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  1. Perch Capital owns both TM Legal and ACI (another company I've had some communication from about an unrelated debt). Oddly they adopt the third person in regards to Perch instructing them when they are one and the same company. I want to fight this. At which point is the final threshold when I have to pay or be blemished by a CCj: when they state their intent to go to court, when it reaches court or when the judgement is given? If it goes to Court, am I able to just pay up at any time before the ruling to avoid the actual CCJ?
  2. Yes, to TM Legal Services it seems. Aren't they linked to ACI, a DCA? What are the legal ramifications if they're telling me the client may take it to County Court?
  3. Hi, Their email and letter state "We write further to our recent correspondence confirming that we are instructed to act on behalf of Perch Capital Limited in relation to your outstanding debt from Uncle Buck Finance LLP," Thanks.
  4. Good afternoon all, I have an outstanding loan with Uncle Buck from way back in late 2018. I raised a complaint and dispute with Uncle Buck about their lack of affordability checks but they have simply ignored that and any other queries from me. Now I have received emails and letters (to an old address) telling me it is now with DCA, TM Legal Services, and that Uncle Buck has instructed TM to "resume county court proceedings, where appropriate" from July 6th 2020. Given Uncle Buck is in administration and the outstanding balance, after their extortion
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