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  1. Hi all. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Am posting from a phone. About 8 weeks ago my mother was visited by a newlyn bailiff. She didn't let him in and told him she would call the office to make arrangements to pay her ct arrears. She never called the office due to lack of money. 10 days ago this same bailiff came knocking. I answered the door and brought mother out to speak to him. He asked why we hadn't spoke to the office after promising to do so and advised him it was due to lack of funds. Advised him that we would make ppayments of £50 a month starting at the end of April. As agreed we phoned Mr bailiff and he answered the phone but apologised that he was with a customer and to call back later. Again, phoned him again the next day and same story. This time he was driving so asked us to call back the next day. Attempted to call him again and his phone rang out to voicemail. Left a message. No return call I advised mother to call the office and speak to them. Called the office and explained the ssituation. They were having none of it. Told us they couldn't accept £50 a month and needed full payment straightaway. Advised them that this wasn't possible. He then offered a 3 month payment plan. Again, told him not possible. Then came the offer of a 4 month plan and then a 5 month plan. Again, advised that it wasn't possible. My mum then got very distressed and started crying. She past the phone to me. He asked for my name and I told them my name is Mr Bombaymix. He then asked what I wanted and I told him we wanted to make payment as agreed. He then went into detail about the account and told me he would be taking money out of my benefit to pay off this government debt. He then told me to put mother back on and that he couldn't discuss personal details with me (even though he just had for 20 minutes). I advised him of this breach of data protection and asked if the call was being recorded. His tone then changed... No resolution and no more from the bailiff since. Bullyboy phone drone advised me that the original bailiff hadn't been dealing with my mum's account since the first visit in march.... Where do we stand? This isn't a case of trying to avoid debt and even though our wheely bin is regularly missed on collection day (lol) we understand the importance of this debt and do want to pay it off. Made an affordable repayment arrangement and still reduced my mum to tears on the phone. Did I read somewhere that we don't have to deal with the bailiffs and can pay the council directly through their self service payment machines? Any advice welcomed. Mum is really worried that they're going to seize her car. Thanks to advice on here I'm quite knowledgeable on debt collection but bailiffs are a little out of my league. Any advice would be appreciated since another lady at mums work is facing exactly the same scenario. Thanks BM
  2. I'm sure one of the railway forum regulars will be along shortly to advise further. Sit tight, it's the weekend and the guys are probably busy Regards BM
  3. Keep phoning/ emailing them. http://www.idtprime.com/contact.html I'd ask to speak to a supervisor I the people you're dealing with on the phone aren't helping you.
  4. I don't think a credit union would consider a loan of that size - I may be wrong. Best bet is to find a local credit union and go and have a chat with them. I think most credit unions like you to save with them for a while before they consider you for a loan.
  5. Tricky... If one of the panels had smashed your conservatory roof then I should imagine he would have been liable. But I imagine that as the sheeting caused no damage, then the repair of your wifes phone will actually be your own responsibility... Is the phone insured? You could advise this guy of the damage caused to the phone and hope that he offers to pay towards its repair as a gesture of goodwill. If you don't think the yard or anything kept or stored in the yard is safe. Maybe a call to environmental health might be the next step.
  6. I'd have a look around. It was a while ago when I used a claims company on a no win no fee basis. From memory. The entire amount of compensation that was awarded was given to me. The solicitors dealing with it got their fees from the other party... I don't know if it still works like this. Hopefully somebody will be along shortly to advise you further.
