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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. First time here and spent a few hours looking through the impressive library of information here. Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. Yesterday, out of the blue I got a letter from CT Capital, to my new address, I have moved twice since my least dealings with them, they did not use my first name, just my last name. It says I previously made a complaint about PPI with them which was rejected. Following a supreme court decision and new rules by the FCA, I can now make a new claim, and then some information of high commission levels th
  2. Hi everyone, Received a letter from The PRA Group this morning, kindly complying with their "Legal obligations" by sending me a statement of my account with them for the year. This is an old Barclays Bank debt which defaulted back in 1991! Unfortunately I was made redundant at the time, fell into debt and lost my home. To be brutally honest, I'd completely put this period behind me and eventually got back into shape. I even have my mortgage and bank account with Barclays now. What concerns me a bit is a line in the letter threatening a black mark with the CRA's. Is this jus
  3. I had court papers in October 2015 from Restons on behalf of Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd. I put in a defence and requested CA and stated I believed the debt to be SB. Just before Christmas 2015, Cabot sent me a letter saying they could not find the original CA and as such any alleged debt was "unenforcable". Today I get a letter which says: "We have been instructed to write to you regarding the above matter. We note from reviewing your account that you have not withdrawn your Defence, nor has a payment arrangement been agreed. Due to the time which has elapsed since the proce
  4. Hi, I have a debt which is outstanding with Lowells, the information on my credit file is confusing. Name [Me] Address [Old address] Date of birth [DOB] Account type Credit Card Account number *****4787 0 Account start date 05/10/2010 Opening balance £ 1,352 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 31/01/2013 Default balance £ 1,352 The above information is accurate, but i think that they are clutching at straws. I say this because i have been sent one of their knocked together in excel style "Digital Signature Application Details" as proof of the de
  5. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any idea who the above company are. They have spoke to my Husband last week and he wasnt sure who they were so they said they would send him some paperwork through the post. It has come today and it is a PPI refund application form. It says we could be owed thousands from a company called Endevour finance (how do they find out this information). I am not even sure we had a loan with Endevour, let a lone PPI. How do I find out what it is without signing this form and being ripped off?
  6. Seems a while since I heard anything from a DCA but a recent house move has set them off again. Two weeks ago I received a letter 'We are attempting to contact the above named in relation to a personal matter' from Ruthbridge. I ignored it as advised the last time a DCA contacted me. Today I have received another latter from the same company (appologies for using upper-case as they did): "YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS OUR CUSTOMER AT THE ADDRESS STATED ABOVE. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY." It gave me 5 days to respond (letter dated 5 days ago) or an agent may telephone me. I
  7. After obtaining probate to deal with my late mother’s estate I was contacted by the DWP in one of their standard fishing exercises re: benefit overpayments. This initial letter included the line “We will let you know whether or not we need to make further enquiries within 20 working days”. If only. Despite returning the form the next day I was chased for a response a month later. 2 days after that they confirmed receipt of my original response! Based on this my expectations of response time from DWP are poor. That was 2 months ago and I have heard nothing
  8. Morning everyone, I have just re-surfaced back on my credit record after a good few years staying off the radar, I've had 4 letters from the leeds losers Lowells after different accounts that are statute barred....any suggestions
  9. A woman goes into Discount Fishing Supplies to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday.. She doesn't know which one to get, so she just picks one and goes over to the counter. The salesman is standing there, wearing dark shades. She says, "Excuse me. Can you tell me anything about this rod and reel?" He says, "Madam, I'm completely blind; but if you'll drop it on the counter, I can tell you everything you need to know about it from the sound it makes." She doesn't believe him but drops it on the counter anyway. He says, "Tha
  10. Hi, My wife has recently had 2 letters from Lowell Group claiming to be chasing a £321.67 debt for 3 Mobile. It doesn't state when this debt was supposedly from. We had one today from Hampton's :egal, which I was expecting having read through some of the forums on here. I think from memory we had some letters from Lowell on this last year, claiming the same thing which we promptly ignored, but we never got this Hamptons Legal letter. Now, these letters are being sent in my wife's maiden name ( we have been married 3 years this September). And the other main issue here i
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