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  1. Having seen this post, I joined a group with just under 63,000 members. Some of the advice is bordering on criminal, what's touted from the pinned post is absolutely scandalous, here's an excerpt...... " No recommending CAB, Stepchange, CAP, IVA’s or DRO’s – Don’t do it. They aren’t what they seem, and to be honest, any advice they can give we can give too. "
  2. Having read the thread from the top, my own personal view on this would be to start the CCA requests route that has already been suggested, if brother has fraudulently obtained credit any agreement would obviously be accompanied by a signature and if not would be contestable, a signature could then be matched with dad's (maybe on the card type DL). For me, I'd STOP paying them and if they start getting above themselves tell them that the account/s are in dispute and to return to the original creditor or owner of the debt. Have the police been involved in this at all? If not, why not? There is no statute of limitation for fraud or deception. This would make for a really interesting day in court on their part, but I'm afraid it's time to start taking control, I doubt that you'll ever see a penny of what they've taken off you, but with some hard work and determination you should get this lifted from your dad's shoulders. It might take twelve to eighteen months of letter writing, but this is easily resolvable IMO, please do consider getting the police involved as they would be duty bound to instigate a full investigation, it is NOT a civil matter... Good Luck and Best Wishes, Dave - DMD.
  3. Happy birthday great mate, hope you're raising hell, where ever you are Sir...... Xxx
  4. Hi there HB... Me and the Tiger are doing well thank you, FB showed me the first photo I ever uploaded earlier, which was indeed my OLD tiger avatar from 2006, which I've now reset, it was this that prompted my visit. I will never forget the invaluable lessons that I learned with the help of the CAG, and will be forever thankful for the help I was able to return to thousands of people, and the people that I now call my friends on Facebook, many of whom I have met in person, and sadly, many of whom we've lost along the way. Kindest and warmest regards to you all...... Dave Buckley..... DMD.
  5. Thought I'd bob in and say hello, sorry it's been a while, I hope everyone's well... x Dave... DMD.
  6. Thanks again Unc, and John.. The account moved with them 8 years ago and he's been servicing the acount since from two different addresses now in Paradise, Newfoundland. He's possibly even getting statements at his current NL address.
  7. He's currently paying them, they have his current address in Paradise NL. The account will no doubt be laden with all kinds of charges and interest on historical charges, but he's far too lazy to do things head on like I would, he just wants rid as cheap as possible even if it means not telling them when he moves to BC... I've no intention of teaching him how to avoid this debt, I simply want to know, given the facts, what will happen if he just stops paying them, and eventually moves to BC next year..... Like I've said, he's not intersted in his credit file as he's got no intention of ever returning to the UK. Thank you BB...
  8. For a family member.... Who now lives in Newfoundland Canada, moving to BC next year. He has an £11k Visa debt with Halifax, he wants to know in as much detail as possible, what would happen if he simply stopped paying it in order to concentrate on more important Canadian debts. He doesn't intend returning to the UK ever, and is now a full Canadian citizen. Thanks in advance.
  9. Got a quick reply..... No policy doc's, but rather just the straight answer that I wanted... Regards, Dave - DMD.
  10. I've left the questions the same, but edited in your quote, thanks...
  11. Thanks all.... I have prepared the following FoIA request, if there are any suggestions or changes..? I'll post it tomorrow. Freedom of Information Act Request. Dear Sirs, Would you please provide me with the following information: 1. Can carers be sanctioned in respect to Income Support? If the answer is yes, please supply all of the reasons why. 2. Can carers be sanctioned in respect to Carers Allowance? If the answer is yes, please supply all of the reasons why. 3. What is the official policy in respect to Income Support for carers having to attend, “mandatory personal interviews”, at Job Centre Offices? 4. What is the official policy in respect to Cares Allowance for carers having to attend, “mandatory personal interviews”, at Job Centre Offices? 5. Are carers expected to look for part time work as part of the conditions surrounding the qualification and continuing qualification to Income Support? If so, please supply the full policy. 6. Are carers expected to look for part time work as part of the conditions surrounding the qualification and continuing qualification to Carers Allowance? If so, please supply the full policy.
  12. The above post was in paragraph's, and properly presented with respect to grammar, the automatic software has turned it out like the mush that it's in...... Very poor.....
  13. Thanks everyone.. I'm currently preparing a FoIA request to the DWP, I'm doing it by snail mail too because I want an answer on DWP headed A4 rather than an uninteresting email reply. I must say, that my "interview" last Thursday was NOTHING like ANY of the responses above!!! It was obvious from the get-go that my interviewer wanted me off C.A. & I.S. there and then... She actually told me that I should be on JSA. This is Ashton under Lyne JobCentre+ btw. I'll quote what she said... "(1 )We now expect carers to find at least some part time work, (2) You now have to attend a set number of MANDATORY face to face interviews at this jobcentre with me, failure to attend without notification will see your I S sanctioned. (3) In time your C-A will be sanctioned too. (4) Do you "really look after Mum 24/7"? I'm also including in the FoIA request, what their policy is on claimants having to provide information about their charges with regards to personal privacy, Data Protection, and medical confidentiality of the person cared for too. thanks again folks..... Dave, DMD..
  14. The VERY FIRST thing she tried was to get me to change to JSA.... I'm thinking that a FoIA request is needed now......
  15. Hi guys, I hope that you're all well. For the last 13 months I've been getting JUST carers allowance, I applied for Income Support which was accepted and back dated, but I had to attend a face to face interview Thursday gone, and the lady doing the Interwiew quite bluntly explained that carers were now expected to look for part time work. I told her that I was a carer 24 hours a day, but she said that wasn't her problem........ Also, that I now have to attend regular face to face interviews at the job centre to explain my carers role, and to discuss what if any part time job's that I've been applying for..... Furthermore, it was said that failure to attend an interview regardless of caring responsibillities is now sanctionable in both income support for carers and carers allowance regardless of the level of care being given... To say that I was absolutely livid is an under statement, and I told her that Mum came first and they could all go [edited] and that I was more than happy to take on the whole of the DWP in any court on my own at any time...!! So... My question.... Have I come up against a nasty bull sh*t merchant, or is it actually the case that carers now have to look for part time work on top of being a carer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...? My own research shows that I am NOT required to look for ANY work as a carer.... Thanks in advance, DMD...
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