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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have been working for an independent company since early April doing self employed driving work (trade plating) The working week agreed was from Thursday to Wednesday with payment due the following Saturday (10 days later). Any expenses incurred for fuel and travel would also be paid in at this point. If short which on occasion I was my boss would help me with money to fuel vehicles which would be deductible from the first available wage. My boss was regularly late with payments most often citing cashflow problems as the reason. He did eventually pay what was due (well according to him anyway) so I never really bothered although I would consistently chase him for late payments. A car went missing from his yard on Tuesday 11th October. The yard is accessible to anyone with limited security and keys are often planted on wheels or in other vehicles. To cut a long story short I was accused of stealing the vehicle. I did not steal the vehicle told him this and continued to work for him, as I needed the money. Since this point the relationship was frosty. Some of the treatment I got was verging on bullying the wages became even less consistent. I was still chasing and was getting small payments here and there but never what I was due in full. Things came to a head on Wednesday 2nd November - he told me I was no longer working for him. He accused me of being late which meant late delivery of vehicles which meant he lost out on money. I was not late, I do admit to being late on previous occasion but was not this particular date - another driver was which I stated to my boss Anyway there was no changing this decision however I was still owed three weeks wages and told him I wanted these paid asap What I was owed at this point were the following weeks Thurs 13th Oct to Weds 19th Oct - Due 30th Oct Thurs 20th Oct to Weds 26th Oct - Due 5th Nov Thurs 27th Oct to Weds 2nd Nov - Due 12th Nov I also believe I was paid short the previous week also, coincidentally the week the vehicle went missing from the yard. I have no way of checking this as I never in 7 months working for him received a wage slip. Only once in that 7 month period did I receive a breakdown on what the split on my payment was ie. Wage, Fuel, Travel Expense I contacted my boss on Friday 4th November chasing the wage due the previous Saturday (30th Oct). He told me he was waiting on money in from customers however he would help me with £100 and would sort the rest of what I am due over the weekend. That is the last payment I have received from him Since then I have been chasing him on a daily basis with mixed responses - some saying he will sort it, some days completely ignoring me some days giving me downright abuse. I have threatened him with me going to citizens advice and also contacting his customers but none of this seems to have mattered. I am getting stressed out with the whole situation. I have setup a claim with my local job centre but I am not due any payment from them until mid December. I cannot afford to be without this money I have bills to pay I have borrowed money I need to repay and also it is naturally for everyone a busy time of year with Christmas coming up Last Thursday my boss accused me of stealing another car, I knew the vehicle in question had never left its starting point so told him this. I was accused of being a liar however I persevered and when trying to contact him got his partner, who was taking his calls. I explained everything that was going on. She understood my position but asked if I could inform the customer of the situation. I probably shouldn't have done this as I no longer work for the company however I spoke to the customer who sorted the issue (which was a genuine misunderstanding 3 vehicles were due to be collected from the same place - only two were) and emailed my boss asking him to collect the third vehicle That sorted that so I chased him again for my outstanding wages on the Friday morning. I still had paperwork at this point for a customers vehicle so he said if I could get this to him, I hadn't seen him to do so before this, he would sort and pay my wages over the weekend. He was quite reasonable. I had some issues to deal with last Friday so arranged for the paperwork to be left at my parents house. My boss arranged for another driver to pick up from there which was fine but my boss decided to get the driver in question to mention to my mum that I had stolen the vehicle that went missing from the yard in October. This is not acceptable as firstly I didn't and secondly this issue has nothing to do with my mum. Furthermore my mum was contacted over the weekend asking if she could return my trade plates and also the Volkswagen keys I have in my possession. Firstly this is not my mums responsibility and secondly I do not have any Volkswagen keys. I have asked several times since which Volkswagen key he is referring to but have never received a response Since Monday I have been chasing him day in day out consistently for my money as my position is getting severe. I am struggling to feed myself and power my flat. I also missed out on a job as I was unable to afford to attend the interview. This week has went something like this Monday - his partner contacted me claiming he was in hospital having taken a gallstone attack Tuesday - he contacted me was reasonably civil saying he had been in hospital and had a million things to deal with but would get round to it Wednesday - I left it until late on in the day to phone him but he told me he would call me back within half an hour. The call did come so followed up later in the evening when I was still promised a call which was never received Yesterday and today I have tried to get in contact several times via email text phone call and wats app. I have found out from an email he responded to he has now blocked my number. Therefore I have called him from withhold which he has responded to on occasion but has gave no indication of when he is intending paying these wages - I suspect never. I have also tried speaking to his partner who said she would pass on a message. Instead he has threatened to - Goto the police and report me for harassment Get an injunction in place against me I have went and saw the police this morning explained the situation and have been told I have every right to chase what I am owed as long as it isn't done in a threatening manner - which it never has been I have been civil and respectful through all this Can anybody advise what I can do. Sorry if I have went on about but I needed to get every piece of information over that I thought was relevant. Any advice would be most helpful Stewart
