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  1. Hi, In answer to your question, Yes I am stating not saying that the debt does not belong to my O/H, we have disputed the alleged debt since 2006, requesting documented proof on numerous occasions but never produced. In 2008, a letter from [company 1] and their [solicitors 2] "LCS" [in house paralegals], re the alleged debt stated that the alleged debt was in fact a Credit Card from the Associates allegedly belonging to my O/H, the letter further stated they were in the process of informing their Solicitors "LCS" to take further court action unless payments were forthcomi
  2. obliterated final respose pg 1 (1).pdf (497.6 KB) obliterated final respose pg 2.pdf (380.6 KB)
  3. Hi, May 2006, we received a document from Land Registry, stating that an ICO had been applied for, and that a COPY of the ICO had been sent to them by the applicant should we wish to see it . Neither myself nor my O/ H were familiar with the Company or the Solicitors involved. We then received a letter from the solicitors acting on behalf of the Company, a few weeks later dated June 2006, upon reading the contents of the letter, we were disgusted to find that the alleged debt had already been before the courts on 3 separate occasions, without our knowledge. A FCO had bee
  4. Hi and sorry it was a long one.... I must state that whether the alleged debt " IS subject to a CCJ" it was obtained by deceit and an Abuse of CPR rules and practice directions, still withstands that all concerned have deceitfully conspired to defraud me of Monies , Property to which they are NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED, "No Original signed agreement" "therefore No Debt exists". Have enough evidence of the deceitful actions that the DCA's and their solicitors have colluded in order to Steal what is not rightfully theirs by the legislations governing "CCA 1974 Act" Consumer Law... 1] Ab
  5. Hi everyone, O/H has been made bankrupt for an alleged debt that he know nothing about. Quick Timeline oif Events.... May 2006... Alleged debt was 1st brought to his attention by way of a B136(CO) after an ICO was granted in April 2006, application to register a *Restriction against O/H's B.I. in our property *[Restriction = Solely owned debt on jointly owned property], it further stated that a Copy of the ICO had been sent to them by the applicant should He wish to see it. The B136(CO) was the first time the alleged debt was brought to his att
  6. Cai finance hit the scenes when 1st credit (finance) 5 Ltd went down, Companies House Web Check
  7. check this out SHARE Summary Director Summary Company Summary / Appointments [*]Accounts Key Financials Downloads Accounts Table [*]Credit Risk Risk Score Credit Limit Payment Data Key Factors [*]Charges Mortgages and Charges County Court Judgements [*]Directors Directors and Secretaries Employees [*]Structure Shareholders Ultimate Parent Company Subsidiaries [*]Documents Company Documents [*]Feedback Director Summary Director Overview Najib Nath
  8. Hi, just come across you dilema and dont know if this information would benefit you, daughter purchased a Toshiba latop from PC World and a few days after warranty ran out it developed a fault and stopped working, Daughter had a diagnostic on it and it stated that a chip had burnt out near the jackplug. PC World refused to even look at it cos of the warranty. It has no hard drive in it but remains in as new condition still in its original box, daughter was quite upset as she paid just under £700 for it. Then approximately 2 years ago I came upon this information, had alraedy had
  9. Hi, Had a new meter fitted by BG on Sunday 3/02/2008, had to ring BG 2days later as I had credited £19.00 to the meter and had used 103.56 kwh, was advised by BG to do a 7 day meter test, thid I did and rang the results into them, I phoned BG with a read out on the 13/02/2008, 10 days usage amounted to £55 accepted to meter and 421.33 kwh used. This equates to a daily amount of £5.50p per day and a usage of 42.13 kwh per day. After discussing fuel tariffs and prices with my daughter, and studying her bills and usage over the last year, I was shocked to see that her annual cost for
  10. Due to long standing issues with Eon in 2007, I decided to change my supplier I was already a customer with British Gas, contacted them re supplying my Electricity, told them that they were already supplying my gas by way of a pre-payment meter, and that my electricity was also by way of a pre-payment meter. I was told i would receive notification of a change over date within a few days,I had received a letter from BG a few weeks earlier regarding a new tariff they had introduced in March 2007 it was called the "Essentials Tariff" and upon satisfying certain conditions afaer receiving
  11. Also quite strange is that Mr Najib Nathoo ...... has at some time either been .A Director .. or.. Company Secretary of the following..... Bishops Investigations & Security Services Limited .................. Dissolved.. Delivery and Collection Services Ltd ................ Dissolved.. Edward James international (portfolio management) Limited ... Dissolved.. 1st Credit (management) limted .................. Dissolved.. 1st Credit (consulting) Limited ................. Dissolved...
  12. hi everyone, Can someone please tell me what the NIC requirements and the tax years to be used to claim Incap benefit, I would be most greatful for the information thanx in advance
  13. still on pursuit having had a disappointing result regarding the outcome from VOSA themselves, as to the punishment given to the garage, after having definately found that the van WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED A PROPER MOT ,, therefore having broken its contract, fraudulently issued an invalid MOT to the dangerous vehicle, and NOT requested to correct the faults or remedy the faults, Which I questioned the VOSA engineers as TO WHY REPORT THE INCIDENTS TO THEM WHEN NOTHING IS REQUESTED OF THEM TO RECTIFY the situation, why bother with VOSA at all, and after disclosing all the info to the police re the
  14. I have now got an annullment form from the court and propose to complete the form to the best of my ability, and state the reasons most impiortant to the annullment and take the documented proof by way of the original documents in my possession to Court first thing Tuesday morning, and see if someone can advise me further from there, and also to send copies of all the relevant paperwork from both companies to the Insolvency Practitioners, who im my opinion should have checked these inconsisitencies out before going ahead, but the initial blame in my opinion lies first and foremost with the O.
  15. I contacted Companies House about the companies involved, and it was explained that as each company have their own unique registered company no: then they are classed as 2 separate companies, but even if they were both as one, how can one of them make you bankrupt and the other attend 3 different court hearings without any knowledge to oneself, and without any agreement provided at the courts and now the same company are still requesting the outstanding balance 8 months + after bankruptcy by the other company ????? , and even after contacting the solicitor involved and the companies re:: CCA
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