  7. As always. Some brilliant advice on this thread from some of the regulars. It's been explained step by step what you should do. The "reasonable" guy you spoke to at wonga was no better than the first guy you spoke to.... He should never have encouraged you to take out another loan to pay off a loan. Your situation isn't as bad as you think. It seems like a major problem because of some of the conversations you've had with these muppets on the phone. Despite what they say you haven't committed any acts of fraud. It's an unfortunate situation that you were forced into. You're not alone. A lot of us showed up here with upto 10 different payday loan debts and come out of it all unscathed on the other side. I am not sure that your cousin getting a loan for you is a great idea. Maybe you could ask your employer for a small salary advance? £100 or so to see you through until payday? If you follow all the advice you've been given so far, on your next payday your funds will be yours again and not eaten by payday loan charges and overdraft fees. Plenty of banks offer basic accounts. If you feel that you won't be able to set up an account in time for your next payday. Get in touch with payroll at work and ask them to pay your salary into a different account? Maybe a family member or a friends account. You don't have to go into full detail with anybody. Just tell them that your having a few problems with your bank and are in the process of getting a new account. That's the plan of action then. If your phone rings and its one of the company's you've listed. Be as nice or as horrible as you feel at the time. "I'm sorry, I'm not able to deal with this matter on the phone, please put anything you want to say in writing" and then hang up. Do NOT answer any of their security questions and simply hang up. If they call back, repeat the process. They can't force you to speak to them on the phone. Payday loan debts and ridiculous overdraft fees are low priority. Your main priority is rent, council tax, utilities, car and grocerys. The payday loan vultures are right down there at the very bottom of the list. Remember. Your debts are just numbers on a screen to these companies. Nobody is personally upset that you haven't paid them back as much as these people would like you to believe. It was reported on the news last night that Wonga are making a million pounds profit a week... The amount you owe them is a drop in the ocean. Once you've secured your finances you can come back here for help. We will guide you step by step in what to say to these companies in order to achieve reasonable affordable repayment plans. Despite what they've told you... They CAN freeze interest and refrain from adding any more charges. They've told you otherwise purely to try and distort a little more money from you. Hope this helps to reassure you a little. Kind regards BM
  8. This is another prime example why you should never speak to anybody regarding debt on the phone. She's purely trying to scare you into making a payment. I would email or write to eBay with an official complaint. Make sure you include how intimidated and scared you were over the conversation with them on the phone. The previous poster is correct. eBay will pass on the debt to a DCA who will write a few letters. A strongly worded letter of complaint would possibly see this MASSIVE debt (of £40 odd) written off as a "gesture of goodwill" Don't worry whatsoever. Regards BM
  9. Can I just suggest you send any emails to [email protected] and [email protected] I helped a friend out only this week in dealing with quick quid and the response we received agreed straightaway to the requests. That email is the type of email they sent me a couple of years ago when trying to deal with them. There are bank details for them. They still try and pull that lol. Have a hunt around. People have paid a few pence via the bank details and checked their online quick quid accounts and seen the money deducted off the balance...
  10. Did you buy it in May 2013 or May 2012. If the latter. Then it wouldn't be covered by manufacturers warrantee.
  11. The amount was probably heavily inflated with ridiculous charges and interest. By offering a discount they're trying to make out that they're doing you a favour. Even the reduced amount is still probably more than the original loan amount plus one month interest and 1 default fee.
  12. As above. The experts will be along soon. A quick google about protected earnings conflicts with the amount you claim unfortunately. From what I can work out its actually only £130 per week rather than £1500 a month. The experts will be here shortly though to suitable advise. Regards BM
  13. Did welcome send you all your statements? If so, get calculating what is owed. It doesn't matter that your signature is next to the PPI section. It still sounds like a mis-sell!
  14. Not sure which area you are in but looking at the following website (for Northampton Council) gives you a rough idea. Looks like its all to do with earnings. Looks like they're taking 17% of your wage for each AEO. Not 100% sure but that would appear round about correct. It states that the employer will write to you shortly after deducting the monies to explain what has been taken. I know it's of little consolation but paying at this rate will see the orders serviced fully by the end of October. Doubt there's anything you can do. I'm sure those with more knowledge will be along shortly http://www.northampton.gov.uk/info/200028/council_tax/996/council_tax_attachment_of_earnings
  15. They usually pass it to Iqor DCA who will probably send you one or 2 letters before leaving you alone.
  16. We've had our own problems with Cash Converters in the past. We bought a second hand play station from them. Got it home and it wasn't working. Took it back within an hour. They sent it off for testing and said we had caused the damage to it by altering it to play counterfeit games (chipping). We assured them we hadn't altered it. Store level they were having none if it! Had to involve head office to get a refund in the end! Good luck. Try googling "cash converters complaints" and take it higher!