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise on where I stand on this issue. Please note the incident occurred in Scotland where obviously laws are different to England\Wales On Sunday 15th February I was stopped by Police on the motorway for using my mobile phone. I was texting a friend so have got to accept I was guilty of this. When in the back of the police vehicle I was breathalysed. I blew 25 when the legal limit is 22 so was arrested for drink driving and taken back to the police station to be breathalysed on the main machine used by the police where I blew 17 so was released without charge. I was told "off the record" by the police officer that if I had blown the same as at the roadside I still wouldn't have been charged as there is a 5% tolerance level. If I was never going to be charged then I cant understand why I was even arrested. due to me being arrested and taken to the police station my vehicle was taken off the road by 911 Recovery services and taken to a compound where I had to pay £150 to get the vehicle released on the Monday morning (it was not opened weekends). I argued that I should not have to pay this release charge as I wasn't charged as I wasn't guilty of any offence. The police on duty agreed and gave me an address to write to regarding the matter. I haven't received any response. I had to pay the fee as it was a works vehicle I was in at the time. Where do I stand on this, should the police be refunding this cost? I got a £100 fine and 3 penalty points for the mobile phone incident. I am happy to accept this as I am guilty of this In a further twist I received a letter in from the DVLA saying the vehicle I was driving at the time of the incident was untaxed and that I would have to pay £159 by the 28th of May or be taken to court I drive different vehicles around the country on a day to day basis. I am a trade plater. Is there anyway I can find out if the vehicle I was driving at the time of the incident was taxed or not without getting my work involved Whether taxed or not I had my trade plates with me at the time of the incident although they were in my bag and not on display. This was a mistake on my part. There was nothing malicious in it. The police did not check if the vehicle was taxed or not, in fact it was me who told them that the trade plates were in my bag and not on display Is there anyway I can appeal this with the DVLA. As it stands at the moment using my mobile phone is going to cost me £409 £100 Mobile phone fine £150 Getting vehicle recovered £159 Untaxed vehicle charge I find this grossly unfair Can anyone advise on where I stand in respect of the following getting the £150 recovery charge back? Finding out if the vehicle was taxed? If it was how do I appeal this with the DVLA without going to court(if this is possible) If it wasn't am I covered under my trade plates that were with me at the time even although I had forgot to display them Any advice on how to deal with the incident with the DVLA would be appreciated Sorry if this is a bit long winded but any information would be appreciated Any questions please let me know
  3. Went into the job centre today and completed the JSA10 form for hardship payments. The guy in the office said I should be contacted tomorrow to be informed as to whether I will be getting these awarded. He says if I haven't heard back by this time tomorrow to follow up with the job centre again. Hopefully this is resolved quickly. It seemed to simple to be true today
  4. Thanks Antone again. With regard to the hardship payments. The letter was dated 27th June altho it says they cannot pay me from 15th June. I presume the two weeks you refer to will apply from the 27th Thanks for advice I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow
  5. Thanks for the response. So basically I will have nothing until when I would be expecting my next payment from the job centre on the 17th of July. I'll ensure I get down to the Job Centre tomorrow and get the form completed. To be honest I do not think I have grounds to appeal so will probably be best just leaving it. Excuse my ignorance but what is a food bank. Do they give you food vouchers or do you go there to eat? I assume this is council run? I will try and speak to the council and citizens advice tomorrow and see if I can get anywhere
  6. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice. I was sacked from my job, of 11 years since I left school, in March of this year. As soon as I lost my job I applied for Jobseekers Allowance, Council Tax Benefit and also Housing Benefit. I was awarded all three and have been claiming since. I have been looking for job but its proving difficult with losing my previous job for misconduct, anyway that is another issue. I received a letter saying there was a doubt over my right to claim jobseekers allowance due to the circumstances of which my previous job ended. I was told there would be an investigation which would include contacting my previous employer. While this was going I had to continue signing on as normal and my jobseekers would not be effected. I signed on Friday as normal and expected to receive a payment today, My advisor at the job centre did not hint that there might be a problem. When I