fail.  However the lender might not be too happy about waiting 12 years and may force your hand by applying for an eviction warrant in which case you'd have to get a hearing before a judge for them to decide.  £200 per month would halve the time it takes to clear arrears.  You have to decide what sum you can afford to maintain for a long period.
    • Hello and thanks for your answer. My car is the dark grey in the right lane, at the back of the first black one and in front of the other black one (that stopped right in the middle of the box and then moved to the left lane). It was my rear 2 wheels that stayed in the box, as I had to break suddenly. I said in my appeal that the traffic was freeflowing and it was only after I'd entered the box that something happened ahead, hence why I had to stop suddenly in order to avoid causing an accident. I think I won't be able to contest it on the law/highway code. Hence why I'm asking whether the issue of the recording/photos of the reg, is something I could use instead. I normally wouldn't bother contesting it but I've been driving on this road frequently for the last 20 years and this is the first time this has happened to me and it was genuinely because I had to break suddenly. If the traffic is stationary, I wait by the traffic lights *before* I enter the box. Do I have grounds to contest it on anything?
    • where did you buy the necklace? Might you have a bank statement or credit card bill showing it? (almost no one uses cash now!)
    • Hello and thanks for your answer. My car is the dark grey, at the back of the black one. It was my rear 2 wheels that stayed in the box, as I had to break suddenly.  
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Hi there i'm new to the forum. I have been browsing through a few posts but nothing seems to answer a question i have. I currently work for the ARCADIA group. Which is the business empire run by Sir Phillip Green. As an incentive for staff, like most retail companies we are offered a discount in store. To claim this discount we have to apply for an Arcadia staff store card which has an automatic credit value of £250. If we don't pass the credit check we are encouraged to apply again, then if again we are not accepted we have to wait for a photo id card (which i'm told by other members of staff takes forever). Is this legal? Can a company you work for actually force you to apply for credit to get a staff discount? :|

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I suppose they can ask you to do what they like to get the discount.

if dont want to apply then you dont get the discount!

Anything in your contract about staff discount?

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