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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I have several issues with the work my mechanic has carried out. I paid by credit card an amount of approx £1500 for the job. I want to sue for wasted time, costs of repair (done by another mechanic as a result of poor workmanship), costs of insurance paid for on another car because my car was not driveable and related expenses. I have already tried to reason with the mechanic and after him first ignoring me, I got him to respond to my email and we were emailing back and forth. He eventually sent a what he described as a "full and final response". Most of his response was either factually incorrect, pure ignorance of clear facts or illogical. He is pretty much denying all fault. He offered a final settlement which was a laughable amount considering the actual cost of his poor workmanship. My question is, should I go the charge back route first to claim some of the money or straight to a section 75 or is there another route that is better? I have his full and final response as mentioned above and was planning to annotate this on MS Word with my comments. Please advise! Thanks.
  2. Evening CAG, sorry if this is long but let me try and shorten it for you. 10 Years ago by devious brother opened Credit Cards, Loans, Mobile phones in my dads name and left him with the debt. It hit the debt agencies and my sister agreed to pay £1 a month to each of them. As this is over ten years old, is there anyway we can have these put aside, my Dad is 70 in December and hates having this hanging over his head.
  3. Hi guys I'm going to try and get some legal advice on this but from passed experience you guys seem to be more help.....lol I've been renting a property for almost 2 years, Before moving in i made sure that it was going to be long term as i have two small children and the landlords said i could be here for 10 years if i wanted as he had no plans to ever sell it, but he wanted to start up off with a 2 year tenancy to make sure that we would be good tenants. A year on and i get a phone call from him saying that he want to sell it to a friend of his but the friend would be willing to keep us on as we are such good tenants. For the last 9 months we have had multiple surveyors coming around to value the property for his friend but they all say the property is unmortgageable because the property needs so much work doing to it. The landlord has now said that his friend has given up trying to buy it but now he wants us out so he can move back in. For the last month or so he has just been telling me that he's in no rush but for me to just keep a look out for somewhere else. But today he called me saying that I'm taking too long and that i should be expecting a section 21 in the post soon as its already been sent. Now i need to know what i can do when i receive it as i don't think I'm going to have time to find anywhere else to move in to in time. There is a few things he hasn't done. 1. He is not licenced (I'm in a licenced borough) 2. He never put my deposit in a rent deposit scheme. 3. The only check that's ever been done on the property is a gas safety check, the electrics have never been done. 4. general condition of the property is bad, hence why its unmortgageable. I know some of you will say that he cant use a section 21 without using the deposit scheme but he thinks he has found a loophole as while i was waiting for his friend to buy the property, he told me to not pay him a months rent so that i would go from paying him in advance to then paying him in arrears, as it would make things easier when his friend bought it as he would then just need to give his friend my deposit. But now he is classing that money as my deposit and saying he can issue me the section 21 as he has returned my deposit when he told me not to pay a month rent. Any advice would be really helpful guys as its not just me I'm worried about but also my family .
  4. ALL THE PEOPLE SUCH AS BHALL AND THE REST OF THE POSTERS ON THE SITE THAT HELPED AND OFFERED INFORMATION TO DEEDS BEING VOID THREAD PLEASE SEE http://self-realisation.com/equity/banksterbusters/summary-judgment-mortgage-deed-declared-void-in-the-high-court/ :smile:
  5. I hope this is the correct place for my query, however I couldn't find a specific Credit Card section so did a search on "Aqua" which led to existing posts here ... ************* I am amazed by the brainless incompetence of Aqua. I am unable to keep up my credit card payments, and in October notified Aqua accordingly and asked for the appropriate claim form in order to activate my PPI. In the absence of a response I have written repeating that notification and the request, but still have not had claim paperwork. In that time my account has missed two payments so is further in arrear now, which could have been avoided had I been able to claim when originally intended. I have also received chase letters, to all of which I have responded pointing out that I have been trying to take proper steps for weeks and been prevented from doing so by their apparent inefficiency. At different points in this time I have been written-to by Matthew Ball, Senior Collections Manager, by K Stafford, Head of Collections and Recoveries, and by Charlotte Gurnell, Senior Operations Manager, referencing my overdue account. I have written immediately to each pointing out that I have been endeavouring to be able to invoke my PPI to stabilise matters, and that I was still waiting for Aqua to make any move whatsoever. Each time I requested their personal intervention to move things along. The only response I have had is standard