logged on to my online banking today no payment had been received. I was just about to contact the benefits centre when a letter popped through my door dated 27th June saying I cannot be paid jobseekers allowance from 15th June 2013 until 27th August 2013. This decision was based on how my previous job ended and because it was my own fault. It says that my jobseekers allowance will continue at £71.70 from 28th August. I am very worried. Firstly I have no idea how I am going to survive with no money until the 27th of August. I have no money just now and was expecting a payment today. Because of not getting this payment today my direct debits for both my mobile phone and my TV Licence will reject. Surely my advisor at the Job Centre on Friday should have told me there was an issue with this payment? I phoned the job centre today and was told I would have to apply for hardship payments until the 28th of August and that I would have to go into the job centre tomorrow morning to complete a JSA10 form. I was also told the hardship payment, if awarded, would not be as much as my jobseekers allowance. I am struggling to survive as it is on jobseekers allowance and with even less I do not know what i'll do. I am diabetic and must eat to a balanced diet or this causes problems with my blood sugar levels. I have very little food in the fridge. I have no family I can turn to for support, the reasons my job ended has driven a bit of a wedge between us and I already owe the majority of my close friends money who have helped me. I should point out I have a severe debt problem so cannot turn to the banks for help. I have several questions hopefully some on here might be able to help 1, How much am I likely to receive in hardship payments until my jobseekers is re-instated 2, How likely am I to be awarded a hardship payment 3, How regularly are these payments made and how do I go about getting them 4, Do I still sign on as a jobseeker 5, I have the right to appeal the decision. Is it worth appealing as from my reading it seems unlikely the decision will be reversed 6, Is there any other support I may be able to claim as I have no money whatsoever at the present time and I would imagine there will be a bit of time between completing this JSA10 form and actually receiving a payment(should I be awarded one) I spoke with citizens advice on the phone and they suggested contacting my local council about a local welfare provision 7, Will the decision regarding jobseekers effect my council tax and my rent I am in Scotland. I am not sure if different things apply to England and Wales but thought Id mention it just in case I am thinking of going to Citizens advice for a bit of guidance after ive been to the job centre tomorrow. I am panicking and really worried about this decision so any advice whatsoever would be most appreciated
  7. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a credit card which I have defaulted on with Vanquis Bank who have passed the debt on to their collection agency Impact Collection Services. they are bombarding me with calls every day and it is doing my head in. I wrote them a letter asking them to only contact me by letter but they continue to call me saying they did not receive the letter. They will not give me an e-mail address when I ask them on the phone. Has anyone dealt with this company in the past and have an e-mail address for them so that I can send them an e-mail regarding the calls Would be Appreciated
  8. Thanks for your advice Bombaymix. I will try and get all of this dealt with and report back here how i get on
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will take your advice and not go tomorrow to discuss the budget they obviously want me to agree to. By not going to the store they are bound to phone me. At this point I will tell them I want no more phone calls and to have all correspondence in writing going forward. With my experience of them I cannot see them accepting this which worries me that'll just continue to call. I feel i cant ignore them as they will just start calling my friends and family which I do not want. For various reasons there are issues with my family as it is so there is a bit of tension that I dont want The Cash Store heightening I will send the letters you suggest tomorrow regarding the telephone harassment and also the official complaint letter. I do not have access to a printer at home so I will go to the library and print these How would I go about paying them only £1 a week or whatever? Would I just write them a letter stating this? Is there a standard letter I can send to the OFT? Sorry for all the questions. This issue has my head fried
  10. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice. I took a loan out with The Cash Store, high street shop, on the 25th of February. The loan was for £600 and I was due to pay back the loan in full (£766.72) on my next payday which was the 22nd March. I was arranged with an appointment to go into the store to pay this. Unfortunately I was sacked from my job on the 1st of March. This meant I had no income to enable me to make payment on the 22nd of March. I phoned The Cash Store on the 22nd of March and explained that I would be unable to pay this. I was told that I must still honour my appointment and bring a mini statement from my bank and my letter of dismissal from my employer to prove that I couldn't pay. I done this as requested and was basically grilled by two members of Cash Store staff as to how I was going to pay this loan and when I was going to pay it. I explained that I had applied for job seekers allowance and that I would be able to make a small contribution when I received it. At this point I was unsure as to when this would be or if I would even be eligible for it. Anyway the following day I woke up to find I had several missed calls on my phone from The Cash Store. They were calling to find out if my situation had changed but as I had missed then they also called my parents, my uncle and two