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  1. It may but when Portfolio Recovery Associates were AK they wrote to me saying they would no longer be contacting me in relation to this alleged debt.
  2. It would seem that Ruthbridge are not alone in fishing. I have today received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates in respect of a debt they bought from Aktiv Kapital. I last dealt with AK in 2012 ...... Opening offer to settle is 20% of what they believe the outstanding is (same figure used in 2012). Obviously statute barred ...... off to send them a letter plus a copy of AK response stating that no furhter action would be taken.
  3. I am sure they will have a phone number for me. Insurance companies and banks all share data.
  4. Seems a while since I heard anything from a DCA but a recent house move has set them off again. Two weeks ago I received a letter 'We are attempting to contact the above named in relation to a personal matter' from Ruthbridge. I ignored it as advised the last time a DCA contacted me. Today I have received another latter from the same company (appologies for using upper-case as they did): "YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS OUR CUSTOMER AT THE ADDRESS STATED ABOVE. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY." It gave me 5 days to respond (letter dated 5 days ago) or an agent may telephone me. I
  5. Well CCS are back with a 'Failure to Respond' letter ..... .along the lines of you didn't contact us and we know it is you and you owe us ...... US being CCS acting on behalf of 'Cabot' ....... so do I still ignore or hit then with either a prove it or Statued Barred ....... I have never had anything directly from Cabot or any letter from any other DCA saying your account has been transferred. Credit file is clear and I have checked for CCJ's on old addresses ...... there are none!
  6. Can't send them anything at the moment as they haven't said what they want me to get in contact with them for. the give away is on the reverse of the letter is information about the various ways of paying. Letter has two references client ref: xxxxx and their ref: yyyy but nothing about who and how much. But as two letters turned up with the same spelling as two crapquest ones that surfaced two years ago then it is those that have relit themselves. CRA file is clear.
  7. Well time flies ...... and out of the blue two letters from a company called CCS Collect. Fishing for me for sure as the the reference numbers relate to the old Crapquest ones. So it would appear the debt has been passed on. No demands for payment and no amounts owed just a 'please call us to discus'. I will ignore for now but I would suspect some more letters in the next day or so.
  8. We should all go along to give our support ............ to the prosecution !!!!!!
  9. Should we send you a 'Prove it' letter or just accept that your age is Statute Barred ????
  10. I think that was more about the costs the Lawyers ran up against that of the potential claim.
  11. What goes around comes around Would love to know the details of the petition !!!!
  12. Remind them that the account is in dispute, enclose copy of original in dispute letter and quote the date they received it.
  13. I wouldn't bank on the OU approving an application for further credit either, debt paid or not. I'd look to finance this elsewhere. Edit: Just double check there isn't some crappy clause in the OU terms and conditions about graduating when there are outstanding fees (enforceable or not).
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