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  1. I was at the university yesterday, I used to work there, I remember another company doing the the tickets before, and there was no pay and display then, so I also advised students not to back down, and just ignore! That was always successful, never know any to be taken to court, as I explained reasons from here, also why should they pay for parking when paying for accommodation and even the workers having to pay. Well I seen this sign in a pay and display on University grounds: My question is if they do not pay, do the same rules apply as IGNO|RE!! Uploaded with Im
  2. Thanks for that, I will find out about the original contract.
  3. Sorry about that, thought I had removed what was required, Did not realised that the company involved had to be removed! Anyway here it is re edited. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Hi all, This is for a friend, She has worked for the company for 14yrs, Her working tax credit has stopped as you now have to do in excess of 24hrs per week and not 16 like she does now. So all hours are pretty valuable to her, this is happening to a few people at her place of work, I'm not sure if it's all legal and a above board, I can understand the downturn in work by asking staff to reduce hours until further notice, most would accept to keep the job, but they want her to sign a new contract, plus reduce her from 16hrs to 12hrs, and the threat of not signing and been reengaged elsewh
  5. Hi all, i am seeking advice for a family member yet again. Situation is her ex fella put a car in her name, at another address, and racked up parking tickets, Eventually the Bailiffs have arrived at her property, She told them she never owned the car. They have been coming back to her house on a regular basis, and she has told them time and time again that she never owned it. Anyway they posted through the door 10 Identical letters, but with different amounts on some, and all different reference numbers, and payment by 11/06/2012. The letters are as this: RE: Penalty C
  6. As regards the on line banking, the other partner only found out about this a few months ago. So does anyone have any idea if they can claim back these fees, Over the years it actually goes into thousands!
  7. Hi all, This is for a family member, Their partner failed to let them know they had a "Ultimate Reward Account" with the Halifax. Any way they pay £15 per mth for the account, they have a £200 overdraft facility. The bit here now is they have been regularly going over the planned overdraft, so they have been incurring Unplanned overdraft fees, some months is £35 some it £60 £70 etc. To say the least the account has not been used correctly, I have had a little read of the fees but don't actually understand it all, I did read that they should send out a letter to let them kn
  8. I would of thought that a crime number would be sufficient, The excess if police catch the culprits would be liable? Unsure, but they would have to pay compensation via the courts
  9. Just bumping up. Does no one really have any Idea? On the rules above, and on what I wrote, I myself cannot see any reason as to why we could not have a successful bid for this, there seems to me to be no reason, we certainly won't be making the new property overcrowed
  10. Hi All, A quick summary of the situation, we now live in a 3 bed council house, we have been awarded all our points by using a solicitor, we have in excess of 400, so always go to top of the list when we bid. Now it states on the site when we log in, that a 5 bed is suitable, Council are now near completion of 2 x 5 bed properties local to where we want. But they say we cannot bid as we are a 9 person household, and the new builds are for 8 people . I supply you the act that they say is relevant, but that have not told me which part. I will supply the ages of the family, an
  11. Had a letter from them regarding my 18yr old son, He explained to me what happened, I decided to fire off this email. Good Afternoon, I have received a letter from you dated the 5th on May 2011, Your Client: Boots the Chemist Incident XXXXXX on XXth of April 2011. Case Ref: XXXXXXX Amount outstanding: £170.50 I would like you to confirm to me the address of where the alleged offence took place, Also a break down of the cost of the £170.50, that you allege that he owes. I am happy to accept this to be done via email if you like, alternatively post if y
  12. Well Cheque has been received, will now get back in touch with them as the amount they worked it as is wrong. Main Details deleted. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. I would take the wager with you, but it would be unfair, as when I was the office to pay my weekly dues, they took off all DLC and Optional Service cover, I have to show them the documents tomorrow, So I will see if new agreements are to be signed, and inquire about the DLC refund from date of insurance. Will update you tomorrow Lefty
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