of my friends regarding this issue and basically filled them in with what was going on with my job and my inability to pay this loan. Surely this cannot be right. I had to provide 4 names\contact numbers when I took out the loan as a means of contact should they be unable to get hold of me. It was a Saturday morning and I was sleeping which is why I did not answer my phone surely they shouldn't be phoning my family and friends and telling all about the situation? I went down to The Cash Store and they said they had to contact me every day to get an update on my situation. I explained there wouldn't be an update until I found out if I was getting jobseekers and asked them to stop phoning me. They said they had to keep doing this and if I didn't answer they would speak to my other contacts. I told them I wasn't happy or comfortable with them phoning my family and friends and asked them to remove these numbers from their system. The Cash Store refused to do this. Every day since, except a Sunday when they are closed I believe, they have been phoning me looking for an update on my situation. Everyday i told them there was no change and I would inform them if their was. That did not stop them hassling me everyday however. Eventually I found out I was entitled to jobseekers and would get my first payment within 3 days of my signing on date which was last Friday (4th April). The Cash Store said I must make a payment when I received this money and arranged for me to go in on Monday to make a payment that I could afford. I didn't receive payment on Monday so phoned The Cash Store and explained this. They said i had to again honour my appointment and bring a bank statement to show I hadn't received this and also my letter from DWP to prove I would actually be receiving jobseekers. Again I took this information with me where I was again grilled as to how much I would be paying. I stated that I was unsure and that I had other things to pay for such as food, gas, electricity etc. I said that I would hopefully be able to pay £30 towards they debt. They then said I should do this fortnightly when I receive my jobseekers allowance. I told them I couldn't commit to this as I had other debt aswell as my living expenses to deal with and I would only be getting £142 a fortnight. They then said when I received my jobseekers allowance I should go back into the store to discuss this further and explore my options. They said they would ring me again tomorrow (Tuesday) for a further update on my situation. I ask if they could contact only me and on my mobile and they said if I didn't answer my mobile they would phone my other contacts, basically threatening me. They contacted me on Tuesday when again I hadn't received my jobseekers which they seemed to accept. I missed their call (8am) on Wednesday morning so before phoning them back I checked to see if I had received my jobseekers money in. I had received £152.15 in but noticed my available balance was only £102.15. I contacted my bank who told me The Cash Store had taken 3 seperate payments from my account (2x£20 and 1x£10). I phoned The Cash Store who checked their system and said these payments were taken in "error" but could not be refunded becasue I had an outstanding balance with them. I told them this was nearly a third of what I had to live on for the next fortnight and I couldn't afford to pay as much as this. They told me there was nothing they could do and then asked when I could make another payment. I explained again that I wouldn't receive another payment for another fortnight. They then said I must go back into the store to discuss a budget for me going forward. They have booked this appointment in for 12pm tomorrow. That didn't stop them phoning me today for an update on my situation. I am not keen on attending this appointment tomorrow. I have spoken to my bank and asked them to cancel the CPA so that The Cash Store cannot take anymore money off my account going forward Sorry for the rant but has anyone had any dealings with this lot able to advise on the following 1, Is there anything I can do to stop these daily phone calls. They are actually stressing me out 2, Is there anything I can do to stop them calling my friends and family should they not get a hold of me. This loan is my business. I want their numbers off The Cash Store system. Can i force them to do this 3, Do i constantly have to bow to their demands and continually show them bank statements and or other documentation to prove what I am and am not getting and when I am getting it 4, Is there anyway of contacting this company by e-mail to arrange an affordable repayment plan. I have been finding the phone calls and visits to the store intimidating. Do I have to go to the store tomorrow to discuss a budget as they demand Thanks in advance...... Any advice on any of the above would be most helpful
  11. Thanks for the kind words I know I can and will get there but it will take a lot of hard work and effort but I really want my life back With regard to 247 moneybox Nationwide are saying they cannot do anything as I didn't cancel the CPA through them. Is there anything else anyone can think of doing or am I just going to have to write this money off as gone. Like i said in my situation I cannot really afford to do this as this is going to leave me struggling to eat and more importantly get to and from work. Obviously if I am not working I wont get paid which just worsens the situation I will arrange for a new current account to be opened tomorrow for my future wages. From having a look around here it seems Barclays will open me a basic current account without any credit check so think I will go with them unless anybody has any better recommendations?
  12. What exactly is a chargeback? Had a look through the net and it seems that it can only be used when there is a breach of contract or something that has been bought hasn't showed up? How would i go about doing this? Would I call the bank or go into the branch?
