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  1. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any idea who the above company are. They have spoke to my Husband last week and he wasnt sure who they were so they said they would send him some paperwork through the post. It has come today and it is a PPI refund application form. It says we could be owed thousands from a company called Endevour finance (how do they find out this information). I am not even sure we had a loan with Endevour, let a lone PPI. How do I find out what it is without signing this form and being ripped off?
  2. I am still getting paperwork from them. It is all yearly specific. The last one I received was re my claim for the year 2008 to 2009. It goes on about the date I should of handed in my declaration. It says as they didnt receive the details by the 31st July 2009 they finalised the award and stopped my payments. If I still think that I should get tax credits but havent sent in a new claim pack then I should phone the number at the top of the letter. If I contact them they can deal with my enquiry more quickly. They want my phone number too. Letter is dated 23rd June
  3. I am still no further forward with this and it seems to be an ongoing saga that wont stop. Every time I ask a question I get another load of paperwork telling me what I have been paid, the earnings for that year and what I have been overpaid. Just a thought though. If I made a claim, I obviously needed the money and they do check your eligability when you claim. Then we cease the claim and go back to earing a salary. No further claim made. Then years later, when chasing the original amount they say we were over paid, they add up what we have been p
  4. Hi Guys. My name is Paul and i am the person this is all about. rather than have somebody else type this up, i have come on here to say thanks for all your help so far and to advise the mediation yesterday has resulted in me offering a settlement of the £56 original fee charged. they have written off the solicitors fees and the court costs. reason i made the offer - The court advised i could of incurred further charges had i proceeded to court with this. they said the agreement was binding as the way it was written says they were entitled to the percentage of th
  5. Can I also ask why there are so many notes regarding my son. Where it says 'child rematching' and 'duplicate child on form' could this mean that I have been overpaid without me knowing it. I am a little bit worried now I have looked through this information. Surely they wouldnt enter the child twice (same name - same date of birth) and then hold me responsible. I wouldnt of entered him twice on the form but as they dont have the original application form it looks like I could be stuffed on that one as well. My son is 21 in July and our first claim was 2004, h
  6. I am going to send a letter off tomorrow then. They are going to have to provide my earnings and my husbands earnings for every year we have claimed. I am also going to ask them why they believe I have been overpaid. If they cant list it down, then they are wasting my time. I am going to have to give them the impression I cannot find any evidence in this paperwork. The only problem I have is the evidence of earnings. If they say my husband earned £xxxx for a year, I will have to accept that. How do I go on regarding my original claim when I enclosed what I t
  7. So if nobody wins at mediation then he either has to agree to pay or they have to agree to give it up. Is that why they are trying to get hold of him, so they can make an agreement before the mediation. He cant see them giving up so is the mediation a waste of his time?
  8. my son cannot be held responsible for a delay in the transactions hitting his account. I also bank with the Halifax and have no overdraft facility. If I dont have the available funds in my account, my card is declined. I will wait for the letter from collections and take advice from the Financial Conduct Authority. They were fantastic when he had all that trouble with the Nat West. Thanks
  9. Just to let you guys know the mediation on this has been accepted. Booked for a one hour slot at 2pm on the 21st April. He has been advised he wont have to speak to the third party. They speak to him and go to them and then come back to him. Is this correct? He hasnt responded to the email but may give them a ring next week he says. What does he need to provide? Is there anything else he needs to be aware of? What would be the outcome depending on which party wins? thanks
  10. Sorry didnt realise there were unaswered questions on this. My son had an account with the Nat West originally but had so much trouble with them (allowing a third party to empty the account/ 700 attempts to take money from his account/ only noticing it when I complained). He had to have his wage paid into my 'spare' bank account. I opened his account to enable him to have his wages paid in. He said he didnt want an overdraft, I clicked the box that said 'no'. As his D/D's are set up from my account, I just used to transfer the remainer of his wage in for
  11. Well I have had a look through all of this paperwork and like I said before, the majority of it is screenshots - some with figures and some without. The last load of it are note screens. Nothing really jumps out at me either way. The only 3 notes that really make sense to it all are listed below. 30.01.2006 - APPEALS - Formal complaint, received date 26.01.2006 (this proves that I actually made a complaint back in 2006 regarding the initial payment when I enclosed an average figure of my husbands earnings as he had no P60's to send off) 13.01.2010 - GENERAL - NC101 - Duplicate child on
  12. Just a quick note. He has received an email from the solicitors acting on behalf of Belmont Thornton. They are requesting he rings them to discus a private matter. I take it this wont be anything to do with the court case so does he just ignore it or reply to the email. Thanks
  13. Ok. He has received the 'Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track'. Sorry I got this upside down, I cant seem to turn it. n180.pdf
  14. Hi peeps. Just an update on this as I think I really need some help now. Yesterday I have received 6 (yes really 6) parcels from HMRC. Inside each parcel is a mound of paper work. There must be at least 1000 pages inside each parcel. This will take me months to go through and I dont even know what I am looking for!!! A quick look inside the first parcel and it seemt to be full of screenshots. Further inside it looks like dates claims ended and started. I cant believe the amount of paperwork that is now on my kitchen table. If I can upload a picture I will.
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