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  1. This is an urgent question. Can somebody clarify some wording regarding the 365 day time limit for contribution based ESA - basically I have been on CB-ESA Support Group since transferring to it in January 2011. In July 2012, I was chucked out of the support group and placed in the CB-ESA work related group and my money has stopped immediately because, I am being told, the 365 day limit has come into play since I was placed in the WRAG and because I've been on Conts based ESA for all this time, my time is up and no more money is due!! However, according to the info on the DWP's website, the following is stated: "Any time claimants have spent in the Support Group will not count towards the 365 days, or will any time in the assessment phase if they moved directly from the assessment phase into the Support Group" Does this statement not apply to me, therefore the clock only started the day my claim was moved over to the Work Related group, or is the guy I spoke to at the DWP right and I am wrong?? Thanks
  2. I've been on ESA since January after being migrated from IB. I have M.E. and mental health issues. Working for an employer isn't an option for me. I've been self employed before when I was younger and know what it entails. I make cards and jewellery and am considering becoming self employed again, even though I know I won't make very much money. What I need to know is: When I come off ESA, will I be eligible to have my earnings be topped up with income support? What will happen to tax credits? I have a son who is disabled, and he gets DLA middle rate care, and my husband gets carers allowance for him. Will this be affected? Also child tax credits, how will these be affected? I am receiving DLA lower care and lower mobility, I understand these won't be affected. We rent our house and receive housing benefit - will be still be able to claim housing benefit if I am self employed? Do we need to register the business and if so I wonder if this will affect our tenancy (private). Thanks in advance
  3. We'll who would have believed it? Just looking for ESA 2012 rates when I came across this little gem on the new government portal website. https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/what-youll-get Now I know the DWP and ministers want it to be JSA light but as far as I'm aware preparation and looking for are two separate and fundamentally different things? You can complain highlight errors on the site by going to the home page, scroll down and select contact us.
  4. Hi, I'm on EAS in the WRAG and recently a friend has opened a shop. I'd like to help out as and when I'm feeling able to, and as I understand it, this is allowed under the 'permitted work' rules. I won't be paid and it will be 2-6 hours a week when I'm up to it. Can anyone tell me if this is OK? My advisor at the jobcentre is off sick and nobody there seems to be able to tell me anything.
  5. Hello, When I originally looked through the various docs for UC, the sanctions (that could be) placed on ESA WRAG was for £71, so that meant you would still receive at least part(component) of the benefit. Looking now at the current "UC chapter 3" I see that for such as missing an appointment can lead to a sanction of full benefit. The part I had seen before, where only a % of benefit would be lost on sanction for those on ESA WRAG as been moved to those who only need to attend WFI (lone parent with child aged over 1 but under 5) I have not seen anything mentioned anywhere about that. Anyone know of that change? The online doc is here Page 30
  6. So here is my story so far. ATOS WCA last year, passed with 16 points. ATOS reassesment beginning of this year, scroed 0 points for the same conditions i had last year. Went to tribunal, waited 6 months for the hearing and won it in August. Beginning of this month i was called by the Job Center folks to come in and speak to an advisor, which i expected, theres 6 of these interviews...or at least there was. In my first interview three days ago, the woman who interviewed me was really helpfull, taking time to explain things and asking how bad my health problems affect me. She then dropped a bombshell on me...i would be referred to Ingeus, the Work Programme people who "look after" JSA claimants. She looked almost apologetic, and said that there would be a chance that Ingeus would not even call me up and basically pass me over, which is what happened with the six interviews i had with the Job Center last year, i went to only one of them, was never called back after that. I got a phone call from Ingeus today, they want me to come in next week o.O The ohonecall interview was like i was on JCA all over again. Not one mention about how fit i was. I was asked to bring in a CV for my first appointment, i was then asked what kind of work I had done before, what kind of work i was "looking to do now", how far i would be willing to travel to find a job, how long i would be willing to work per day, and then the "interview" on the phone ended. Whats going on here? Will I end up being forced into a job on my first few interviews with this Ingeus lot? I told her i was on ESA and she said "yes we have it on our records"... o.O
  7. Hi Everyone. I am concerned about a close friend/neighbour. She has Bipolar Disorder, previously failed an atos assessment, went to tribunal and won, she recently filled in the form from dwp and no assessment has been arranged, she has been put into the wrag group, she feels she cannot face the whole tribunal thing again, and although she has had therapy and has medication etc, as someone who is in her life daily and keeps a check, I know there is no way this lady is capable of keeping a job, she has a daily routine, designed to help her manage her illness better than before, which in itself can be very hard for her to complete on a iffy day, and impossible on a bad day, the meds and routine only help her manage it, theyre not a magical cure, she may well have a few weeks seemingly better, but new places/situations/strip lighting/noise etc will knock her sideways and often down very quickly. What will happen if the attempts by this wrag theory dont actually help her? and she is ill because of it? and I understand that its only for a 52 wk period, so what happens then? Is she thrown off any benefit at all if not fit to work?