  13. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice here with regard to 247 Moneybox. I have got myself into a terrible state through Payday Loans and I am taking steps to get back on track by contacting everyone I owe money to and trying to arrange repayment plans. I e-mailed all the payday loan companies I owe money to last week and informed them I would be unable to make payment to them when I got paid on Friday. I am behind on my rent, council tax aswell as charges I owe to my bank and I also have no food in my flat. Life on a day to day basis is just a constant worry. I asked all the companies I owe money to not to take money from my account on Friday. I knew they would ignore me so I sat up on Thursday night waiting for my salary to go into my account so I could transfer my wages to my friends bank account so I could get access to the money. I was refreshing my online banking account every 5 minutes and when my wage eventually went in at 2am I attempted to transfer this money to my friends account but before I could do this 247 moneybox had taken £176.16 from my account. Is there anything I can do to get this money back. I am going to be left unable to get to work and begging people for food handouts if I cant. I don't want to be a burden on friends and or family. I hate myself for getting into this state. To put everyone in the loop this is due to a gambling addiction which i am trying to overcome. I just want my life back on track and get these people out my life. I may need further advice on other companies but I want to see if anything can be done with 247 moneybox at the moment For information purposes here is a copy of the e-mail I sent 247 moneybox. Any advice would be appreciated Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing with regard to my loan with 247 Moneybox. Please accept my sincere apologies but i am going to be unable to make my scheduled repayment of £176.16 on the 22nd February 2013. I have a very severe gambling addiction which has put me in huge financial difficulties, I owe money to several payday loan companies which includes your company. My relationship with my parents has broken down and I am no longer living with them. I have had to seek alternative accomodation from the local council. I am now living at xxx and my postcode is xxx. Please do not attempt to contact me on my parents home phone number which is xxx. My new contact home telephone number is xxx. If you have to contact me at home please use this number when doing so. I will not have the funds in my bank account for you to collect the payment due. The wage I am receiving will only cover what I owe the local council for rent and council tax, which is payable in advance, and also the bank charges which I am due to pay Nationwide. Therefore please do not attempt to take any payment from my bank account using my Visa Debit card details supplied. I ask that you cancel with immediate effect the CPA (contiuous payment authority) that was setup when I took this loan out. I will also be asking my bank to cancel this. I would now at this point like to arrange a payment plan with you and ask that you freeze any interest and charges going forward so I am able to pay off this debt with you as quickly as possible. I do wish to state at this point I want to repay the debt in full and have no issue doing this. With my financial state though I wll need the support of 247 Moneybox to enable me to do this. It is with great regret that I am having to ask for a repayment plan, but due to these unforeseen circumstances which have now effected my ability to repay the loan to you, I have no other alternatives available. I will have to contact all of the other payday loan companies whom i owe money to and attempt to arrange repayment plans with them which will hopefully allow me to get back on track financially. I must inform you in the strongest manner that I do not wish to be contacted at my place of work at any point regarding this loan as this could jeopardise my employment and therefore I would not have the monies to repay the loan to you. My work telephone number was only provided for you to confirm that I was employed and that my place of work had a working land line, and this is what you informed me when setting up the loan. My work environment is not a place for me to discuss personal finance matters. Please only contact on my personal mobile number or the new landlne number I have provided you with above after 5pm or at the weekend. Any calls before 5pm will not be taken as I am at work. I am also happy to be contacted by e-mail or letter at my new address provided above. Please note should I find I am being contacted by 247 Moneybox on my work phone number then I will seek immediate legal advice as I have now given you prior notification regarding this. Whilst I am arranging repayment of the loan with yourselves, and throughout the duration of any repayment period, I wish you yo be aware that I am fully aware of the OFT debt collection guidance and I will consider making a complaint about a company's behaviour under the guidance if it becomes apparent that you do not follow the legal guidelines and would have no other alternative than to seek legal advice. In particular section (2.2 g) 'Ignoring or disregarding debtors' legitimate wishes in respect of when and where to contact them. I have no doubt that your company fully understands my situation and will adhere to Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and The Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 when attempting to resolve these issues to the satisfaction of both 247 Moneybox and myself. I do hope however that these issue do not come to pass and that we can arrange a payment plan to alleviate the stress of my whole situation, and to also enable the repayment of the loan to your company as promptly as possible I look forward to hearing from you and will help in any way I can to organise repayments to your company as soon as possible. Kind Regards xxx