letter offering to make a repayment arrangement. Laughably, that letter also stated that I might not realise that I have PPI on the account so I might want to consider making a claim! Last evening I wrote letters following-up my personal letters to messrs Ball, Stafford and Gurnell, pointing out that in five weeks I still had not had the claim forms, nor even the courtesy of an acknowledgement of any past correspondence including my replies to them. I requested immediate action before their collection processes geared-up a level because nobody was taking steps to stabilise matters. These letters were posted first thing this morning by recorded delivery, something I have had to do for a while since being told that "we have no record of receiving them so the Post Office must be to blame not us" And now, a couple of hours later, I have received a letter advising that an Aqua "representative" is visiting on Monday! No doubt he/she is calling to obtain either payment of the arrear or to go through the motions of setting up a payment plan, entirely unaware of all of the above because nobody has ever done a single thing in response to my initial perfectly reasonable and proper steps when becoming unable to continue. I have very limited time to take steps now because of being right up against the weekend and the visit is booked for Monday ... But I am not at all confident that any step I might take would actually get further than yet another brick wall anyway! ... were I to follow-up today with contacting any of those senior people again to have them cancel the visit and get my PPI claim rolling at last, I have very little expectation that anything would actually be done or get down the chain of command to where it would be needed in time for Monday anyway. So firstly I want to know how I can have them cancel their visit?! It is actually no problem just to be out all day, however that isn't really sensible plus wouldn't achieve any progress where it matters and would presumably only result in repeated visits at varying hours until successful anyway. And of course I want to get my PPI going still! I need a claim form etc from Aqua but despite now a total of eight letters to four different people across five weeks, mostly by recorded delivery - only one of which has had any reply at all - they have not yet provided anything enabling things to move along. At a push I could actually get enough together to pay the outstanding arrear if that would cancel the visit and allow a few weeks til the next payment falls due for the PPI arrangements to hopefully get taken care of. However, firstly I'd rather not, and secondly I shouldn't have to anyway because if they had responded when I first asked, PPI would have kicked-in and the arrears wouldn't have arisen! But if it is the lesser of two evils I would be willing to do it. So please can anyone advise with regard to halting the visit on Monday with only the rest of this afternoon plus tomorrow to act? Also, does anyone know of a route in to someone in authority at Aqua who can actually be contacted and has the ability to get off their bum and call off the dogs and also get the claim form sent to me? A simple step I had assumed five weeks ago! Howard
  6. I have a rather unusual case that i am hoping someone can help me with. In 2011 i was being supplied electricity by British Gas when one day i received a letter saying sorry you are leaving. This was news to me so i called up to find out what was going on. We discovered that my account had been switched to Total gas & electricity. i am not a business but a domestic customer. It turns out that my electricity meter was logged as something called a multi-occupancy meter (still not sure what this is) and even though i had a bill in my name, when my housing association changed their commercial electricity supply my meter was switched alongside the rest. Whats more the bill was no longer in my name. i immediately contacted both the supplier and the housing association to sort this out which both said they would (done on the phone so no actual record). forward 3 months i still get no bill i again contact my housing association who said they would sort it out. After about a year of this i give up (how long is reasonable to chase this up). i am well aware that i am using electricity and as such should be liable for the bills. Today i receive a bill for the period 12/06/11 to 21/02/12 and i assume that more bills will follow which will total an awful lot of money. Total are a supplier of electricity to businesses i am not sure if they are signed up to Code of Practice for Accurate Bills (back billing) so where would this leave me. Also i have never agreed a contract with Total and as my supplier was British Gas and i did not simply inherit an electricity supply will Total be able to claim that i inherited the supply. at the time British Gas did put in an erroneous transfer request but it was deemed that it was a legitimate transfer due to the meter being multi-occupancy. the earliest email evidence i have is dated 13/12/11 from my housing association stating that they contacted Total asking them to put the account back in my name (on reflection i do not like the wording of that email) Where do i stand on this matter. What can i do going forward. would like some advice before contacting Total. Don't want to risk being cut off with 2 children and 1 due. As i final bit of info i noted on the bill that Total refer to me as a domestic customer (does this matter) also the amount per unit looks very high and they have a standing charge. Sorry if this is a bit long winded.
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