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  1. Sorry, I've spent the day re-organising a young teens bedroom. Now THAT was like walking through treacle so my brain is fried. OK. I will just send it as it is then, with clarification of the name being wrong and the owner actually being me, followed by why I dispute it. Thanks for clarifying it all for me.
  2. Ah I see. So it's not now that the name becomes relevant, it's if and when he wins the claim. The acknowledgement of service has already been submitted with the incorrect name on it, as there was nowhere to change the name details that we could see and figured we would have to do this in the defence section. The defence is due in tomorrow at 4pm. So, should I complete the form or should my husband? I have completed the defence, having stated that the name is incorrect and why, and from then completed the form as me but not yet submitted. When it comes to submitting, it states my h
  3. Just wanted to add another question. If we proceed with the dispute as if it were the correct defendant, who should respond to it? My husband? citing his proper name, and stating that I am the owner/intended defendant, but that xyz are the reasons for dispute. Or me? stating the claim is intended for me and was sent to him in error then outlining the dispute reasons.
  4. yes, that's it. Sorry for being in the wrong section and for waffling. The defendant is listed as my husband, but with my maiden surname, so not actually his name either! He has no legal responsibility for the flat.
  5. I am the property owner of a 1st floor flat with one flat below. Had a water leak (fixed) and owner of the flat below has put in a claim for damage to his property. I bought the property before I was married under the name 'Miss Schroedingerscat'. My partner is on the deeds as an 'interested party' but I am the owner of property and mortgage. We got married, My husband is 'Mr Jon Pavlovthecat' and I took his surname. The owner of the flat downstairs should know that I am the owner, as the freehold is owned by both of us and obviously there was legal contact etc at the time of buyin
  6. Still not heard anything from either Lowell or the Court about this. So, fingers crossed it stays that way. As you say, no news is good news. Should I call the court to be sure it's been stayed? However, I now have received a Notice of Assignment from Lowell, for a different, but similar amount, implying this is a different debt, but it doesn't say what debt it is, just that they have now bought this debt from Halifax. Could they be now claiming to have just bought the same debt, so they can start the process again in court, with the 'correct' paperwork? Should I request a SAR for this n
  7. I guess they could have still sent the information to the court? On the last day of 28 days? And it's going to take some time I guess for this to be administered and letter sent to me with details of allocation?
  8. I haven't had a reply from the solicitor with any information, or anything else since the letter from the court. How long does it take for my defence to be sent to them from the time I put it in? I am wondering when the 28 days start from, as it's close now. It has already passed from the date of the letter to me, from the court. But that letter says 'serving' not 'served'. So, as I have heard nothing, what happens if the 28 days has passed? I still expect it's only a matter of time before I hear from them, trying to gather the paperwork they need (or the cynic in me says 'creating'
  9. I have received an acknowledgement form from court, telling me they are serving defence on claimant and that they have 28 days to reply. Also that they make attempt to resolve the dispute outside of court first. Yeah sure they will... As I said, I expect they will produce some paperwork, cobbled together, and from what I have read of them, they won't back down, so they will most definitely proceed with this. I am just going to run with it. Thanks for all your help so far, particularly Andy, and will be definitely coming back in a month or less with next steps advice!
  10. I am fully expecting they will produce some stuff, as I have read a few threads about their practice and dubiously constructed letters. I will be interested to see what date of assignment they give, in order to be able to actually contact me to notify of their ownership and giving me opportunity to pay, as they never sent one to me, and they state on the claim form they were assigned the debt around 2 weeks before the court claim date.
  11. And it is 'stayed' until they provide the information? I am learning so much. I never knew that I could ask for an stayed case to be unstayed myself, but I can can't I? I am saying that as an aside, as I had a builder mess up a build (which led to my financial ****) and I fired him, due to leaving my home dangerous and he refused to put it right in any proper and clear time. He started a claim against me out of spite for a made up sum, I counterclaimed, we had first hearing, experts were to be called, he didn't engage in that process and he didn't turn up to ne
  12. Sorry, one more thing before I send it for sure. Should I be adding something about the debt being enforceable until the information requested has been provided, or is that a given, seeing as they won't proceed without any paperwork from Lowell's solicitors?
  13. Brilliant Andy, that's great. I shall therefore, change as you have said and avoid anything suggesting partial admittance. I am going to register my defence in a moment. Later than planned. If the defence deadline falls on a 'Saturday', does that make the actual last day friday or monday? I only ask as I am cutting it fine for tomorrow, so if Monday then I know I have got it in with plenty of time.
  14. that's really useful to know. So, they sent you their defence papers the evening before the hearing - did they send them to the court before that, but not to you? So, from what you are saying I should contact the Court prior to the hearing regularly to check if they have the papers but they have not been sent to me?
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