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  1. Ok try again I have now received a letter of UKCPS demanding £125 or possible get a ccj I tried to appeal to ias but they told me that they had no details of parking offence and I was unable to appeal within the 30 day limit I wrote to UKCPS and told them this and stated that this was their fault which in my opinion made the fine void they have obviously ignored this letter.my question now is what do I do next.
  2. Ok so last year I got a ticket for leaving site on a free 2hr car park I appealed and was unsuccessful I was unable to appeal to the ias as UKCPS had not passed the details to them I wrote to UKCPS and told them this i have now had a letter from UKCPS stating that £125 is due and I can no longer appeal to the ias. So do I ignore this letter.
  3. I am the only registered driver of the vehicle so how does it work sorry for being dumb
  4. Ok so I have 21 days to appeal to ias which brings it to 12 October I appealed to UKCPS on 22/08/15 so how long do I leave it
  5. So I've just tried to appeal to the ias online and they don't recognise my PCn or vehicle reg so now I have to contact UKCPS GREAT!!!!!
  6. Thanks I will be appealing tomorrow but have to do it online I will be appealing on the grounds that was mentioned in previous comment and will also add pics of signs to appeal
  7. They say the issued the ticket correctly and I have 3 choices1 pay the fine at a reduce rate 2 appeal to IAS and loose my chance to pay reduce rate 3 don't pay and have money collected by debt company or they mate take case to court. What to do next
  8. Ok guys I've finally got a reply to my appeal and surprise they gave rejected it.only took them 30 days to consider. What next
  9. Lets see what happens then thanks for advice I will keep you posted any further help is much welcome
  10. How likely is this to go to court I can't see why I should pay for leaving my car parked in a car park surly the court would see this claim as a waste of time
  11. Hi thanks for replying I can go back and take pictures of signs I have a receipt but the time shows I have overstayed my parking time by 1 min I left site through a cut through and came back into site through another entrance after sorting my son out although I did not state this in my appeal I just played dumb.i did see the parking attendant when we parked he was in non uniform and operating from his own car. Can I no longer appeal to popler
  12. Hi on 22.08.15 I got a ticket on my window for leaving site on a 1 hr free parking site I thought I read the signs correct but when I read it again in the small print it does say that leaving site will incure a penalty any way I did leave site as my son was having a wobble and walk out of car park and I went after him and come back onto site in another entrance.i have stupidly appealed the ticket already what's next I feel I shouldn't have to pay this
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