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I am looking for a bit of advice. I took a loan out with The Cash Store, high street shop, on the 25th of February. The loan was for £600 and I was due to pay back the loan in full (£766.72) on my next payday which was the 22nd March. I was arranged with an appointment to go into the store to pay this. Unfortunately I was sacked from my job on the 1st of March. This meant I had no income to enable me to make payment on the 22nd of March. I phoned The Cash Store on the 22nd of March and explained that I would be unable to pay this. I was told that I must still honour my appointment and bring a mini statement from my bank and my letter of dismissal from my employer to prove that I couldn't pay. I done this as requested and was basically grilled by two members of Cash Store staff as to how I was going to pay this loan and when I was going to pay it. I explained that I had applied for job seekers allowance and that I would be able to make a small contribution when I received it. At this point I was unsure as to when this would be or if I would even be eligible for it.


Anyway the following day I woke up to find I had several missed calls on my phone from The Cash Store. They were calling to find out if my situation had changed but as I had missed then they also called my parents, my uncle and two of my friends regarding this issue and basically filled them in with what was going on with my job and my inability to pay this loan. Surely this cannot be right. I had to provide 4 names\contact numbers when I took out the loan as a means of contact should they be unable to get hold of me. It was a Saturday morning and I was sleeping which is why I did not answer my phone surely they shouldn't be phoning my family and friends and telling all about the situation? I went down to The Cash Store and they said they had to contact me every day to get an update on my situation. I explained there wouldn't be an update until I found out if I was getting jobseekers and asked them to stop phoning me. They said they had to keep doing this and if I didn't answer they would speak to my other contacts. I told them I wasn't happy or comfortable with them phoning my family and friends and asked them to remove these numbers from their system. The Cash Store refused to do this.


Every day since, except a Sunday when they are closed I believe, they have been phoning me looking for an update on my situation. Everyday i told them there was no change and I would inform them if their was. That did not stop them hassling me everyday however. Eventually I found out I was entitled to jobseekers and would get my first payment within 3 days of my signing on date which was last Friday (4th April). The Cash Store said I must make a payment when I received this money and arranged for me to go in on Monday to make a payment that I could afford. I didn't receive payment on Monday so phoned The Cash Store and explained this. They said i had to again honour my appointment and bring a bank statement to show I hadn't received this and also my letter from DWP to prove I would actually be receiving jobseekers. Again I took this information with me where I was again grilled as to how much I would be paying. I stated that I was unsure and that I had other things to pay for such as food, gas, electricity etc. I said that I would hopefully be able to pay £30 towards they debt. They then said I should do this fortnightly when I receive my jobseekers allowance. I told them I couldn't commit to this as I had other debt aswell as my living expenses to deal with and I would only be getting £142 a fortnight. They then said when I received my jobseekers allowance I should go back into the store to discuss this further and explore my options. They said they would ring me again tomorrow (Tuesday) for a further update on my situation. I ask if they could contact only me and on my mobile and they said if I didn't answer my mobile they would phone my other contacts, basically threatening me.


They contacted me on Tuesday when again I hadn't received my jobseekers which they seemed to accept. I missed their call (8am) on Wednesday morning so before phoning them back I checked to see if I had received my jobseekers money in. I had received £152.15 in but noticed my available balance was only £102.15. I contacted my bank who told me The Cash Store had taken 3 seperate payments from my account (2x£20 and 1x£10). I phoned The Cash Store who checked their system and said these payments were taken in "error" but could not be refunded becasue I had an outstanding balance with them. I told them this was nearly a third of what I had to live on for the next fortnight and I couldn't afford to pay as much as this. They told me there was nothing they could do and then asked when I could make another payment. I explained again that I wouldn't receive another payment for another fortnight. They then said I must go back into the store to discuss a budget for me going forward. They have booked this appointment in for 12pm tomorrow. That didn't stop them phoning me today for an update on my situation. I am not keen on attending this appointment tomorrow. I have spoken to my bank and asked them to cancel the CPA so that The Cash Store cannot take anymore money off my account going forward


Sorry for the rant but has anyone had any dealings with this lot able to advise on the following


1, Is there anything I can do to stop these daily phone calls. They are actually stressing me out

2, Is there anything I can do to stop them calling my friends and family should they not get a hold of me. This loan is my business. I want their numbers off The Cash Store system. Can i force them to do this

3, Do i constantly have to bow to their demands and continually show them bank statements and or other documentation to prove what I am and am not getting and when I am getting it

4, Is there anyway of contacting this company by e-mail to arrange an affordable repayment plan. I have been finding the phone calls and visits to the store intimidating. Do I have to go to the store tomorrow to discuss a budget as they demand


Thanks in advance......


Any advice on any of the above would be most helpful

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Hello thesnake!


Eurgh! What a shower of sh.... Poo this company are.


First things first.


NO MORE phone calls. If they phone again tell them in writing only and put the phone down.


NO MORE going into the store to see them.


In the library here at cag you will find a telephone harassment letter. Post it to the branch and head office by recorded delivery. Also send a letter marked as OFFICiAL COMPLAINT about them discussing personal sensitive information with other people.... This is a big NO NO. Report this behaviour to the OFT.


You're on benefits. This amount has been worked out almost to the penny to provide your living essentials and costs, NOT to give a loan shark £20/£30... They can have a £1 a week/month if that's all you can afford!


Bank account. It's good that you have cancelled the CPA. To ensure your benefits are safe, open a new basic account. Natwest, Halifax, co op, post office are a few choices. Have your benefits paid into this account.


You need to get the telephone harassment letter and complaint to the oft off as soon as possible.


Hope this helps. If you need any further advice give us a shout.

It never rains but it pours...

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Thanks for the reply. I will take your advice and not go tomorrow to discuss the budget they obviously want me to agree to. By not going to the store they are bound to phone me. At this point I will tell them I want no more phone calls and to have all correspondence in writing going forward. With my experience of them I cannot see them accepting this which worries me that'll just continue to call. I feel i cant ignore them as they will just start calling my friends and family which I do not want. For various reasons there are issues with my family as it is so there is a bit of tension that I dont want The Cash Store heightening


I will send the letters you suggest tomorrow regarding the telephone harassment and also the official complaint letter. I do not have access to a printer at home so I will go to the library and print these


How would I go about paying them only £1 a week or whatever? Would I just write them a letter stating this?


Is there a standard letter I can send to the OFT?


Sorry for all the questions. This issue has my head fried

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I can imagine your head is totally fried with all this.


How dare they continue to call your family and friends after you've told them not to!!


Yes, I'd advise them that until your financial situation improves that you'd like their bank details to pay token payments. Do that by letter also, send one copy to store and one to head office. (recorded delivery)


There's not really a template letter for complaints to the OFT. Just fill it with all the Info that you have posted here. Contacting others and discussing your personal financial information is a big NO NO.


Stand firm. Don't enter into any conversation with them on phone.


Without wanting to scare you. I wouldn't put it past these vultures to try and call at your home to discuss this. If that happens, send them on their way and if they refuse to leave phone the police. Might be worth printing off a doorstep letter from the library here also. I know they haven't yet threatened visits, but better to be safe than sorry. You don't have to send the doorstep letter to them yet, just keep a copy by the front door and hand it to them IF they were to turn up.


If you can, tell the family n friends (who you listed as contacts) that this company is hassling you and you're dealing with it and making complaints. You could advise them to tell the company that they withdraw their permission to contact them.

It never rains but it pours...

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