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Income Tax rebate from HMRC for 2019 - 2020


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I am on ESA although I don't recieve any cash benefits as I am living with a partner who earns over the threshold. I stopped receiving payments in 2017 when I moved it with them. I do not work but am supported by my partner. I have a small amout of savings in my back and in premium bonds but less than £6000.


I am still getting my NI stamp paid by the government and my tax code is ESA500.


Today I received a check from HMRC for just under £500 for the year 2019 - 2020, from the Pay As You Earn, Senior Manager. While its nice and I could do with the money, I did earn or return any self assesment forms for the financial year 2019 - 2020. In 2018 I did apply for PPI repayment (hence my savings). I'm pretty sure I claimed tax back on those payments but that is the only money I've had come in in years that might have been taxed.


The letter says that a breakdown will be sent seperately so I suppose I will find out more then.


I think the letter and check is genuine but I'm worried it could be some sort of scam? Has anyone heard of this happening or have any idea if the repayment could be due to a scam? I won't bank the check until I can determine if this is genuine and actually due to me.

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Thanks, I don't think that the letter is a scam or fake but wonder if this has been claimed by someone else, fraudulently. I suppose I won't really know until I get the rest of the breakdown but I don't see how I'm due a tax rebate for money I've not earned unless it is to do with the ppi I recieved.

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