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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, On February 22nd I placed an order with Origin Broadband and paid £27.99 up front as they had a really competitive deal....However that night i decided to read reviews (my bad for doing it in that order, usually i read reviews first!)...Anyway i discovered so many many bad reviews about the company that it made BT look as though it was the king of Customer Service. So naturally i decided to cancel the following morning when the lines opened. So i called up (February 23rd) and after waiting 43 minutes in the queue, i was able to cancel my order and would told my refund would be back in my account within 10-14 days....On March 14th nothing appeared in my account from Origin, I called again, but this time i just hung up after 26 minutes in the queue as i had things to do. I emailed in and no reply to this day. Since then i have looked around, Facebook, Forums and Review sites and there are a lot of people saying they have been waiting 2+ months for their refund. I did try to submit a complaint to Ombudsman, but they wont touch it because it hasnt been ongoing for 8 weeks. To me it is clear that Origin are not going to issue the refund, based on what i have seen from other people. I thought about small claims, but after fees it would cost slight more just to take them to Small Claims, what can i actually do here? Whilst it is only £27.99, im not the type of person that can let a company get away with something like this....it urks me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. I'm hoping you can help - this seems to be my last avenue before I get legal advice. I took out a contract with Vodafone at the end of September - I was then provided with a new work phone meaning I no longer needed/required the contract I had taken out with Vodafone. It was stated that I was entitled to a 14 day cooling off period and so I rang Vodafone up to cancel the contract only to find out I was unable to cancel the contract until the phone arrived...which to me was bizarre. I ordered the iPhone 6s rose gold and due to high demand the date I received the device was after the 14 day cooling off period but i was told this would not affect my rights, the 14 day cooling off period would begin when i received the phone. Therefore, once the phone arrived I rang CS 3 times to try and send it back ...all in which they hung up. So instead I went into one of Vodafone's stores. However for some strange reason they were unable to process the return there and then as I had ordered the contract/phone over the phone and so the return needed to be dealt with over the phone. Because I knew I was not keeping the handset I did not open the device however the assistant that was dealing with my request opened it as he believed it was necessary for me to contact the CS team!?!? Anyway after waiting in the store for over an hour to speak to someone on the phone he arranged to send me the return form and promised that if there was any delay it would not affect my rights. I received confirmation of the warehouse receiving the device on the 27th October and the email stated they will check it over and get back to me soon. I did not hear anything back from anyone and so I called CS numerous times again, in which they promised me a refund with 5-7 working days. After waiting 7 working days no refund appeared. I got annoyed and tired of waiting for my refund of £107.94 so i took my anger to twitter and tweeted your UK CS team. I then spoke to an agent on live chat who said my refund would be returned to my bank WITHIN 24 hours, it was not. I then spoke to another agent on the live chat who said she promises to make sure I received my refund...I STILL HAVE NOT. (I do have copies of these chats). After not receiving my refund AGAIN I went back to twitter to voice my anger! I was then provided with an email address to contact regarding my refund. This email chain lasted 4 days as they had to check with the warehouse that the phone had been returned in October...which surely would be on the system since I received confirmation of this in October and surely this should have been noted the first time I rang regarding my refund!? Anyway the last email I received confirmed that the handset was returned and that I am ENTITLED to my refund of £107.94.....yet my bank has still not been credited this amount??? WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO WAIT THIS LONG FOR A REFUND I AM ENTITLED TO?! Has anyone been in a similar situation with Vodafone....if so, how did you manage to get your refund? Did you have to go through legal advice or making a money claim?? Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Letter from BOS today...... We've noticed that we did not write to tell you when your account went into an Unplanned Overdraft between 02 June 2012 and 14 June 2112. We apologise for this, and we've taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. Unplanned Overdraft Fees to be returned... £65.00 Gross interest at 8% p.a.... £13.00 Tax Deducted from interest at 20% basic rate...£2.60 Net Interest paid... £10.40 Total Refund... £75.40 Nice 'lift' before Santa comes
  4. Can anyone please give me any advice on what I should do? I placed an order for two items from an ebay seller that never arrived at my address. I asked for tracking info the day after the estimated delivery date and to my astonishment found that my order had allegedly been delivered the day before. I chased up Royal Mail and after two weeks investigating they told me my package got delivered to another address and signed for. No red delivery card was issued to my address on that day and when I went to the other address given to me they claimed that no one there had signed for my item on that day. The thing is that I had asked for a refund from the ebay seller but both cases were closed against me because allegedly proof of postage to my address had been given in the tracking info. But that was not my signature. No one at my address signed for it. Now my ebay appeal has been closed. I have not received my items nor my refund. Does anyone know how I can go about taking action to get my refund?
  5. I made a £66 worth order of some beauty products at thebeautybooth.com on 13 feb, 2013 shipping to Hong Kong, paying by credit card. Probably because of the recent change of royal mail international shipping rules, I have never received my parcel because my order includes a bottle of nail polish. I have been contacting thebeautybooth.com by email for so many times but so far I only got one email reply, they said they are experiencing problem sending nail polish to overseas, and if I did not receive anything after a week of that email, I should contact them again and they will send me a replacement order. After a week I actually did not receive anything, so I emailed them back, and I never receive any reply from them. Couple days later I called them directly from Hong Kong, they agreed to refund the nail polish in full to me, and will send me a replacement package with the rest of the goods. After almost two weeks, I did not receive anything, neither the refund nor the goods. So I called them again. They said they are processing the refund soon, I am not happy with their response and I requested a full refund. They agreed and they said they will process it soon after hang up. Since then, I never received any money refunded by thebeautybooth.com. Total amount is £66. Normally when I return goods to asos.com or Topshop or other online retailers in UK, after they receive the goods I returned they issue a refund straight away, and the money would appear on my bank statement within 5 business days. In this case apparently thebeautybooth.com did not process my refund at all. I looked for similar situations online, and I found out that there are numerous people having same issue as me after purchasing from thebeautybooth.com. They were leaving wall posts on thebeautybooth.com facebook page complaining that they did not receive their orders and they want a refund, but the administrator of that facebook page has not been replying since february, 2013. I am worried that I may lose my money to a fraudulent company. I am actually living at Hong Kong at the moment and I won't be going to UK anytime soon. I just lodged a complaint to adviceguide.gov.uk but I don't know if it would help me get my money back. Please advice what I should do. Thank you so much!
  6. Wonder if anyone can provide advice on this issue with paypal. Bought some goods of a web site, good were wrong contacted the compamy and was told to send back which I did. Got an -mail message from paypal stating that a refund was made by the said company and pending 2/1/13. Up to now no refund has been refunded. The goos were paid via my Nat West Debit card. The refund was made by the provider on the 22/12/12 and now it is the 4th Jan. What can I do about this any input would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mashmallow
  7. Hi, I know lots of people have had a similar experience. I booked a transport company via Shiply to pick up an itme. Shiply took £14.89 from me via Paypal as a deposit and fees but the transport company never turned up. I requested a refund from them but now after 6 weeks they have credited my Shiply account with the money owed for up to six months. I have no intention of ever using them again so asked for my money back. They have replied that their terms and conditions don't allow for a refund. What options are left for me to do? Thanks
  8. Hi, Bought a router through Amazon. Router kept dropping connections after about a couple of hours. Returned the router and obtained a refund for the router cost, however, Amazon refuse to refund the postage costs I incurred. I was under the impression that I should not be out of pocket when returning faulty goods? Any advice/comments would be appreciated
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