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Swapping from Named Driver to Policy Holder

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Since University I've been a named Driver on my Father's Insurance and we've shared the use of his car whilst I have been living at home.  I'm close to thirty now and my parents are moving to Spain so they no longer need the car or the insurance policy (with The AA).  Buying/transferring the car off them is simple and my Dad knows how to do this.  However what we are curious of is it possible for me to takeover the policy or buy insurance and retain any of the no Claims years?  Even one would be useful.  I've been driving the car for many years and not once have we made a claim.  I have no points of my license and have had it 10+ years so it seems unnecessary to pay 'full whack' for the first year of my own policy.

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Not possible, unless you marry your Dad. Passing No claims between spouses named on an Insurance is normally possible.


Some Insurers such as Direct Line offer a no claims entitlement to named drivers, but only if they take out a new policy with them. 


If the current Insurance offer no special deal to named drivers, it is a case of obtaining quotes in your name and finding best option.  Sometimes contacting a large Insurance Brokers for quotes can find cheaper options than what is available online. The reason is that often the Insurance companies reserve their best rates for Brokers, as the Brokers are selling the Insurance and therefore have the costs of employing sales admin staff. 

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12 hours ago, unclebulgaria67 said:

Not possible, unless you marry your Dad. Passing No claims between spouses named on an Insurance is normally possible.

I imagine there are some people that would be offended by that idea being suggested... I however am not one of them and am grateful for what seems to be the only possible way of doing it being put forward.


I see some places give a discount for new policy holders who were named drivers on existing policies; if the existing policy was taken out with the same insurer.  I'm not expecting miracles but 10% off a grand is better than nothing. 


Anyone know anywhere that you can get a named driver no claim discount on the first year straight off the bat?  It's been hinted at some places that The AA will give a quasi no claims discount to the new policy holder IF you'd been on a policy for 2+ years for which we have 1 year with them.

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I think UB was being tongue-in-cheek, as it isn’t legally possible to marry your father .......

I suspect he was looking for a humorous way to say “here’s the situation in which it can be done for spouses, can’t be done for you”.


I’d concur with asking that insurer if, given the many years of you being a named driver on the previous policy with them,  for keeping the NEW policy with them rather than moving to a different insurer, they could offer you a discretionary NCD or other discount rather than than any mandated NCD.

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