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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I work in the NHS, when we work overtime there are two methods of renumeration, we can take it as paid hours or take it as time off in lieu of overtime worked. We are being told that if we do not use our toil within a certain time we lose the hours owed to us. This to me is the same as saying "if you do not spend your overtime pay within a certain time we will take it back". I can't see how they can legally do this as toil is a renumeration for hours worked, exactly the same as salary is, could this be a breach of contract? Does anyone have any thoughts on this please.
  2. Hi all Unfortunately, last sunday I had my first ever car accident and I accept that it was my fault. My car sustained some damage on the front i.e. bonnet, bumper and atleast a headlight. I have claimed on my policy. The insurance company have arranged their car repair partners to pick up the car for repairs. I wonder if I can get advice for following questions please?. 1. How do I know if the insurance company will repair the car or write it off? 2. If the insurance company decides to repair the car, do I have the right to ask for the cash in lieu settlement? I would p
  3. I have a letter of engagement that gives my hours (9-5.30), 28 days holidays and salary: that's it. I have been working for the company for over 2 years. I always work through lunch and normally leave late - accruing the equivalent of approximately 40 - 80 days per year unpaid. Others in the company receive lieu time - it was never offered to me. I have been turned down for more money "because times are tough". Do I have a right to lieu time for the last year? I suggested a bonus but this has been refused - so do I have the legal right to say I will only work every other week until the end of
  4. Ok... I was staying with friends near manchester, it then became a formal agreement (paid in part by benefit and part cash). They proved to be quite odd people so I went in search of work in London, found work, after about 5 weeks in London at friends places I decided to move here so I informed my landlord I had some money, and wished to return to collect my possessions and settle up the money I owed them for keeping my stuff in their home. They immediately put all my belongings into storage at another of their properties, opened my post (looking for an "address") sent me a (dishonest) bi
  5. Hi there I finished my last job on Thurs 19th December 2013 with one week's notice paid out. This notice fell between two bank holidays (Weds 25th and Thurs 26th) My employer decided that I left on gardening leave for that 1 week as I left to work for a competitor. I would have had those 2 days off paid if I had worked that week Would that mean I am only eligible to be paid 3 days (20th, 23rd and 24th) and miss out on the other 2 days (25th and 26th) or should I have gotten paid for those two bank holidays?....... I ask as I have not been paid anything from my last employer even
  6. Wonder if anyone out there can help. I starting having guitar lessons towards the end of last year. The agreement handed to me wasn't to my satisfaction. I didn't like fact there wasn't enough flexibility, also the notice period. I raised this with the tutor he said that was ok he can be flexible, so we confirmed time and day of my lessons and cost and I started the lessons. A couple of months in he put the price up, but I didn't really have a problem with that. However about 6/7 months into lessons due to unplanned work situation. I had to temporarily move
  7. Hi just wanted to find out how this works. I handed in my notice on 19/12/2012 and my last day is 18/01/2013. My normal entitlement to annual leave is statutory minimum of 28 days (including all bank holidays). I think proportionally therefore I should have 1 day worth of annual leave to use for the calendar year 2013 but I have been told that I will be paid for this unused leave instead. Therefore am I being paid for the 13 working days I am doing this year (2 Jan to 18 Jan) or am I being paid for 14? As surely normally speaking I should be paid for 13 days even though I am taking one off for
  8. Hi All Help please. Have a very small business with 1 part time employee this employee had holidays earlier this year which included 2 bank holidays, which she was paid for this employee now thinks that as well as being paid that now they are also entitled to extra lieu days. IS THIS RIGHT ! ? Please help thanks warwicks
  9. Hi I recently resigned from a job that was making me ill from stress. I knew that I had got another job lined up, even though it is only temporary, that I am now presently working at. However, when I resigned I offered, in writing, to work my notice period of four weeks, less the holidays that were still owed me, but was informed by my manager that they did not want me to work it due to new procedures that had come into place and that they didn't think that I would follow them or give the job my full commitment, which I have not been given in writing. They asked me to take my keys in
  10. Hi all I worked the night shift in the Monday Thursday; Tuesday Friday. I had all the bank holidays off work. Since the second shift had a day off (paid) I had lieu day instead. Resigned from my job, but the employer has not paid me for lieu days. A phone call and e-mail did not helped. I am looking for some letter formula that i can use. I do not have time for a visit to Citizens Advice (due new job). Wants to send a registered letter asking for an explanation why not received total payment. Other employees were paid in the form of a day off and I did not. I would use at th
  11. Hi all, I'm currently receiving income based ESA. Today I've received a letter from my employers stating that due to my ill health my terminated (this is not unexpected and in fact is a bit of a relief...) and that I will shortly receive a months wages in lieu of notice plus some accrued holiday pay. I'm worried now about how this money will affect my ESA. Will my ESA reduced for a time, or stopped completely? Will I have to make a brand new claim and go through yet another torture session with Atos? I've done a great deal of googling and not been able to find out much - the only con
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