  8. The government plan for the sick and disabled to lose 70% of their benefit support if they fail to comply with mandated work-related activities, this equates to £71 per week- hang on! I recognise this figure, the good old assessment rate. So let me get this right, if a claimant fails to comply with work related activity they get to keep the work related component and lose the non work related component, and this makes sense? The government now considers that, as a claimant has either passed the WCA or won a place on WRAG via appeal, that they are unfit for paid employment but fit for unpaid employment. What happens at the next WCA? The claimant is told that as they managed to successfully complete periods of work related activity they are obviously fit for work? OK I'll appeal, feel free but from next year we are bringing in mandatory revision before appeal, so you won't get any benefits while waiting for your appeal, unless you want to claim JSA in which case you're fit for work.
  9. My son suffers from Anxiety, Depression and Agoraphobia among other things, He's gone through all the usual stuff so far, failing his ATOS medical, appealing and succeeding and has been placed in the WRAG and I am currently appealing on his behalf to be placed in the support group and have been waiting months as usual for a reply. I called to check on the status of his appeal since getting a letter about his interview and now they have no record of it, even after calling up months ago to check they had indeed recieved it. However I am more concerned about this interview, originally we were told it was possible for a home visit but this has turned out to be false and he is being forced into going to his first work related interview next monday at the job centre. He has already had this deferred once already and now they are adamant that he has to go next week. There is no way he is going to be able to go and the thought it is already affecting him and making him shake/panic and worry, I am wondering what i can do if anything about this interview?
  10. Hi, My father had a meeting with his ESA advisor today where he was told that as of last Friday his ESA WRAG had expired and that he would need to re-apply in order to continue receiving ESA. He hasn't received any letter informing him of the changes. This was only the second appointment since his WCA last July in which the medical clearly states that he would not be fit to work in the long term. His condition has deteriorated since then and is scheduled to have two spinal operations over the next twelve months. In June he contacted DWP to inform them of a change in bank details and he asked them about reporting the changes in his condition as he had received his scan results and had more info - he also asked if his ESA would stop in July as he was aware of the 12 month rule - he was told that it wouldn't and he should explain the changes in his condition to the adviser who would be able to sort things out. Has anyone else been treated like this? Once he reapplies how long will it take for a decision?
  11. Just reading another thread and someone said there is now mandatory work experience when you are in the WRAG within ESA, is this correct? Do you HAVE to do this? What if you can't? I thought the only mandatory part of the WRAG was to attend 5 work focused interviews with an advisor.
  12. advice needed please i was on income support/incapacity benefit before being moved to esa leavel 2. Ii have had a few assessments at ATOS my last one meaning i was put in a work support group. i have agrophobia and and have not left the house on my own for over 4 years and i have been assessed by a pyciter in a core 10 assessment scoring 29 !! meaning i have a high level of clinical need. They do not want to put me on drugs as they feel this will not benefit me until i have intensive therapy and I have been put on the waiting list for this. I am also under a drug clinic as i have been poly diagnosis. My addicton is caused by my mental health problems ..I am also beig treated for joint probems in my hands and tummy problems where I am unable to eat and they are also looking into suspected polycistic ovaries ...im falling apart but i do want to get better and go back to work (my hubby used to work full time and i used to work part time before i became ill he has had to give up work to look after me and dont get an exta for it ) i would rather we both worked as we had good jobs before i became ill now the problem i have is that i have been put into haltion in to jobs they want me to join work groups or have counselling with them ,last time i had the wrong type of counselling i had a break down. I am also attending hospital/doctors appoitnments for all my other problems my key workers are happy to talk to them and explain what the matter is with me and my capabilities and my problems They will not talk to her ,they will not accept a docters note saying i am ill !! all i want to do is get better so i am able to go back to work but they will not allow this ,they just want to push these work groups that i am not capable of at the moment in time i have appealed being put into the work based group but when i phoned up to see whats going on they could not find it and the time before this when i called they said they had a back log !! and we will be contaced ?? we are now awaiting there 3 hrs call back that never happen as they never do my advisor says hes in a catch 22 !! he can see that i am ill but until they get informed by the job centre he has to do his job !! ,he said if i go to a group and fail its better then not goin at all !! but hes not the one living in my head he not the one who has to pick up the pieces after me failing !! thats left to my hubby and children ..and last time a group failed me i had a break down i just want to get better but NHS waiting lists means that this will take time and according to Halton into Jobs I have'nt got any. so what do i do ???
