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  1. Unable to post picture as glazier already attended. Think also we are moving away from the main crux of help required on behalf of neighbour. The help I am asking for is further information as to who, in the circumstances is liable? If it the pane of glass had been damaged by neighbour, family, friends etc, even accidentally, then she would be liable, no dispute with this. This, however, is a case where the pane of glass cracked in the bathroom, whilst the neighbour was in the lounge. Neighbour had been out all day and upon returning home turned on her heating, after wh
  2. Maybe I described this incorrectly giving wrong indication. I can assure posters that this crack was not caused by impact of any description, accidental or purposefully. I would ask any further posters not to suggest that damage was caused by tenant-it wasn't. If it was, I wouldn't be going to the trouble of posting on behalf. Many thanks. If it helps further posts, there was a line crack from left to right, almost, if not all the way across pane of glass.
  3. We & neighbour are social housing tenants. Received call from neighbour asking if we heard the sound of cracking glass. She explained that her bathroom window had just cracked. We looked at the external window and nothing untoward was noticed from outside. However, it could be seen that the outer pane of glass (window is bathroom window double glazed) was intact, but the interior appeared to have a star shaped crack, emanating from the centre. We then looked at the cracked interior pane in her bathroom. All looked as it should be, clean, everything in its place an
  4. Hi, hope this is the most relevant forum, if not please move. Try as might, attempted to find out answer to my query but my LA does not give any details on this subject. Nor does there appear to be any legal website giving law surrounding! However,as the title says, due to parking problems some years ago, our road/close/avenue, is a residential parking permit area. In addition, each resident is allowed to apply for upto 2 visitor passes. Parking, even with permits, now seems to becoming a problem again. My question is quite simply, is it possible to apply for residential disabled pa
  5. Dear All, A dispute has arisen over scattering of mymother’s ashes and I welcome any views or comments on this predicament! My mother was diagnosed terminally ill, earlier thisyear, and is still with us. Prior to this diagnosis, my mother hadasked us to assist in arranging her pre paid funeral, which we did. I am downas contact (eldest son). My mother wishes to be cremated. Due to diagnosis advance care planning was arranged (lastwishes booklet-this is not a legally binding document) and completed at mymother’s home, between my mother, MacMillan nurse and my mother’s sister. Thisno
  6. Hi Bazooka, Yep, did involve MP and as DWP wrote to her informing her of case as they see it, that matter not over 20 years old (as mentioned in post #32). MP commented in letter 'unfortunately am sure this is the news you did not want to hear'. As far as MP concerned, if there was anything further she was able to assist with, she would. Lucky enough to have 1 of the few Labour MP's who is actually on 'our' side and also on W&P select committee! And, no did not send for SAR as of view this would not add any facts to those is the letter as per post #32. In between, that letter of #32 a
  7. Hi, Thought start new thread as above original post went back to May last year, when DWP chasing debt. For latest please read last posts on original query dated 3rd july, 2014. To recap last letter and post content: 'Between 22/11/91 and 16/4/92 IS overpayment of £1211.49. This apparently arose due to maintenance received from husband, separated/divorced. On 10/1/94 they (DWP) made home visit to customers address obtaining a signed statement agreeing to overpayment and admitting liability. Repayments were made through deductions up to 28/5/98. £589.50 being recovered leaving a
  8. Hi, No, not me or my account I am asking for. It is in regard to a relatives statement. I am just trying to find out how cashback is detailed on statement in the scenario in my 1st post. I have since been informed that there is another bank who detail their statements as 1 transaction and do not detail how much was spent on goods and on cashback. Would like a definitive answer regarding Lloyds TSB. MT's.
  9. A very short and brief piece of information needed! Can anybody who has a bank account with this bank please tell me, when receiving a statement: If the account owner has debit card linked to account and for example, after shopping at supermarket and paying £25.00 for those shopping items and also asks for £50.00 'cashback', is this transaction shown separately on statement, say 'Tescos £25.00 then cash £50.00, or: Does the statement simply show 1 transaction as 'Tescos £75.00'? I am aware some bank statements apparently show both transactions separately, but also that some
  10. Well, common sense has prevailed-at least on this occasion. Received notification this morning from Local Authority acknowledging receipt of email and reasons set out (as above in previous post) why PCN should be cancelled. I did not produce documents, but gave them the option if they were requested they would be forwarded. 2nd paragraph reads, 'The reasons you put forward for the penalty not being enforced have been considered and it has been decided that on this occasion the penalty charge will be waived'! So, in effect, although the reasons put forward by myself, included my
  11. Well, just to let you know, I have emailed 'parking warden' at LA registering why I think PCN should not be paid and reasons for challenge. As no time to copy documentation in support, I enclosed a final paragraph, asking them to advise whether they need sight of such documentation to consider my challenge. This effectively puts the ball in their court, and as far as I am concerned, if they do not ask for copies or sight of documentation, as offered, and in the case of them not allowing the challenge, not cancelling this PCN, then at least when I decide to take it further, this can be sho
  12. OK, that's fine. Won't give authority. Am I correct in thinking that, if within the next 48 hours, I respond letting them know I am challenging and give reasons why in that email, that I also let them know I shall be forwarding copies of permit and blue badge in post, in due course, that this would appease them? I really want to get the email off within the 14 days of being served, in the case of appeal not being allowed and if any penalty still demanded to be paid, should remain at the 50% level.
  13. Just want to add upto date situation regarding this. Am sure I mentioned the 1st letter that landlord had sent 'demanding account arrears paid within 3 days or contact our office'. As you know, contact was indeed made on my Mothers behalf. However, after further speaking with landlord, they agreed not to send any further distressing correspondence until matter finally resolved (at least with HB anyway). What happens after weekend...my Mother calls me to tell me she had received a 2nd letter, same tone and content as 1st, but letting my Mother know that they will issue possession proceedin
  14. Hi again, as promised: 'Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) XXXXXX Council. PCN Number: XXXXXXXXXX Served on 15/09/2014 By Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) XXXXX Who had reason to believe that the following contravention had occurred and that a penalty charge is now payable Code 12 Parked in a residents or shared useparking place or zone without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher ordisplay ticket issued for that Date of contravention 15/09/2014 Time08.27' (The rest of the tick
  15. Many thanks for speedy response DX100. As soon as I am able I will post exactly what it says. I have seen the warden who patrols our little estate and resident parking, tootling about on his scooter. He certainly knows my car and that it has a blue badge attached to reg. In fact, we and a few other neighbours were part of the original group, who discussed the possibility of res parking for our lil' estate and made up part of 'forum' for deciding when it should be in force, how many visitor/carer passes per household should be allocated etc. Just p
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