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I am worried as I stole a  £6 necklace from H&M then I was stupid enough to pay for a £19 bag with my husband’s credit card on the same occasion . I put the necklace tag in a pocket of a pair of trousers on the rack in the shop.

I’m worried that staff will find that tag then go and check on CCTV and see me put it there then recognise me that I was the one who bought that bag and will try to get my contact details from the card - maybe they will ask my bank who they issued that card to. Then tells police to come around.

It’s almost 6 am and I can’t sleep.

I’m so worried.

I’m on dependent visa and still need to apply for further stages of visa.

I don’t want to have criminal record then it will affect my visa application.

I have a daughter here in London I want my visa to be ok then I can live with her.

Please anyone give me advices

. I know it was wrong to shoplift and I don’t think I will do it again.

It’s not worth the worry I create.

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Same as my colleague I'm a bit confused but I've tried to understand what I can

From what I understand you took the tag off of the necklace and left it on a pair of trosuers in the shop and then stole the necklace but you did pay for other shopping?

and so you are now worried they can trace your details from the shopping you did pay for, since they will be able to check the CCTV and see it was you and then see that you went to the tills after?

Can you just confirm if the above is correct?

Also you say its 6am but you posted at just gone 11am UK time - was the theft in a UK H&M or abroad?

Can I also ask the reason you chose to take that item but pay for the rest?  Was it intentional? 




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My understanding is that you stole an item. You managed to get away without being caught and now you are having regrets and also feeling very stressed about it.

If that is right – then my first comment is – Good for you.

It wasn't a good thing to have done. It was a very high risk move for only £6 gain.

I would suggest that you go back to them. Tell them that you bought the handbag and the inside the handbag pocket you found the necklace and that you are returning it.

Not only will you get brownie points from the shop – but also you will feel really good about yourself and that will be great.

There won't be any problem at all. They will be so amazed anybody bringing something back like that that they will really congratulate you.

After that I do think you need to have reflection as to why you did it. It will be good idea to speak with somebody that you trust so that you share your experience and your anxiety. It will make you feel better and also give you the support that you need to help you not do it again in the future.


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That’s right.

I didn’t pay for the necklace but paid for the bag.

It was my stupid thought of mine to steal the necklace with intention.

Then I put the necklace tag in one of the trousers’ pocket in the shop.

Now I’m worried they will trace me by watching the cctv then search for the credit card details that I used to pay for the bag and get my details to get to me.

I was writing this at 6 am but was able to post on here at 11 because I didn’t realise I had to verify the email address and I fell asleep for a bit before I was able to post on here. It’s H&M in London.

I am not sure how to reply directly to a specific comment above.

This one is to reply to Bankfodder.

.I was thinking to go back too but what if they checked cctv yesterday and saw that I actually took the necklace and ripped the tag off then tried to hide the tag?

They would see I intended to steal the necklace 😞

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I'd read what BF has said above.

I think you'd feel a lot better if you returned the necklace - either going back and paying or just taking it back and not paying and giving it back to them.

Also again as BF has said It's important for you to think about why this has happened, and I think it's good for you to chat to someone.


If its a big H&M in london I really really doubt they'd check the CCTV, but even if they did and saw it, the fact you've gone out and returned it (done what's right) means they're very very unlikely to do anything other than say thank you.


Also this seems to be the first time you've done something like this, but i notice you said you dont "think" you'd do it again. I think its important that you understand that its wrong, and that you make a conscious decision to not do it again - because at some point it will catch up and you'll wish you never did it.


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Firstly for £6 they really won't bother. You can't imagine the scale of the thefts they have and they won't put two and two together.
You really needn't worry about it.

The most important issue here is your own stress and guilt and also the possibility that you might want to do it again.

I suggest very strongly that you follow my advice about taking it back. Tell a little white lie about it being in the handbag. Nothing will happen but you will feel great about yourself. Then as already said, find somebody that you trust that you can tell about it. Your husband? Probably not your daughter – a friend? A GP?

I think it's very important to share this

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Thank you so much @jk2054 for your opinion.

It’s a big store. I’m so scared to step inside that store again.

What if they saw me yesterday and took some action towards the credit card details I used and when I return the necklace and they didn’t realise that and still took the further action to get me?

I don’t want my husband to know. It’s too embarrassed.

I cant think of anyone I can share this story with.

It’s too embarrassing for me.

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dont believe that will ever happen

It might be hard and embarassing to go back and own up but its really important you do it and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards


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If you can't talk to your husband then you could try your GP. They will have heard it all before and might be able to get you some support. 

It's important not to shoplift again. The next time it could be the police and it could affect future visa renewals.


Illegitimi non carborundum




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I think you are likely to shake whatever happens and whenever it happens.

However I think it is important that you go in with the necklace very clearly displayed so nobody can later on say that you have been trying to steal it. I think that you should probably go to the security person on the door immediately and say to them that you found this in your handbag and that it needs to be given to somebody.

Make sure that it's given to a responsible person but I think that you should let somebody know as soon as you enter the shop so that everything is completely clear.

I'm sure it is absolutely fine but you will have to screw up a little bit of courage but you will feel fantastic afterwards.

Go and get a nice cup of coffee afterwards

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what a splendid idea...

can i just clarify , they will NOT bother to scan CCTV nor i suspect ever find the label in the trouser pocket. the eventual buyer might  :pound:and throw it away.

and just to clarify a few further points.

no store is ever interest in wasting personnel time searching CCTV.

nor do they prosecute joe public ever for low £'s theft . too much bad publicity

nor can police be involved after the event.

and these do not show on enhanced visa checks .

nothing will happen nor can it .

go and give it back.

and behave yourself going fwd.


  • I agree 1

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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So much help I get from here.

Really appreciate everyone‘s opinion and time here.

I just go straight to a security guard at the door and give it to him saying it was in a bag I bought yesterday.

And I thought it was from the shop so I wanted to give it back.

Then I just leave the shop? 

is it ok if I go in maybe tomorrow or the next day or that is too late?  

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I suggest that you go along with the bag and with the receipt for the bag. Have the  necklace in the side pocket. Go to the security guard. Say to them –


"look, I just bought this bag yesterday and guess what I found in the side pocket. It clearly was placed there accidentally and I want to return it to the store and I want to give it to somebody please."


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Make sure that you do have the receipt for the bag with you. There may be some initial disbelief that somebody so honest that they want to return a necklace that they found in the bag

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Zero possibility. Don't worry about it.

They will simply accept it back and then get on with the rest of their business – and so should you.

Sorry to say but these doubts you have and this distress that you are suffering are the slap that you are taking for doing it in the first place. Return it as I suggested that you will feel really great and it will be sorted and you can forget it.

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