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  1. Nice One. Good luck with it all.
  2. I was told by MIND that they do not fill in the forms anymore (could have changed as that was a few years ago) but they said they did not have the budget ie man power to be able to spend the time doing that any more. Why did the NHS refer him to a MIND councillor, they have their own. When I went to see MIND it was the other way around, they wrote to the NHS for me and instigated counseling.
  3. I do give some to the charity shops for them to sell and keep what they make - I give some to friends so basically I an not making a dime. The trouble is I need to get some money back to put back into buying other bits and pieces to keep it sort of self financing, that is all I (when I sell one) that is all the money covers - I am not making any profit. Anyone looking at my items can see they are worth far more than I ask (in fact they comment on the low price) so it is not about making money/running a business. I cannot expect anyone to really understand how working with the colours and creating something lifts me (especially not the DWP) they think we are all cheating the system. Even spending time on Ebay looking at craft items is time spent away from thinking about health issues and getting more depressed. I have written my letter, filled in the silly form they sent me - and ee what my adviser comes back with when she has spoken to them, and hope they see sense. Thanks for the lovely reply much appreciated.
  4. Thanks I will send the form back, just in the middle of writing to them again. No my earnings are not £20 a week more like £20 4 to 6 weeks - and that's not profit I spoke to my old adviser at the JC she said that permitted work depends on who you get on your case, some are great others go to town thinking we are all milking the system. She made me feel better although she said I have just got to jump through the hoops and do as asked. She said she will contact them for me and see what is going on. I am not worried that my money will not be reinstated - they can come and camp outside my house for xx amount of months even years, I am doing nothing wrong. What a bummer:) Thanks everyone for the very useful help and advice. Just hope they hurry up about it
  5. I guess it is - yes. Sorry, could not remember what I posted in that thread I struggle to recall yesterday at times.
  6. Thanks for that I forgot all about the council. I have letters from my CPN which state my illness's and the detrimental effect they have on my life, her letters got my PIP refusal overturned so I will ask her once again for help. I find it so wrong that they can ignore my letter explaining it all - to come back to me for more info I would have fully understood - but not this. I am 58 ( I know that age is no barrier to people who cheat) but I live alone, and do a few crafts to help me stay in contact with the real world.
  7. That's a good idea - my adviser is lovely and very helpful. Cheers.
  8. I could accept I live 20+ miles away, and I want any conversation on paper.
  9. A few months ago I wrote and informed the DWP (and ask for guidance) about doing permitted work. They seemed very offish with me and I got no real help. They sent me a form to fill in my earnings...well I sold one item for £15 my permitted was/is craft work from home. I doubt I made £1 profit, but that is not why I do the craft work - it is to help with my MH issues. I sent a letter explaining this and again asking for some clear guide lines. I heard nothing back until today, when they have told me my ESA has been stopped whilst they investigate my business. What business, I make a few craft items in my spare bedroom, I buy bits and pieces to use from charity shops I have spent pounds and pounds on buying bits, its therapeutic and helps make me go out the house. There is NO business so what am I meant to reply and tell them outside what I already have said/sent. The form they have sent (although a standard form I expect they send to everyone) is crazy, car lease expenses, wages paid to self/spouse/staff. I know they got my letter because I sent it so they had to sign for it, and signed they did. So why am I being treated like a criminal. I don't know what to do other then send the letter again. I will not ring them A because of the cost B because I have no record of what was said. If anyone else is thinking of doing some permitted work - don't! It's going to be scrapped under UC anyway. I just hope I can get my ESA reinstated, I will stop the craft work and decline into myself once more.
  10. I have always been treated well by DWP staff, maybe I was one of the lucky ones, but I cannot complain on how I was ever treated. I have even been apolgised to on a couple of occasions for having to attend interviews - but that is not their fault it's the systems. My DWP adviser could not have been more understanding/helpful to me. The call centres are different, but they only have a potted history and I am not good over the phone, so maybe some of the blame is also mine, but I have never been spoken to rudely - given the wrong info a few times. I have had set backs like most people who have to deal with the system on a regular basis, and many times I have asked on here for further information to help me understand something . I hope you get your problems sorted soon.
  11. I will not be backdated though, not much consolation but at least some.
  12. They say that anyone with an income over £30.000 in the North and £40.000 in London will be effected (that includes social housing. This is something the Cons have been looking at for some time but because they are now the ruling party expect it to rear its head on budget day, At the same time they are expected to announce a higher inheritance tax threshold. Proving that this Government really do not like the less well off do they.
  13. Why should she be criticized for having a car - you are making as if to be on benefits and have a car is a crime. Are we not already under enough scrutiny for even daring to breath by those who would see us on the streets - I would have thought people who understood the system would have more understanding. As already said a car to a lot of people is a must - even the DWP accept that as they offer (or did) do they still, help for some people with transport.
  14. I have never more so wanted to work in all my life. Not just for the money - but because I am fed up/scared of the way the system makes you afraid of what might happen next. Life is hard enough when you are fit and well - trying to stay on top of it all this added worry when ill is not something I would wish on anyone.
  15. They had better hurry up like of yesterday the budget is next week and these changes have been in the pipeline since last year so they will implement them ASAP. If you read the press reports even Labour went along with some of the changes (as they did not want to be seen as the party being weak over benefits) a few lab stood their ground and some SNP I believe but not enough to pull the rug from under them. There is no support for those of us being seen as putting nothing into the Country.
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