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  1. An update on this, still havent received statements I have asked for. However have had no visits either and only one letter stating that I am in 10 weeks arrears a few weeks ago. Not sure if I should just leave it or chase them up tbh, as this arrangement works fine for me..
  2. Hey all, just really confused about something. 2 days ago I called the telephone banking team to setup a new payee due to not having my card reader to do it myself. I transferred just short of 140 quid to my partners account. The details and such were read back to me and were correct so the transfer went ahead. However, somehow there has been a problem and the money has been sent to an old halifax account of mine (which was on my payee list, but was not where I asked the money to go) RBS said if the account was closed the money would automatically bounce back Halifax claim to have not r
  3. Today I received a letter saying barclays no longer wish to be my bankers. I assume this is because of the fraud and subsequent complaints I made about how it was handled. Good riddance tbh, but disgusting customer service
  4. No they haven't done that yet. Never even been mentioned actually, is there a chance its that? :S Edit. Been reading up about gall bladder problems causing pain in ribs. Surprised doc/consultant hasn't mntioned this so far, unless they are going to scan gall bladder at same time as liver or something. My pain doesn't sound like typical pain from gallstones or anything though as it actually feels like its in my ribs rather than under them..and I don't have stomach pain or anything either. Will definitely mention it though
  5. Thank you for the info. I need help with pretty much everything, including even walking when I get a bad flare up, however I am perfectly well during the hours the pain subsides. I get no warning or anything for when its due back..it literally just appears, and leaves as soon as it came, its so odd. On an average day I have maybe 16 hours of pain (during which time I can do not much tbh, except for constantly changing positions to attempt to ease it). My condition fluctuates so much but I would say I am in pain and in need of help doing most things for over 50% of the time so I think I will pr
  6. Yeah forgot to update sorry, currently in talks with the customer relations team/regional manager. Will see what comes of this. Have requested statements of my account for late fee reclaiming. CR person seems very helpful so far, though apparently it will take a while to resolve my complaint given that I want everything in writing rather than phonecalls (though I have been assured that calls to customer relations are always recorded...)
  7. Hi, my doctor has advised that I apply for this benefit. I currently receive ESA but have yet to get 0 points in my medical and then win my appeal (I assume it is the same now as it was years back) My problem started about 5 years ago. I was taken to hospital as I had really bad chest pains, had ECG and such and was eventually given a diagnosis of costochondritus. For the next few years I was taking naproxen even though it didn't seem to help. Back then I got an 'episode' maybe once a month and each attack lasted approx 8 hours. It did not affect my life very much as it wasn't very freque
  8. Fantastic. Now despite birth certificates, doctors notes, school places and even registered midwives there at the birth, people will be told their children don't exist
  9. Also, I don't think giving the jobcentre your new details would mean they were passed onto ingeus..surely the jobcentre wouldn't pass them on, just for ingeus to claim they found the job for you?
  10. He hasn't sent a cease and desist letter, he contacted them over phone (which sicne reading this forum..appears to be the wrong thing to do in every circumstance) Ingeus system has apparently been updated (twice) to both remove his mothers address and stop the letters coming to ours but nope.. His mum has sent them back as not known at this address and the letters still came. We just bin the appointments when they come here. One of them, we had a bit of a laugh at as it mentioned sanctioning him if he didn't turn up for an appointment, this was around a year after he signed off
  11. Well it definitely wasn't me or my partner and I have never gave my card details to anyone or authorized payments.. Part of the barclays letter states 'Information received from the merchant shows that the correct personal information was given in order to complete this transaction. This information would only be known by yourself or someone who knows you. On that basis, we are therefore holding you liable for the full disputed amount' Now, I am 99.999% sure this was NOT anyone I know. But there is obviously a slight chance it was.. and if all of the details are indeed corr
  12. Yeah I'm thinking thats the best way...even though its not much though I really do feel its the principle of it. They have told me a bunch of rubbish for days and days, then 'claim' the details on the account are correct. They may well be, and if they are then it has to be someone I know who has done this realistically, however I don't believe anything they tell me anymore so would love to see this proof they have apparently received. I really want to see the proof because if everything is indeed correct, then I need to start asking some questions to mates and such really...its going to kill m
  13. LOL. I have had a letter today about this, apparently the retailer had my correct details so barclays are holding me responsible. Oddly enough though, they haven't supplied me with these apparent correct details. Can I ask barclays to supply the information that lead them to believe that I (or someone I know) made these payments? From the wait and rubbish I had I had already written off the money tbh so this isn't surprising, but its really annoying. And honestly, I do not believe my correct details can have been sent so I want proof of this. So I am now 9 quid overdrawn which I am also r
  14. The black horse one is the worst, as this wasnt even paid from the Halifax account it was paid from my gfs own nationwide current account in full and he has somehow claimed this back into the halifax account. I dont actually understand how that is possible unless I'm reading it wrong? Do you mean he called nationwide pretending to be her and got the refunds, then transferred them into the halifax account?
  15. Not surprising. I transferred to them last year, gave readings and such. They were billing me monthly, I sent in readings again (for the first time since I gave opening readings) and they told me I owed nearly 2000 for duel fuel, for a 3 bedroomed terraced house, in march. Obviously I told them they were mistaken but they wouldn't have it and were threatening to send someone to fit a prepayment meter (stating if I was out they could break entry..not sure if thats true) I switched providers again as they were unwilling to listen to reason..no way could I spend that much in a month even if
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