  14. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help with a bit of advice. I have got myself into a mess through Payday Loans. I cannot pay these back and the interest rates are murdering me and taking the majority of my wages each month. I decided enough was enough and that I had to get rid of these once for all and took steps to try and get repayment plans setup for each of these loans. The problem with Speedcredit is that they are basically ignoring me and taking a £96 extension fee from me every two weeks. The original loan was £400 taken out on the 11th of October. I have paid £96 in extension fees 3 times, 8th November, 22nd November and 6th December. Speedcredit are saying i still owe £597. Even if I was in a position to pay this, which I am not, repaying £885 on an original loan of £400 seems ridiculous I sent Speedcredit the following e-mail on the 2nd of November Hi, I am due to be making a payment on the above loan of £400 next Thursday 8th November. The payment due is £597. Unfortunately I cannot afford to make these payments at their current levels. I currently have 9 payday loans, 1 bank loan, 5 credit cards and 2 bank overdrafts which are currently over their overdraft limit. I am not in a position where I can continue to keep up with the payments due on all this credit I have. I do not want to go down the route of bankruptcy or get into a trust deed I want to pay each of my creditors what I owe and clear my debt of my own accord as quickly as possible. To do this I am going to require assistance from my creditor's in agreeing some sort of repayment plan with a view to clearing this debt. I would ask that you freeze all further interest and charges on this loan as adding to what I already owe is going to make it impossible for me to clear these debts. I propose to pay my SpeedCredit (£597) off as follows as per my payment dates, this is based on what I can afford and this would avoid plunging me into further financial trouble 2nd November £59.70 30th November £59.70 28th December £59.70 25th January £59.70 22nd February £59.70 22nd March £59.70 19th April £59.70 17th May £59.70 14th June £59.70 19th July £59.70 Total £597 Can you please confirm that this repayment plan is satisfactory to SpeedCredit. If so I will pay £59.70 tomorrow by Faster Payment? If I am in a position where I can pay this loan off sooner, or pay more towards this loan I will do so. If you are contacting me regarding this account can I please be contacted on either my mobile phone xxx or by e-mail xxx. Please do not contact me on my home phone or by letter (my dad shares the same name and could potentially get hold of this) as I am on the verge of getting thrown out the house due to tensions over the credit I have. I am currently living with my parents and if I get thrown out it is actually going to be impossible to pay off these debts and SpeedCredit and all my other creditors will receive nothing. I am sure like me you do not want this to happen. Can you please advise on my above proposal as quickly as possible so I can get the 1st payment made Kind Regards xxx Speedcredit replied with basically a standard e-mail as follows Dear xxx, Thank you for your message You have 2 options in regards to the repayment of your loan. You can either pay: By the 8/11/12 , you have 2 options: 1) you can pay £597 to close your file, OR 2) you can pay £96 on the 6/11/12 to extend for an additional 14 days. Please remember that we will not automatically debit payment from your card. You can pay via our website http://www.speedcredit.co.uk or you can transfer the money into our bank account. Please note if you decide to transfer money into our bank account, you need to allow 5 business days for the money to clear and for it to be logged onto your file to extend in time or close your file. If you have any questions please don\'t hesitate to call us on 0843 381 3381. Failure to make either payment to your file will result in your file being passed to a third party debt collection company incurring additional charges and seriously damaging your ability to get any type of credit from anywhere in the future. Kind regards Speed Credit – Loans Team (131) t: 084 3381 3381 ïï€ Please consider the environment before you print this email. I replied to this as follows Hi, Thanks for the response although I have to say it does not help much. I can probably just about afford to pay the £96 extension fee as you suggest but I am only going to be in the same situation again in two weeks time. I cannot afford to keep making payments at this level. I want to come up with a solution that will enable me to clear this loan balance. I ask that Speedcredit come up for some sort of repayment plan to help me do this. It would appreciated if you could freeze the interest on this loan as it is making it impossible for me to clear this debt. I want to make it clear to you again that I do want to clear the debt that I owe but at the moment I am finding it impossible with the interest rates at the level they are I look forward to your response Kind Regards xxx Again Speedcredit just sent the standard e-mail as above so i responded again Hi, I have now sent Speedcredit two e-mails informing you I am struggling to repay this loan. Speedcredit have made no attempt to offer any assistance to me in attempting to get some sort of repayment plan setup. Instead i have just been sent a standard e-mail response on both occasions saying I can either extend for another two weeks or repay the loan in full. I have managed to extend the loan this time however in two weeks time I am going to be in this position again where I am going to find it impossible to pay this loan in full or even make an extension payment. Can Speedcredit please help me arrange something so I can get this debt paid in full. Could you please look at freezing any charges and interest so I can have a chance of at least getting this debt paid off. It would also be appreciated if a repayment plan could be agreed. As stated before I have I currently have 9 payday loans, 1 bank loan, 5 credit cards and 2 bank overdrafts which are currently over their overdraft limit. It is impossible to keep up with the repayments at the moment. i