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  1. At such an early stage of claim, there may be no full diagnosis. Possibly a case of needing referal to hospital for tests/scans etc. The esa1 form only asks for a brief description of the illness, because it may not be fully known what the illness is. When ESA claiments are mandated to attend a WFI, it has already be determined by the WCA that the probability is that they are able to attend. When a new ESA claiment is mandated to attend an HWC, it may be a case they have not even been given a diagnosis of the illness.
  2. "Review the illness" should not be made by a work coach/JCP (NOTE: The illness does not need to be discussed, giving such information by the claiment cannot be mandated)
  3. The HWC is about being able to mandate new ESA claiments to a WFI before the claiment is placed into a group(before the WCA), or put another way, to be able to sanction ESA claiments ealier.
  4. From the white paper:- There is also some protection for those who go back to work, but then cannot continue with the work:-
  5. IMHO, This is just about finding more ways to inflict sanctions on ESA claimants. The more sanctions they can make, the better chance they will not breach their own welfare spending cap.
  6. They appear to be looking for "Implied consent" to store personal/private information.
  7. What is conflicting? You do not license the receiver, you license your ability to watch or record Live TV on your premises. I have a TV with a built in receiver, but it is not installed or used for the purpose of watching live broadcasts. (I have not watched live TV for about 5 years).
  8. Installed or used for the purpose of receiving any television programme service Receiving a television programme service, where that programme is received at the same time (or virtually the same time) as it is received by members of the public by virtue of its being broadcast or distributed as part of that service. If you watch or record live TV broadcast on any device, you need a license. See:- http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/topics/understanding-your-tv-licence-top3/
  9. Was it? I thought the changes where to punish the sick/unemployed, take money away from them, and give that money to the private companies owners/executives.
  10. That is the extent of the "Help" I have been offered at my WFI at jobcenter over the last 18 months. (The WP offered me weekly jobsearches). I have asked if there is any (recognized) training/ re-training available, but always get told No. With WRAG, you have to do something for work preparation. Any refusal can get a doubt raised. So it is better to find something yourself, something that is interesting to yourself. You mention working from home. If you have something in mind, then could you not start preparation for that? For example. You may be interested in web design. Is there
  11. It appears the numbers affected (those who should of been exempt for the bedroom tax) are showing as around 5000 or less by the BBC report (which is what the DWP put forward). Others are putting forward the number affected could be more like 40,000:- http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jan/09/bedroom-tax-loophole-exempt-liable-housing-benefit What are the chances that the government will backdate legislation to stop this?
  12. If I am reading the first post correctly. The JSA was signed, but then a second adviser came along and changed the agreement. Is that common practice these days?
  13. How far can they go? http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/nov/23/iain-duncan-smith-wrag-benefit-cuts
  14. What is DWP regulations concerning sent letters to do with the WP? I would expect tom dick and harry to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. No one mentioned being late for a job interview. But as you mention that. If you where late for a job interview, you would not be sanctioned for failing to attend. I would say "Jobseekers Allowance Regulations- 10 "Reasonable prospects of employment"-b "the type and number of vacancies within daily travelling distance from his home"
  15. I would prefer to see a breakdown of actual reasons, not reasons put forward by DWP. Such as simple example:- Failing to participate in work programme:- can actually be, "failing to receive a letter they say they sent." Failing to attend to an interview with an advisor:- can be "Arrived at interview a few minutes late". What is demanded and what is actually possible is not the same. Do not misunderstand me, if there was plenty of jobs out there, yes, use the stick. But with many more looking for work than jobs available, then not so much the stick. (IMHO of course)
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