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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with Natwest. I am addicted to gambling, about 2 months ago I gambled a lot in online casino, I made many deposits and withdrawals from 500gbp to even 6500gbp in a short period of time. One time I noticed 6200gbp available on my Natwest account, I was sure that it is one of my withdrawals from casino. I deposited that back to casino and lost it. A few days after, I noticed overdraft of 6200gbp on Natwest and after next few days they closed my online banking. I can't even login to see how much is there now. What should I do? That 6200gbp was available when I used it. Is it my fault?
  2. Hello, I went 29p into my unplanned overdraft in the early hours of Wednesday morning. I got money in this morning and the 29p was taken out. I am wondering if Halifax will charge me for 3/4 days worth of unplanned overdraft fees?
  3. can a bank charge unplanned overdraft fees, if account went overdrawn or exceeded overdraft limit because monthly charges were applied?.
  4. Letter from BOS today...... We've noticed that we did not write to tell you when your account went into an Unplanned Overdraft between 02 June 2012 and 14 June 2112. We apologise for this, and we've taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. Unplanned Overdraft Fees to be returned... £65.00 Gross interest at 8% p.a.... £13.00 Tax Deducted from interest at 20% basic rate...£2.60 Net Interest paid... £10.40 Total Refund... £75.40 Nice 'lift' before Santa comes
  5. Hi sorry is its the wrong place to paste this thread in but I donno whereelse to ask. today i got this mail saying I have overdrawn £41.30 because lloyds had to take out £45 as CHG UNPLANNED O/D FEES. but what is this CHG UNPLANNED O/D FEES? i previously had overdrawn £35 because I had to buy something off ebay. I paid the bank back within couple of days and now this???? can somebody explain this CHG UNPLANNED O/D FEES to me please? is it going to be an annual thing where they take my money out every month or so?? (if so then i have no reason to live.....).
  6. After the big discussion on statute barred I think a single thread for overdrafts is needed due to it's complexity and also the need to get real life dealings with the DCA's because no one seems to know if they accept SB on overdrafts 6 years after no payment. It would help a lot of us on here if people who have tried for statute barred on overdrafts with DCA's can tell us about the outcome and wether it was a simple overdraft recall or the account went into unplanned overdraft.
  7. Hi guys, I am not to sure where I stand with this at all. I had an account that was always in credit until I had lost my job and met a psycho ex girlfriend, and then things spiraled down from there.. My bank account went into an "Unplanned Overdraft" only a small amount - and I just buried my head in the sand about and completely ignored it.. After awhile I completely forgot about the account as I had no correspondence from them at all.. Now I have a new job and away from my ex I wanted to get it sorted but to find that my account was £-800!! When my first wages got put in there it all got swallowed up, I rang them up and explained and they set up a payment plan of £200/month.. Is this right? It seems a bit excessive to be £-800 because of going overdram by a matter of pounds?
  8. I come home the other day and find a letter from Lloyds telling me I have gone into red. First reaction is wtf! Letter shows an OD of about 3 times the OD limit they had set to my a/c automatically without me ever asking for it. Having a better look I realised that a credit card I am using had mistakenly carried out a direct debit payment on my account twice. The fee is small because I caught the issue early. But to focus on the actual issue, I never authorised Lloyds to give me any overdraft, let alone an "Unplanned Overdraft". I have 0 debt, 0 loans and never used any overdraft with them whatsoever, so I ring them up... I spoke to an operator on the phone who was useless and kept repeating like a tape player about the fees, trying to convince me the issue is with the other party etc. I told them they are operating a debit a/c as a credit card which I never asked for. My understanding is that the point of having a debit card is to spend as much as you have, not a penny more. Even worse, if there is an overdraft "limit" (approved or not) it is there for a reason. I told them the transaction should be blocked, whether payment is made or not is a problem between me and the third party, since I may not have sufficient funds. I had them put the manager on the phone eventually who supported that, they have to abide to the Direct Debit scheme guarantee and have to proceed with the transaction (as to full-fill my obligation to the third party) and, they are not able to know it has gone in the red until it does! I respond like "ok, silly example, according to Lloyds some idiot decides to DD me for £1m. So Lloyds will OD me for one million plus fees for every single day while I may have no clue about this transaction and the OD goes on?" The bank now suggests I have to go after the credit card company to pay the fees. On further argument they claimed they have a "policy" to honour the fee (if the CC don't pay for it) once per 12 months, but I should consider saving that option for a genuine fraud case in the future. I can't help but consider this to be the genuine fraud, making thousands of pounds in overnight deposits from my accounts while they expect me to pay fees for an OD they generated themselves. What will happen if I am on holidays and I don't even notice...