do endeavour to pay off all my debt and don't wish to go down the road of a voluntary creditors agreement or bankruptcy but I need assistance to enable to clear my debt with an affordable repayment plan with each of the companies I owe money to I look forward to Speedcredit's response Kind Regards xxx Speedcredit then asked me to telephone them Dear xxx Thank you for your message. Please call one of our operators on 0843 381 3381 who will be happy to discuss the circumstances around this with you. Kind regards Pay Check Credit Support Team (224) Now i don't particularly want to talk to them on the phone as I have felt intimidated and under pressure when dealing with this company in the past. Also I would rather deal with them via e-mail as I want a paper trail of what was agreed as I do not trust Speedcredit to do and act upon anything agreed on the phone so i went back again Hi, I sent you an e-mail on the 9th of November regarding me struggling to pay off my Speedcredit loan, I have copied the e-mail below in case Speedcredit have disposed of this e-mail, to which I have received a reply from Speedcredit asking me to contact you by phone. I do not wish to communicate on this issue by phone, I would rather do this via e-mail then I have something in writing from Speedcredit. My loan in due tomorrow, i cannot pay this loan but have been able to borrow from a friend to enable me to pay the extension fee again to extend the loan by two weeks. I cannot continue to do this. I need to get a repayment plan set up and get all interest stopped. This is the only possibility I have of getting this loan paid off which I will state again I would like to do. I cannot extend again. Within this two weeks I want something setup with Speedcredit suitable to both parties. I suggested a repayment plan on my previous e-mail. Can something, with agreed dates obviously, be setup by Speedcredit and agreed to ASAP to try and get this issue sorted I look forward to your response and appreciate your assistance on this matter Kind Regards The above e-mail has simply being ignored. Should i phone them, i don't really want to as stated above, or should i persevere via e-mail? I feel stressed with this. In 10 days they are going to be wanting another £96. i cannot keep finding the money to pay them. i am borrowing from friends to pay them as it is. Can anyone who has dealt with them in the past advise if they are likely to ever play ball in terms of a repayment plan. What should I do. I have sent another e-mail tonight. I'll report back if they respond. Hi, I sent the e-mail below to you on the 21st of November. I have received no response from Speedcredit. I first informed you of my financial difficulties on the 2nd of November. Speedcredit have done nothing to help me with this issue in terms of helping me to agree to a repayment plan or freeze interest as I suggested. Since my original correspondence I have made 3 extension payments totalling £288, I have had to borrow from friends to make these payments. I cannot keep doing this. I will be making no further payments to Speedcredit until a repayment arrangement is in place. I have been extremely amicable and want to work with Speedcredit to get this debt paid off and cleared as quickly as possible. i do not dispute that I owe Speedcredit this money but I cannot keep up with the repayments due to my current circumstances. Speedcredit are making no attempt to help. I have been asked to leave my parents house partly due to the stress being caused with these payday loans and constant phone calls from payday loan companies to their house. Can I ask that my parents home telephone number xxx is removed from the system immediately and that no further calls are made to this number. Can i also ask that my new address is updated on to your system. xxx. Please respond with a repayment plan as quickly as possible. As stated no more money will be paid to Speedcredit until something is agreed Kind Regards Apologies for the length of post but wanted to put as much information as possible in the hope getting advice from people on here who know what they are doing
  15. My wages get paid into a different account to the one Wonga have on file. The account the have on file is an account that has an overdraft maxed to the limit
  16. Thanks again. I have tried this for starters. I'll let you know the response To Whom It May Concern I am due to make a loan repayment on my Wonga Loan tomorrow, Sunday 21st October. The original loan was taken out on Wednesday 29th August for £568. I made a repayment of £124.29 on the 20th of September which extended my loan repayment date until 21st October. Unfortunately I am now in a position where I am unable to make a payment on the 21st October. I cannot even make a payment to extend my loan for another month, I simply do not have the cash due to me having various debts that I am struggling to pay off. I currently cannot afford to pay the £760.43 i now owe Wonga. I do not dispute this debt and would like to pay this debt off on full but would appreciate if Wonga would be able to assist me in this by freezing interest and charges on the account. I would like to offer £50 per month towards this debt until it is paid off, i cannot afford anything else at the moment. If my financial position changes I would be happy to pay more with a view to getting this debt paid off quicker. Can I please be contacted by e-mail on this issue Any help with this on Wonga's part would be appreciated Kind Regards
  17. Hi Lizzy, Thanks for taking time to respond. Do you have an e-mail template you reckon i should use or should I just try put something together? Stewart
  18. Hi, I am due to repay my Wonga loan tomorrow. I cannot afford to pay this. I cannot even afford the loan extension payment. I have nothing. What should I do? Should i contact them in the morning or do nothing? Are they likely to bombard me with phone calls? I do not want that if I can avoid it as id rather my family never knew about this. Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks
