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  1. Thanks for the update Scary! I've got an outstanding dispute with Call Credit and Equifax, both are yet to confirm the result. The first response i got was that it was legitimate and wont be removed, but when i drew their attention to the date responded to state that BG re-entered the information on my file.... This suggests to me that they are keeping more than any 6 years worth of history to know that it was there previously, but it shows promise that it might be removed though! I might just hang fire on the complaint actually and see if they come back to me since you've had better luck than i would have expected. I did have a separate little win... O2 reported incorrect info for a settled account and paid out a little compensation, always nice! Cheers ~D
  2. Hi, 4 weeks no response over email, despite that being the method prescribed online and by the ombudsman. Sending a SAR and complaint letter simultaneously in the morning. ~D
  3. Hi, Just a quick update to say I've had no response/acknowledgement of my email after 2 weeks, so I have sent another letting them know I'm still waiting for a response. Disputed with CRA's and BG have responded to them that the information is correct. Thanks, ~D
  4. Account Start Date - 15/07/2006 Default Date - 14/01/2017 Registered By - British Gas Last Paid something - 2006 I would imagine Last contact - none since i last paid Thx
  5. Thanks! Any templates/recommendations for content? ~D
  6. Perfect, so it IS covered by the statute of limitations, I had read somewhere that this prevented legal proceedings but couldn't find anything definitive about them being able to serve default notices. Thanks very much! ~D
  7. Hi, Just received an update to my credit file, a default registered this month for an account with a start of 2006. Its British Gas from a really old address. Since moving i have always been on the electoral role and stayed at addresses for 2-3 years. I have been at my current address for 3 years. I have not received a default notice to my current address. Does statute barred work for getting this default removed? Or maybe if i pay this old bill i can negotiate with British Gas given that I've not had a default notice through to my current address? or Something? Its been very damaging to what was a recovering credit rating ~D
  8. Yep - keeping everything. Mostly repetitive nonsense from Lowells. If they do send the N1 i'm not sure what defense i would have, if any? - It's old, but not barred Is BPO a trading name of Lowells or have they sold it on again? (cant find anything to confirm either way online)
  9. Hi, Sorry for such a long gap, things have been hectic at work and so i've left this on the back burner. In any case, Vanquis provided a default notice when i re-requested it (took three attempts in the end but they provided it). Just got a letter through from BPO collections. Any experiences of dealing with these chaps? They offer a 40% discount on the amount owing if i pay in a single lump and a 25% discount if i spread the cost. I managed to get the mortgage i wanted (surprisingly with a great rate!) so i'm now less concerned about doing much of anything with this until an actual court threat comes through - is this a good or a bad plan? Cheers!
  10. I've been through the SAR again and cant find anything in there regarding a default notice, so I've sent them another letter to ask for a copy or, if one cannot be provided, then a reason why they cant. I also cant find any reference in the SAR from the OC to Vanquis (or anyone other than moorcroft) Cheers, Dave
  11. No references to a default notice at all in the results of the SAR from vanquis. Is it a dead cert that DCA's dont/cant register a default?
  12. Maybe sold is the wrong word... What i'm seeing is one of the last letters in the SAR from vanquis states ''Youre details have been passed to MOORCROFT DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED to recover the outstanding debt. Please contact them directly on..." Send from Vanquis to me. This features on a number of the letters towards the end of any dealings with Vanquis I cant see any specific letter stating they are transferring or anything I also cant find and dont recall ever getting a default notice from anyone
  13. I have spotted that the OC sold to Moorcroft, not to Lowell too if that makes a difference to anything at all. Probably not.
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