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  1. I do not have a copy of the tenancy agreement as they have all my papers... Basically its all in writing via emails. Very annoying.
  2. Yes they sent me an email saying they had opened my post.
  3. Im currently kind of homeless and penniless, but will look into the county court claim. I was curious if withholding personal possessions in lieu of rent was legal? Ive read elsewhere on this site where it was not. Oh and to clarify, I do not owe them the sums they claim I do - this seems more likely that they want to steal my equipment and tools. I had always planned to pay them the verbally agreed amount for storing my stuff while I was away, it was only when they received my email that I had a job and an income that they demanded thousands of pounds in rent for the time I was away.
  4. Thank you. The silly thing is that they have done all this by email, so its all in writing! Im not too sure quite what is legal and what is not. Ive been told that Tort Law does not allow for this type of action. I am a bit more than confused.
  5. Ok... I was staying with friends near manchester, it then became a formal agreement (paid in part by benefit and part cash). They proved to be quite odd people so I went in search of work in London, found work, after about 5 weeks in London at friends places I decided to move here so I informed my landlord I had some money, and wished to return to collect my possessions and settle up the money I owed them for keeping my stuff in their home. They immediately put all my belongings into storage at another of their properties, opened my post (looking for an "address") sent me a (dishonest) bi
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