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  1. Hello DWiper and I replied to a similar thread you started on the MoneySavingExpert Forum last week. It's at the following link. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6114116/e-on-i-m-at-my-tether-with-lies-deceiving-and-i-guess-it-is-all-recorded/p1 Malc
  2. Hello colin1096 and many thanks for joining us. Now we’re your supplier, EDF have lost control of your meters and will not be able to arrange for a meter exchange. This is not allowed within the industry. Only the current supplier has access to the information and processes to arrange for this to happen and we don’t do this on behalf of other companies. Hope this helps colin1096. Malc
  3. Totally agree BankFodder and I'll pass on your comments as Helena and I aren't masters of our own destiny. Regrettably, there's been so little for us on CAG compared with other workstreams in recent times that it no longer warrants a regular presence. As I say, happy to pass on your comments to our managers. Thanks BankFodder. Malc
  4. Hello Kalckk and sorry for the late reply. Not been on CAG for several weeks. If we're supplying your gas, it's our responsibility to make sure the details held by the National Database (Xoserve) are correct. I'm sorry if one of our advisors sent you to National Grid. This was wrong. As this is a new build, these amendments are looked after by our specialist New Connections team. If you're still struggling with this please contact this team at the following link. https://www.eonenergy.com/new-connections/self-build-connections.html They're availa
  5. Hello bitemarx and sorry for the late reply. Not been on CAG enquiries for several weeks. I assume you've already been in touch with our Complaints area. If you still need to talk to them, you can email through the following link. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/residential-contact-us If you've a Complaint Resolution Manager, please add their name to the text and the email will be forwarded to them. This link also allows you to add attachments if necessary. Thanks bitemarx . Malc
  6. Hello thecookiemonster and I totally agree, no one should pay for electricity they haven’t used. There are a few things your posts suggest and hope you don’t mind if I ramble on a bit. Thank you for posting the meter readings from your online account. I can see we’ve actual readings recorded. Have we used these on your bills? If not, what readings have we used? You can see the bills on your online account and can print them off if this is better. My first thought is similar to ploddertom. Two rate Economy 7 meters are often fitted in all electric properties with storage heaters a
  7. Hello bitemarx and I agree with ericsbrother. Raise a formal complaint. As you asked for the SAR in the middle of January, it's not good enough you haven't heard back yet. There are details about raising complaints and how we look after them on our website at the following link. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/help-and-support/complaints I'm sorry we haven't responded. You should've heard within 30 days of your request and, as I say, it's not good enough that you're still waiting. Malc
  8. Afternoon everyone and just to let you know, we closed our 2018/19 Warm Home Discount scheme at 10am yesterday, 11 March 19 and will no longer take applications. We'll make payments to all successful applicants by Sunday, 31 March 19. Customers can register their interest for the 2019/20 scheme online through our website now. Details haven't been finalised yet and we're looking to let those registering know more by the end of the summer. Hope this is of interest. Malc
  9. Hello huggy41 and just replied to the other thread you mention above. Sorry for the delay replying. Malc
  10. Hello huggy41 and sorry for the late reply. Not been around CAG recently. I'm sorry we haven't sent a final bill despite having been given details of your move. You've done the right thing in going down our complaints route. I see the case has been referred to the Energy Ombudsman. We now must wait for their ruling. This decision will be binding on us but not on you leaving you free to go down other avenues if you wish. Should you accept the Ombudsman's verdict, we must implement their instructions in full within 28 days of the decision being made. Malc
  11. Hello HijoD and sorry for the late reply. I've not been around CAG for several weeks. I agree with BankFodder. This is a very serious claim and I'd encourage you to follow the advice given. It's very odd we've not responded to your complaint and I'd suggest escalating this to the next level and then to the Energy Ombudsman if you're not satisfied with the explanation. There's more about how to do this on our website. Ask the Complaint Manager about the SAR too. We take our responsibilities in looking after our customer's details very seriously. Must admit, I've not come acr
  12. Yes tobyjugg2, we do replace faulty In-Home Displays. What happens will depend on the type of display concerned. We’ve used several different makes and models since starting our smart meter rollout. Whatever the type, there’s currently no charge to replace faulty displays. Malc
  13. Hello levemir and I'm sorry your smart Pay As You Go meter developed a fault. I'm not technically trained so don't know what would've caused your meter to fail. We've a specialist smart Pay As You Go team who will be happy to give you more information (contact details are on our website). They'll also be able to talk to you about why we need to fit an older style Prepayment meter instead of a like-for-like smart meter. I agree, this does seem strange. The technology has changed since we first installed your smart meter and I suspect it's linked to that. Guessing here and could be co
  14. Sorry I wasn't clear renegadeimp. Customers don't need to call back. Where an SAR is required, please ask for this and the advisor will raise a Customer Rights request there and then. This will go to the ring-fenced team I mentioned who will sort it out within the timeframe I've outlined. This will be quicker and cheaper than before GDPR came in. Hope this explains a bit better renegadeimp and have a good weekend. Malc
  15. Hello everyone and just a quick heads up about our 2018/19 Warm Home Discount scheme. We’re planning to close the scheme to new applications on or around 31 January 2019. After 18 January 19, customers won’t be able to ask for paper applications. Online applications will still be available until the official closure date. If anyone thinks they’re eligible and hasn’t applied please do so as soon as possible. Online is quickest. All Broader Group (where customers need to apply) applications are handled on a first come, first served basis. Once we’ve reached our quota, we’ll close
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