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  1. This is the back story, please scroll down for the question on the chargeback, thank you. In october I purchased with my Mastercard a new apple ipad air 4 from apple. At the same time I bought an apple pencil from amazon. Unfortunately within a few weeks of use I realised the apple pencil was defective and had damaged my new ipad (its a known issue with users but apple don't formally acknowledge it which is typical for them) I spoke to apple on an online chat, sent images and they agreed online to replace both products. I had to go to an apple store to do this but was assured I would get the swap. When I got to the shop they disputed the online decision but agreed to return and refund the full cost of the ipad as they could not provide me with a replacement unit due to no stock. I was told that the funds would be back on my card in a few days and that I could go ahead and just buy another ipad from another retailer if I could find one as they were fast selling out. I did this fully expecting my refund to go through within the week. That was on the 29th of Novemeber. They told me to return the pencil to amazon, who refunded me straight away. After a week and no refund I contacted apple who told me the shop had made an error in how they put my refund through, I was transferred to the store who told me they are unable put the refund through again and they had to pass it to their financial team. I was then told I would have the money in 10 days but probably much sooner. Well it was 10 days yesterday and still no refund, I called apple again who advised that it was actually 10 working days I had to wait (so the 22nd of Dec) and that their was nothing they could do, they told me they could not give me any update or contect me to the finance team. I have been waiting nearly three weeks for my refund now and I have little faith it will actually show up by next tuesday and then if it doesn't all they will do is escalate it to finance again and I'll have to wait another working days for them to sort it out. Chargeback Query? Somebody mentioned that I might be able to do a chargeback on my credit card to get the money back from apple but I am not sure if this is possible. Apple took payment of £579.00 on October the 18th when I pre-ordered my ipad, so perhaps that is too long ago? I have the receipt apple gave me when they returned the ipad with the amount that was due to be refunded and a copy of the transcript for the chat where apple initially agreed to replace both products, although that never happened in the end due to low stock. Do you think I could do a charge back for this case? If so how would I go about it, do I just call my credit card provider? Also should I give apple till Tuesday to actually refund my money or do I just start the chargeback now if possible?
  2. We have a neighbour who often orders things online, they are then delivered when they are out at work and usually the delivery drivers knock on my door. I feel sorry for the delivery drivers because I know they have a tough job so usually take the parcels in. They then have me sign little computer screen and leave a card for my neighbour and either they come to collect it or I will drop it round to them. However I have just been told that by signing for the delivery I could be leaving myself open to legal action if the item in the parcel turns out to be damaged or defective as when I sign I am effectively accepting the goods as they are and signing away my neighbours rights. If they are not happy they could potentially then take me to court. Unlikely I know but still a possibility. Should I be signing for my neighbours parcels? It seems to me a helpful thing to do but I could see that a neighbour might be annoyed if I did sign for a defective item? Could I still take an item in with out signing for it and just giving my name and address? Or is it unlikely that the mail order shop would ever say well its been signed for so no refund even if it is damaged?
  3. In about 2003 I bought a digital camera from a high street electrical shop on hire purchase. The finance was provided by a company called Halifax Cetelem. I think they are gone now but that their affairs are looked after by Barclays Partner Finance. I wrote to Barclays Partner Finance about PPI on this old HP loan but they have written back saying they can't local an account in my name. I am not sure where to go with this now. Did any other company's take over old Halifax Cetelem accounts? I did read online that some people have been successful in claiming from barclays partner finance but they seemed to have old copies of their loan agreement which I unfortunately don't have. Anything I can do?
  4. Last week I posted out a SAR (with previous addresses) to Halifax and I gave them an account / reference number which I believe was part of a hire purchase agreement dating from 2003. Today I have received a letter from their archive team saying they cannot find anything in my name and asking for additional information. I called them to find out more details and they repeated the same information that essentially they have nothing on me at all. I have already used the Halifax PPI checker and received text messages with a reference code for my PPI complaint. I have had problems with this side of things also as they sent me a text 2 weeks ago asking me to hurry up and return the questionnaire to them however they had not sent me any acknowledgment letter or questionaire . I called them then and they said they would post that out to me asap . I still have not got that and called again today and they assure me this time that this is in the post to me now. I just feel very much like I am being fobbed off and messed around by Halifax at the moment and also if the SAR team can find no details on me then it seems likely that I will get nowhere with my PPI complaint either. Does anyone have any advise of where I can go now? Could my banking details still be linked to the other banks Halifax used to be involved with? Right now I feel like complaining to the FOS about how useless they are full stop. Any PPI I might be due back from this is not that much but it does just annoy me at how useless they are being, Halifax and Capital one have so far been the worst! I sent out all my SAR's last week so far I have two letters acknowledging the SAR in some way. Will I receive an acknowledgment letter from all the banks I have sent SAR's to or is this not required? Just I wouldn't want to get 40 days down the line and find out some were saying they never received the SAR at all!
  5. Thanks for getting back to me dx100uk. I saw the stickie but it had quite a few different addresses so wasn't sure which one. In the end I called barclaycard direct and they told me to send it to: DSAR (Barclaycard) 51 Saffron Rd Leicester LE18 4US I am also sending a SAR to EGG regarding other loans I had, I will amend the letter to reqest any other information regarding my old credit card with them, even though they now say barclays has it and barclays seem to be dealing with my complaint. Thanks again.