  19. Its not letting me pm you back as I have under 15 posts. I'll reply on here if your happy with that or if you want to send me your e-mail address by pm i'll drop you an e-mail
  20. Yes im online. Want to be out but im stuck in on a bank holiday weekend its thoroughly depressing. I want to tell my family but its honestly very difficult as these payday loans are something I swore I wouldn't get involved with again
  21. I am in a total mess with debt, i am not sure where to turn next. The debt has been caused by Gambling. I am now going to GA and trying to address that problem but the burden of debt I am struggling to deal with. I am 26 years old and still living with my parents and probably will be for ever at this rate. For information I am in Scotland, I know that is important as laws are slightly different up here My parents took a loan out in their name for me to clear my debt. This was the worst thing that ever happened as it allowed me to run up the debt again and I am devestated that I have. I want out of this and I want my life back. The loan was for £12,700 - I have to repay £16,663.20. This is getting paid back at £347.15 a month. I need to pay this as if i dont i will be homeless plus I love my parents who have helped me so much and I dont want to let them down again I have tried to address the debt but looking for advice on what to do. I earn approx £1140 a month. My travel card to work is deducted from my salary I must pay the following Loan Above - £347 Dig Money - £130 Phone Bill - approx £30 (Im looking into getting this contract reduced) Car Payment - £161 This leaves me £668 I owe the following creditors money Bank Of Scotland £3679 (£3600 overdraft so I am being charged £5 a day for being over this at the moment) Bank Of Scotland £272 (£200 overdraft so similar comments apply) I have wrote to the bank saying asking them to reduce interest charges and setup a repayment plan, I have heard nothing back. Should I phone them, they are my main creditor but I want something in writing Bank Of Scotland Credit Card £287.15 I have done nothing with this. The minimum payment is less than a tenner so no issues paying that or do you think itd be worth asking for interest to be frozen Post Office Credit Card - £1397 (credit limit £1300) I have wrote to the post office saying I am struggling to pay and again asked for the account to be closed\interest frozen. They haven't came back to me. I cannot afford the minimum repayments but have been making token payments to them Virgin £450 Wrote to them and they have agreed to freeze interest and have setup a standing order to pay £19 a month so happy enough with that Granite £1100 (credit limit £1000) Wrote to them, they will stop charges but not interest. They will let me pay a token payment of £23 a month for 3 months at which point they will review the account Aqua £409 I have wrote to them again asking for reduced interest\payment plan. Not head back but the minimum payment is around £13 so not a real worry I also owe my mum and dad £1585.50 for payday loans that they paid off for me. I was getting a lot of pressure with these so was glad to be rid of them. There is no rush for this money and they are happy for me to pay this back when I can afford. The major problem is this was given on the assumption I got no more payday loans - which I have and im in major bother as I cant pay these. I dont know what to do as my mum and dad quite rightly could throw me out the house. My dad shares the same name as me as there is a chance he'll receive either a call or inadvertantly open a letter regarding this. Is there any way I can get these companies only to conact me by mobile. That is another problem, they always call me when Im at work! I owe the following, original loan amounts in brackets SpeedCredit - £597 (£400) Payday Express £400 (£320) - have paid them £240 3 x 80 but still owe more than the original loan MiniCredit £114 (£100) These are all due the middle of May so I dont have much time to play with. I haven't been in contact with these companies I owe my ex partner just over 4k aswell. She isn't pressuring me for that, shes got a new guy and I think things are ok but Id like to get rid of the debt as its another worry I owe small amounts also My brother £300 Friends £400 (approx) Help ive no idea what to do!
  22. The bank cant tell me anything. Does anyone know how I can get through to Speedcredit and actually speak to someone. I cant get through there stupid automated system
  23. Thanks for the reply. It was today I took this. My concern is it was a Sunday I used this company in the past and it was in my account in minutes and now today there is nothing I have two other worries I paid the last loan back from my partner and I's joint account. I hope they wont have put the new loan in there as she will go mental as I promised her I wouldn't go down this route again. I dont think they will have as I paid my first loan back from my RBS Account and my 2nd loan went into my Bank Of Scotland account as expected but its still a worry Secondly my bank overdraft is 3k and its nearly maxed out. Can the bank hold back with this 400 pound payment take the money and reduce my overdraft to 2600. This would put me in an even worse position Anyone think it may be worth phoning the bank
  24. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help. I have took a payday loan today with Speedcredit - I have used them on three previous occasions. On each of the previous occasions the funds were in my bank account right away but the funds for this one aren't in yet which is causing me a bit of concern. I tried calling them but cant get past the automated message to actually speak to someone. When I go into the account online it is showing me that I owe the money back and I have also received the confirmation e-mail and confirmation text to say that the funds have been transferred. It is the Bank Of Scotland I am with so wouldn't have thought there would be any issues receiving faster payments especially when it has went through fine in the past I am a bit confused by this. Any advice
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