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  1. orley

    dental referal

    Hi All, In a nutshell i have to have a tooth removed and would like to have it done at the dental hospital can i demand that my dentist refer me? Many thanks.
  2. Thank you all for the input, i will find out if there is an agreement on removal of toil and also cotact unison because there is a policy which says toil should be paid if it cannot be taken for operational reasons.
  3. I did not think toil was classed as annual leave as you earn it for overtime so it is in fact the same as payment, also the point is that they are taking it away after 3 months if not used, most people are not being granted toil within 3 months as we are short staffed! Do you have any details of the tribunal as this could really help.
  4. Thanks i will contact unison.
  5. Thankyou, could you tell me what union did this?
  6. Hi all, I work in the NHS, when we work overtime there are two methods of renumeration, we can take it as paid hours or take it as time off in lieu of overtime worked. We are being told that if we do not use our toil within a certain time we lose the hours owed to us. This to me is the same as saying "if you do not spend your overtime pay within a certain time we will take it back". I can't see how they can legally do this as toil is a renumeration for hours worked, exactly the same as salary is, could this be a breach of contract? Does anyone have any thoughts on this please.
  7. orley

    loose crown

    In the worst case scenario would i have to go to a small complaints court?
  8. orley

    loose crown

    Hi, thanks for the advice, it was nhs treatment £240 but i paid cash, i am going to contact the practice manager to start the ball rolling and see if i get anywhere.
  9. orley

    loose crown

    Hi, I recently had a crown fitted to my tooth and it has become loose, went back to dentist who told me that if they tried to remove it they could cause more damage to the tooth or surrounding teeth, they advised me to wait untill it becomes so loose that they can then repair it. I am not happy because it could take many months to become loose enough to repair. Am i entitled to a full refund as the work they carried out was sub standard? Any advice would be very welcome, thankyou.
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