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Found 7 results

  1. i purchased a Shower screen with pivot door in 2010 for £90 off a ebay shop. Today , it worked loose from the frame me and a couple of friends tried to reinsert it back into the frame - upon which the glass shattered cutting both my friend's hands:mad2: The specifications say it is 6mm safety clear glass ,BS EN 12150 & CE certified. Checking on the ebay shop the company just states 25 year guarantee in general - and that's it .And it states it for all its products even the smallest and cheapest. There is only basic vague refund info and nothing fora potentially faulty item. i admit it is 7 yrs since purchase , but, if i can avoiding paying £90 for another , do i have any claim for a refund ?
  2. We & neighbour are social housing tenants. Received call from neighbour asking if we heard the sound of cracking glass. She explained that her bathroom window had just cracked. We looked at the external window and nothing untoward was noticed from outside. However, it could be seen that the outer pane of glass (window is bathroom window double glazed) was intact, but the interior appeared to have a star shaped crack, emanating from the centre. We then looked at the cracked interior pane in her bathroom. All looked as it should be, clean, everything in its place and nothing out of place. It could be seen that the interior pane of glass did have a crack. At this stage it was unknown what could have caused this. Neighbour then explained that when she reported the cracked pane that she was told she would be liable for the cost of the repair-£57 to be boarded up or £107 for new window. It may be that when this was reported landlord repairs office were not fully understand which pane of glass had cracked or how! So, question is, exactly who is or should be liable? We have checked the wording in tenants handbook, and it raises the point, that as the cracked window pane was not due to damage, intentional or accidental, it is hard to see how landlord can charge for this repair. It could clearly be seen that the pane of glass had cracked 'on its own', and after a little further research it can only be that this is down to 'thermal stress', which is not covered in the tenant handbook. As this is ambiguous, am looking for some assistance to direct me to a definite answer, preferably which aids our neighbour! Many thanks.
  3. My OH's elderly parents have Home Insurance policy with RSA through Lloyds bank. In July 2015 one of their patio doors glass shattered and had to be replaced. They submitted a claim and glass was eventually replaced (3 weeks) by Evander Glazing, who assumed it was due to direct sunlight / heat. Whilst replacing it the glass shattered again therefore replaced on 2nd attempt. Today the same glass shattered again. My question is, would the replacement glass be under any sort of guarantee? Thank-you
  4. So Christmas is nearly upon us once again...... A time for giving, sharing, fun, laughter and good food. But it also makes us remember people we love who are no longer here to celebrate. I turn 41 on Sunday, and it has always been a tradition in my family that the decorations go up on my birthday. When I had my own family, the tradition continued, however my loving Mum and Dad are no longer here to join in, and putting up the decs whilst celebrating my birthday brings both joy and pain because it brings back so many memories. (My Dad loved Christmas so much he had us playing Christmas carols as a kid on my sisters birthday........... 15th Nov lol) So I want to remember my Mum and Dad (and the other family members and friends whom I have loved and lost) by raising a CAG drink to them. Please join in by raising a glass of your loved ones favourite tipple and feel free to add a story as to why you raise that glass. Merry Christmas every one xx Up2 Dad (02/1997) I raise a glass of port to you because you made me believe Santa preferred this to milk. I love and miss you, God bless Mum, (09/2007) I raise a glass of Baileys to you because that's all you drank. lol, I love and miss you, God bless I raise a glass of Rose wine (my tipple) to the rest of my family and friends no longer with us. I love and miss you, God bless
  5. Hi Last night a large frameless shower screen 'exploded' in my daughters bathroom. There was no one in the room at the time fortunately. It had been installed by a competent bathroom installer a week before. My daughter has been using the shower for a week. The company who supplied the screen say that they are not responsible, one defence they used was that its only our word that no one was in the room. I understand that tempered glass can explode spontaneously. The glass was bought by our installer from the glass supplier. Our installer works for himself and I do not think it is fair for him or us to pay for a new screen. Should the supplier take responsibility? Also if there is damage to the bathroom are they liable? Advice gratefully received as the best they are offering is a discounted replacement. If they are responsible please advise me on what to say to them. Thank you in advance for any help
  6. Hi, my sons car was written off - several cars involved so proving liability will take a while i suspect. I expect admiral to make their offer middle of next week and would like to be prepared with what i should accept. Does anyone have access to the glass's guide that insurance companies use as the online guide seems to value too high. He has a 2002 fiat punto active 1.2 8v 5 doors - pre accident it was in good condition. serviced the day it got wrote off!! 11 months m.o.t ,mileage is high at 110000. I would appreciate any help on this.
  7. Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place to post this...... 2 weeks ago I purchased fresh packaged chicken breast from Sainsburys. After cooking them my partner bit into hers and felt a crack. She chipped her tooth.... only slightly, nothing major. Upon spitting out the chicken, we discovered what appeared to be glass..... I'm glad it wasn't my 6 year old son who had that chicken breast! I took the chicken, and glass back to Sainsburys and was promised a full investigation. In the meantime, they wrote to us saying that they would pay for any dental treatment incurred. Now a small chip doesn't really warrant any dental treatment as there is no lasting pain. I received a call from Sainsburys this morning saying that they had investigated, and found it to be toughened plastic, and would like to offer us £75 by means of a gift card. Do you think this has been handled correctly? and is £75 a reasonable compensation.
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