  9. Hello, I would be very grateful for some help or advice with a Halifax current account. I am self-employed. At the moment, due to general health issues and personal problems, I have been keeping my business fairly low-key so there isn't much money going in and out, and some months I go very close to my overdraft limit. I admit that some months I have gone over the limit and into what Halifax calls an 'unplanned overdraft'. I have copped the charges for this, added on or around the 1st. day of the following month. I have no objection to paying bank charges where the fault is with myself. I do think the charges are disproportionate, but that is a separate issue. The problem I have with Halifax is that, having reviewed my bank statements over the last 12 months, in the majority of cases it is the Halifax 'unplanned overdraft charges' that have sent me over the limit. For instance, just today, Halifax have added around £90.00 in charges. This is because last month I went around £12.00 over the limit for about 6 days, but I only went over the limit because Halifax had added £22.00 in charges, and those £22.00 in charges were only added because the month before that I had gone over the limit due again to Halifax charges, and so on and so on and so on....back it goes. I stress again that I have no objection to paying bank charges where the fault is with myself, but Halifax's totally ridiculous and disproportionate charges are creating a vicious cycle, and it's not easy to get out of it. The sums involved are modest. The OD limit is only £70.00. However, this is a very annoying situation and I would be grateful for some advice on whether Halifax are adding these charges unlawfully or I otherwise have a basis to challenge them. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, On December 31st, I went overdrawn on my account. The money was taken by BT. I was not made aware of an upcoming payment because I hadn't received a letter from BT. The paper billing had been changed to online billing. I didn't change it myself. On January 16th, I noticed my account was overdrawn so I paid some money in to get my account back into credit. There were no charges taken in January. In February, I was charged £30 and in March I was charged £80. Also, the unplanned overdraft interest charge and the £6 overdraft usage fee was applied. I was charged a total of £122.77 for being overdrawn by £97.47 by 15 days. I spoke to the manager at my local branch. He said the charges are £10 each day I'm overdrawn but there is a cap. I asked if it's possible to get some of the money back but he just said to check my account regularly. I'm thinking to write a letter to Lloyds TSB. I would be very grateful if someone can give me advice about how to go from here.
  11. Is this allowed? I accidently, in November 3 - 23, went into my unplanned overdraft with Halifax for 20 days. i did not receive any notification from Halifax that this had happened. December passes, no charges - Obviously by this point I still do not know I went into my "Unplanned Overdraft" in November January arrives, I have literally £1 in my account after Christmas... £105 bank charges hit my account on 5th of January forcing me into an unplanned overdraft... I do not get paid until 25th which again, is 20 days away from when they put me into an unplanned overdraft with their charges. As their charges put me into an unplanned overdraft - are they really allowed me to charge me again for this ? On the phone they said they are more than welcome to charge me for them putting me into an unplanned overdraft... Is this really true? They have taken money, from themselves, to pay themselves, therefore dosent even effect them - but they charge another £5 a day for this?
  12. Hi all, This is for a family member, Their partner failed to let them know they had a "Ultimate Reward Account" with the Halifax. Any way they pay £15 per mth for the account, they have a £200 overdraft facility. The bit here now is they have been regularly going over the planned overdraft, so they have been incurring Unplanned overdraft fees, some months is £35 some it £60 £70 etc. To say the least the account has not been used correctly, I have had a little read of the fees but don't actually understand it all, I did read that they should send out a letter to let them know, so I would presume that these letters should go out every month there is a charge. Well that does not happen. In short do they have any chance of reclaiming back theses unplanned overdraft fees at all. Thanks
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