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Found 9 results

  1. This is a long story, so I'll try and cut to the chase. Back in 2013 we moved into a property. The landlady who we were renting off asked if she could continue to be registered at the address. She agreed that she would cover all the council tax bills for the property. Two years later we received a letter from the council to "the occupiers" asking us when we moved into the property. We truthfully told them the date. Two months later, we received a massive bill from the council for two years worth of council tax, backdated to the date we moved in. We got in touch with th
  2. When my husband died last year we were in arrears with our Council Tax. I went to the Council and an arrangement was put in place which I've adhered to. Until yesterday, no problem. Yesterday, two letters come through the post from Ross & Roberts addressed to my husband. They were pay up within 7 days or we will take you to Court letters. Being somewhat bemused by these letters, I had a vision of letting them take my husband to Court, me going to Court to "represent" my husband and asking the Judge if the Court could employ the services of a Medium so my
  3. In August this year I received a letter from Ross & Roberts saying that I owe council tax to Gosport Borough Council , As I left Gosport over 12 years ago I was taken aback by this. As far as I was aware the rent and c/t was all up to date. I wrote to R&R to tell them that I was disputing the claim. I sent a letter about not knowing about the debt and also about CPUTR 2008 and guidance on debt collection , also I have requested from GBC, under the FOI anything to do with this. What I want to know is: Can they still visit if its in dispute! Can they s
  4. Evening all, I'm helping a friend out with a Council Tax bill which was overlooked after a misunderstanding with the paperwork. When they contacted the council to set up a direct debit they were advised they were £96.00 behind on payments so made this payment in full there and then on the phone. That was the end of the issue so they thought. However they were not advised of an underpayment of a bill in the period of 2014 - 2015 which was left outstanding and as such not aware of. In the phone call and a reminder letter they received they were not told about the overdue CT of £11
  5. Looking for a bit of advice please , long story short if i can . Thought wrongly i was due small business rate relief on my unit as was told i was on previous unit 2 doors away but moved to new unit same sq footage etc . council took me to court the usual scenario r&r were sent round i raher than deal with r&r phoned council and was told that i had to apply for small business tax relief again . i owed part of last yrs and this making nearly £2500 my account was put on hold until my application was dealt with and i recieved full sbtr so owe
  6. Today I received a visit from a Horrible woman from Ross and Roberts about outstanding council tax with Birmingham city council. I did have a payment arrangement set up with Ross and Roberts which I had been paying for the roughly the last 6 months but with receiving the current years water and council tax bills I missed Aprils payment. I was hoping to pay make two months payment later this month to catch up but they have sent out the bailiffs. My 6 month baby (Hasn't been well last couple of days) was sleeping when the agent came and starting banging on the door. I wa
  7. I hope I have posted this in the right place, need some advice as to how to proceed on this matter. I missed some payments of council tax back in 2013 which according to an email response from them totalled £208, and the 2014 tax year ahead would be £161.84, in March 2014 I emailed them and asked for a payment plan and the council said I could set up payments for both the current year and the debt spread over 12 months, £28.84 payable 1st April 2014 followed by monthly payments of £31 from May to March, I asked if I could break it down every two weeks instead so
  8. Hi All, I have been helping one of employees out as he does not speak good English - and I have been in his position in the past. He has various debt which he is trying to resolve. One of these is council tax from several periods, at a previous property. One period had gone to DCA stage, a company called Ross and Roberts, the other part was threatening letters from Birmingham City Council. After trying to contact and reason with Ross and Roberts and failing due to awful tele clerks, I spoke to BCC and asked them to intervene. They worked out a repayment of 40.00 per week from the
  9. Hi All, I had a parking fine of £75.00 that went to Ross and Roberts to collect, but the cost rose to £174.04 with their charges etc. I didn't get a breakdown of their charges. I didn't argue the case with the bailiff but agreed with him to pay £74.04 immediately and set up an agreement to pay 2 x £50 to settle the balance. Unfortunately I missed the agreed payment date by 3 days but did make the £50 payment, but now they are trying to hit me with a £140.00 Default Charge for paying late.!! Does this sound like I'm being shafted? B.
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