  13. Good evening, I am asking for some advices for my friend of whether he should appeal or not to be put into the support group. He recently received a letter from ESA to state that he is now in WRAG group after attending a Atos medical a month ago. He has severe pain over the whole body for couples years already. Have seen a lot of doctors and done numerous scans/MRI etc but still not yet know what is the cause. He on most of the time just lays on the bed all day as every inch he moves his body he has a lot of pain. I think he should obviously be put into the support group as he clearly has difficulty in walking more than 50m non-stop/without severe pain. He's requested a copy of the medical record and statement of reason over the phone almost a month ago but not yet received any of them. He called the ESA department every week but just been told "a new copy of the document will be sent to him and he just have to wait for another week" again and again. The problem right now is that the deadline for the appeal submission is on monday 16/07. He is not sure whether or not he should appeal to be put into the support group. Without the documents he does not know what the doctor have written about his disabilities,and what to write in the appeal form and how long he will be in the WRAG before needing another medical. And we have done some quick search on google and found out a lot of people who also have severe health problems been put into the WRAG group. Any advice will be appreciated!! Thank you!!! --------------------------------------------------------------- add infor: ESA is income related and currently as far as we know my friend only meets the mobilising requirement of the stated support group criteria.
  14. Hi all Ive been put in wrag group without a medical is this normal? Ive had ib since 2005 when I had cancer and went through 2 years of operations and treatments which has left me with depresssion anxiety and panic attacks .Im basically now a recluse as I dont socialise at all and am only comfortable at home with my very close family . I do not know how I can go to the things the job centre people make you do will I be able to take my husband or daughter to these as I cant go anywhere on my own ? This whole thing is making me ill .Should I appeal ? Ive worked all my life im nearly 58 my pension has been moved till Im 66 this government is robbing me left right and centre I dont qualify for the income related esa as my husband has some savings but this is my second marriage and his money has always been his money I feel suicidal whats the point
  15. Looking for advice please... I have just attended a WRAG introduction and assessment. The whole thing has left me feeling extremely concerned and anxious. I was a self employed person who built their business around their illness. I have M.E.(managed for the most part of 20 plus years) and now diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Gerds and anxiety and just over a year ago I started to go into remission the worst I have ever been. I started claiming in ESA in January for the first time, as I could not do any work and it was back dated to October last year. I had my ATOS examination back in April and passed (don't know how many points) I was the awarded the higher rate of ESA and told to attend a monthly group. When I attended first phase at JC, I was told we don't have a monthly group, and to wait until called as the government is conjuring up new initiative. Then asked to attend 2nd meeting with JC months later and told I am now being referred to WRAG. Everybody was but warned I had to attend otherwise my benefits would be affected. Well, I was very poorly with virus that son brought home so missed WRAG induction, informed them and was told I would be informed of next date, wasn't, so rang to find out as I did have another appointment. It was being covered by someone else as the original guy was ill, so the replacement decided to do both that day. It was exhausting for me, I barely sleep anyway and I had only 5 hours that night and still recovering from bug, I went through the mass of forms which I have to say your not given enough time to read and sign. What I was signing I have no idea I could barely focus anyway. It lasted an hour, I was given a break of 45 mins by which time I already totally exhausted, then asked to do the next stage which lasted far longer than it should have done. Even the guy said it was his longest. During that time, I was asked what my employment goals were. I told him to get better, if I was better then I would resume my own business, he pushed and pushed. I tried to explain what I go through daily, the pain and tiredness etc, that I was not able to work, I am just too exhausted and weak, I wasn't fit enough, I was told you "look well to me" I was also told I was a challenge and that he was putting me down as "work ready". He's not a doctor! Also, talk about false pretences! I was told when I applied for jobs and got an interview not to tell them I had an illness. Let them find out...Hello, I struggle to do the normal duties of life, think it's gonna be pretty much evident if that was the case, and so I will be back at square one within no time... Quite frankly I think that is totally unacceptable and goes totally against my ethics. If I was employing someone, I would want to know and not be messed around. If I could work I would, I would dearly love to be self sufficient again and I will, but I have had no time to come out of this remission, and only just getting support from my doctors and consultants for treatment. I thought being on ESA we were not meant to be forced that this was supposed to be support? I am out of my mind with worry now which is exacerbating my illness and set me right back. If I don't comply I am going to lose the only income I have to survive, I will lose my home as I rent and not all of it is covered. I am thinking of complaining about KS, but now I am not so sure if it's going to be a strike against me. Can anyone advise me?
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