  17. You could always try phoning them and tell them although you won't be staying in the caravan that a "family member" or "friend" will be using the caravan instead?? Obviously just be careful who you allow to take your place. I should imagine if they left the caravan in a state then you'd be liable for the cost of any extra cleaning or lose a deposit of you've paid one...
  18. Go back and speak to a manager. When I used to work In a large shop we also wouldn't accept bank statements or credit card receipts as a proof of purchase. Only the amount is specified on these not the specifics of the actual item purchased. I'm not sure where they stand tho to be honest because of your statutory rights. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge will be along shortly
  19. Surely... If you only bought it yourself recently it will still be under manufacturers warranty? If any more comes of this, work with the purchaser to get the problem rectified at the manufacturers expense. Has the buyer opened a dispute or is it just via messaging at the moment? What has the buyer advised?
  20. I was always of the understanding that you couldn't keep a cockerel in a residential area? I keep hens who are well behaved lol. They proudly announce at the top of their voices to the world that they've laid an egg. I've had no complaints from neighbours.... Although.... I'm very generous with the eggs. Do you get on with your neighbour? If its just hen noise then maybe ask them to move the coop to the other end of the garden? I'd be upset it any neighbour thought they had no other choice but to report me to the council rather than come and have a word with me themselves.
  21. That CFO resolve thing is merely a way of getting your new card details. They know fine well that anybody in financial difficulty is gonna grab an extra £150 with both hands. I'm sure I've seen posts on here where no extra money has ever turned up but instead had their accounts emptied.
  22. FCA = financial conduct authority http://www.fca.org.uk/
  23. You're doing exactly the right thing with this DCA! Next time they call up, as soon as they've introduced themselves tell them "in writing only" and hang up yourself. Don't enter into any dialogue with them over the phone.... You've already learnt the sort of people that you'd be dealing with. They deal with lots of debt. I think I had dealings with them for an old Vanquis card. Have you checked your credit reports recently to see of this alleged debt shows up?
  24. Ok. Google your local areas townwatch scheme. It's probably managed by the town centre BID team. Have you actually asked any of the security/store staff that you claim are watching you WHY they might be keeping an eye on you? Could it be a partial case of you're now constantly looking over your shoulder and looking round for people watching you which in turn is possibly making you look suspicious? It's possibly a case that when you left asda following the "incident" that your descriptions were passed on to other stores as an observation (example) "keep an eye on the juvenile wearing the blue shirt, he's been shining a laser pen in store". You then may have been recognised by the asda officer or any other store security that monitored you following the first incident on your next visit to the shops. It all seems outrageous. I've worked in retail security and if I'd have asked you to stop pointing your laser pen in store and you'd apologised and put it away and gave me no attitude, that would have been end of story and I'd have gone back to doing what I was paid to do.... Prevent shoplifting. I'm of the opinion that you aren't on any hitlist. It's purely an over the top reaction by a security officer following that incident that has now shown that these schemes can actually work; unfortunately on this occasion in the wrong way. Legal advice.... I wouldn't bother. It's going to be costly and I doubt very much that a paper trail has been left. You may have been logged in the town centres CCTV/ Control Room following the incident if an operator has followed you on camera. I'd definitely find out who runs the scheme, I'm almost certain it'll be the town centre BID team (if there is one). They'll have a BiD liaison guy that I'm sure will be happy to assist you. Personally, I know you're feeling like your privacy is being invaded every time you go shopping, but if you're innocent, let them monitor you and watch you all they like! After a couple of non incidents you'll soon be forgotten about and left alone. Regards BM
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