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  1. Last week I rang my brother to help me with a bill from E.ON after receiving another letter demanding £55 for a visit and post through my letter box. I have mental health issues with a plate in my head from an accident as a child, I was ran over. I am on benefits and struggle to pay my bills, but I do pay them. My brother sent a letter to the CEO about these £55 letter drops for two of them. Then I was walking out the door yesterday when a woman who would only be named as Lauren from Field Debt Solutions. She said she was there to help me resolve this matter though it was not going to charge me another £55 for the visit. I rang my brother again who attended my flat with his wife. My brother explained to Lauren that I had not received a letter from EON stating a debt collector was going to attend. After a few words and being informed she was a third party interloper who was acting in fraud and demanding money with menace she stood up and walked out trying to hand me or my brother a letter at which point my brother said not to except from her. After she left I put my head into my hands and got upset and stressed out. I’m going to live in a tent in a field because I can’t cope with this I said to my brother in tears. His wife got on the phone to sort things out with EON who explained what was happening and my brother had no communication from EON about a debt collection agency being involved. My brother asked how much the bill was, which was £209.94p. My brother asked if he paid the bill, would an extra £55 be placed on the bill as this seem’s to be unlawful. The answer was no, and the bill was paid by my brother. Today I get a letter requesting £209.94p in the post. My brother said ring them up and explain the situation that the bill had been paid. I rang them and they knew nothing about it and still demanded the money and also told me there was another £55 to pay. Yesterday they told my brother £55 was for up-to 3 visits, yet today they tell me I have to pay £55 for another visit. I’m confused and distraught by the way this company is dealing with this matter and I do believe they are demanding money with menace. My brother is talking about making a small claims court issue for the 3X £55 (two have already been paid). He had advised me to visit the Citizens Advise Bureau, take all my letters with me. He said the mess I was in was having a TORT created against me. He also believes EON are not allowed to act as debt collectors or if a debt collection agency is using a letter heading with EON on the letter is fraud. My brother has mentioned the harassment and communications act, the fraud act. Today I rang EON back and kept requesting the complaints department and they refused to put me through saying this problem does not warrant them to be involved. My brother is now on the case to help me with legal action no matter the cost against EON and their CEO in Nottingham. Has anyone else suffered like this? Anyone got any advise? I’m really considering living in a tent in a field, I can’t take this any longer. regards DWiper
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