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  1. just seen your previous post - i know ultimately its not my responsibility and that it is for my installer to resolve but I want to make sure he knows his rights. He is currently going along with what the manufacturers say as he thinks that because we can't prove no one was there then there is nothing more we can do and its easy for the manufacturers first response to deny responsibility
  2. thank you I've found a bit more and because my installer bought the glass I don't think its covered by SOGA and I need to see what the terms and conditions of the sale are...comments still welcome
  3. Thank you dx. Can my installer quote the Sale of Goods Act at them? If they are liable for a new shower screen are they also liable for the installation costs and any repair costs to the rest of the bathroom? It was a horrible event which has terrified my children and I hate it when companies shirk their responsibilities.
  4. Hi Last night a large frameless shower screen 'exploded' in my daughters bathroom. There was no one in the room at the time fortunately. It had been installed by a competent bathroom installer a week before. My daughter has been using the shower for a week. The company who supplied the screen say that they are not responsible, one defence they used was that its only our word that no one was in the room. I understand that tempered glass can explode spontaneously. The glass was bought by our installer from the glass supplier. Our installer works for himself and I do not think it is fair for him or us to pay for a new screen. Should the supplier take responsibility? Also if there is damage to the bathroom are they liable? Advice gratefully received as the best they are offering is a discounted replacement. If they are responsible please advise me on what to say to them. Thank you in advance for any help
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