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  1. I was with Solarplicity and everything was fine for a few months, I started getting monthly bills saying I was using £1.30 per month which we all know is rubbish. I was paying around £45 direct debit to them a month and this was the most I had ever paid any company as very economical with usage. Solarplicity said I wasnt paying enough and put the dd up to £75 a month - I know I NEVER EVER use that amount. I said something was wrong but they kept you on the phone line for 45 mins before speaking to you so you would hang up they want £99 a month saying I still was paying enough and I strictly told them DO NOT increase my direct debit I am moving company. Even without my permission they took the £99. It took 4 months to get any bills from them and when I got a final bill they claimed I owned around £300. Now they have gone bust and sold the debt to a new company who are chasing me for the £300. I contacted the energy ombudsman but they said they cant do anything as Solarplicity are bust. I have all my complaint emails and stupid bills of £1 to £3 a month as they never processed the meter readings I gave them. Can anyone advise what my rights are now as its going to be really difficult to deal with the new company who are only after money. FYI: My new utility company want £45 a month which I find totally acceptable - definitely not £99.
  2. @dx100uk Thank you that is really helpful, will be posting to them tomorrow.
  3. Do I just send the paragraph on Statue Barred Debt? Sorry if its simply but I am confused. In principle, a debt cannot be enforced after 6 years from the date upon which it became due. The 6 years runs from the 'Cause of Action' and the Terms and Conditions of the contract/agreement will have a bearing on this. Once a debt has lapsed, it cannot be revived - even through a subsequent acknowledgement or payment. The relevant law is contained within the Limitation Act 1980. Are the legal rules the same for so called private debts (no paperwork) as they are for official documents debts? Thank you
  4. I wrote a letter and told him its all fake but his litigation friend insists they have proof - a 3rd party witness, obviously someone my brother has told his lies too. They want a official reply to the Stat. Demand but I never had a penny of him. What do I do now as dont understand how to fill the SD form in? I dont have a case number for the court as not been to court yet.
  5. Yes sorry just checked its a Statutory Demand.
  6. I have never agreed to pay the debt back, there is nothing in writing, we havent spoken since 2012. Reading through this looks like he doesnt have a chance. We cant even agree on the amount, dates and info as I didnt know till long after. The loan was paid by cheque which never went into my account but my husbands business account.
  7. A family member loaned my husband a large amount of money in 2010, my husband was later disabled through intense illness and lost his business and is since in wheelchair. The debt simply cant be repaid as dont have funds due to all the problems arising since 2010 Today I was served a Statutory Declaration demanding I pay the money back stating It was given to me - never was. My brother found someone to work for him for free as a litigation friend. We are on benefits and in council house. He wants to take out bankrupcy proceedings against me in person. There are loads of lies in the Statutory Declaration and its not dated. Should I just ignore it and wait for it to go to court if ever????? Surely since it 9 years since the money was loaned and no papers were signed is it still enforceable? Any advice please
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