  6. I want to send a SAR to barclays about an old egg card I had which they now own. The address I have is: Barclaycard Customer Relations Dept PO Box 9131 51 Saffron Rd Leicester LE18 9DE Is this the correct address to send the SAR? Many thanks!
  7. Thank you both for your replies. I will take on board what you both have said and amend my SAR letters before posting them so that they are not limited in terms of time. I don't have accounts numbers for all the banks as some of these accounts are old but will just put all accounts where this is the case. Yes I think I am probably giving the banks too much credit or benefit of the doubt when I know they will most likely do what they can to refuse my claim. I do feel that the banks ruthlessly exploited me as a young person to such a degree I got in a terrible mess financially at a very young age. For this reason I couldn't bear to think about complaining about PPI for many years because it brought back such an awful time in my life. Anyway I am doing it now! Thank you for the advice about charges and what they would class as repetitive. Hopefully I will not need to make a complaint about delays but if they do delay I will do so. Thank you both again.
  8. I am in the process of preparing and sending out SAR's to 5 different banks who I believe miss sold me PPI. In some of the banks the complaints process is underway already but I just wanted the information they had to see for myself and to use if my complaint has to go to the FOS. I have pretty much just used the template as is putting in my and the banks details and any account referance information I had or just "all accounts" and the dates I believe to be relevent i.e. 2000 - 2018 as I had no credit before that date. I also put in my previous address and my DOB. Other than that I have just used the template as provided, is this ok? The template is worded quite strongly which I feel a bit bad about but then the banks would have no hesitation at threatening us so perhaps I should feel ok about it. Also there is the question of fees, the SAR itself is now free but the banks can issue charges if they decide your request is excessive. This worries me as I don't want to be hit with a bill I can't afford to pay. Is this likely and if so will they let me know before they carry out any data retrival I would have to pay for? Any advice on these matters would be great.
  9. I am currently checking all my old accounts for PPI. After receiving advice on here I intend to send SAR's to all the banks I had credit cards and loans with. Currently the SAR request template is unavailable here while we wait for the requests to become free on the 25th of this month. I am trying to prepare myself for mailing these requests out but I have a couple of questions. 1. I had two storecards Debenhams & dorothy Perkins which seem to be owned by Santander do I have to request information about both these accounts on seperate letters or can I just submit a single SAR to Santander about both / all accounts I had with them? 2. Would it be prudent to post all SARs recorded delivery? 3. The new legislation comes in on the 25th of May should I wait until the 25th of May before posting my SARs to them or will it be free as long as they arrive on or after the 25th? 4. I saw on a post under the template that it was a good idea to include a copy of your C Tax form to prove identity, is that still the case? Thank you very much for reading my query and any answers you can give!
  10. Do you mean that I should fill out the FOS Questionaire and send it directly to the bank in question rather than use their own forms etc?
  11. Ok I will see if they get back to me regarding PPI checker results in the next week or so and then send a SAR to them all after the 25th and I can see the new process. Once I have all the information I will see if I can find a letter template for complaining on here and go ahead with my complaint in writing.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I have only used this forum to check if PPI was on the account: https://www.halifax.co.uk/contactus/how-to-complain/ppi-info/ppi-check-form/ I also used a similer form for my old Egg CC and Loan on the citibank (canada sq) site. https://www.citibank.co.uk/personal/ppicheckerform-egg.do Have I damaged my chances by using these online forms? I only wanted to check the status of the PPI not officially start my PPI complaint yet. I see that SARs should be free after the 25th of May so will send them out then. I will take a look at the FOS Questionnaire, it actually says that the FOS shouldn't be used until you have exhausted the banks own process for complaining and have your final letter from the bank, please could you advise why I should not use the banks forms?
  13. Recently I came across some old account numbers and decided to check if any might have had PPI on them and if I might be able to claim anything on them prior to the deadline next year. As I have no details other than the banks referance numbers I filled in the PPI Checker on the Halifax site where one of the account numbers was from. I few days passed and I got a text this morning from Halifax saying "Felix, Thank you for your PPI Complaint, We'll communicate with you via SMS during the course of your complaint" Now all I have done is check to see if I had PPI, I haven't made an actual complaint yet. Is this text just what they send out when they are checking if you even had PPI or does it look like they have found PPI on my old account and have auto opened a complaint? Also I have heard that Banks may phone you up to ask you questions about your claim. I have Dyspraxia and would feel more comfortable being able to read questions carefully and think about my answers and put them in writing. Would I be within my rights to request any questions be put in writing?
  14. Thank you for that information Bankfodder, I will wait until I get my refund before looking for a new rug. I might be visiting London in the new year so would be able to drop into his shop then. I have spoke to the shop this moring and they have agreed to send someone out to collect the rug which is great. I found the information I recieved on this site very useful for dealing with this issue so thank you to everyone who replied and especially to Bankfodder.
  15. Thank you for your reply BanlFodder, yes that is the correct company modern-rugs.co.uk. Thank you for the detailed information you have provided. I think you are correct, I do just need to send it back and get my refund. I have considered refusing to pay for the return delivery but I would be very worried that once the 14 day return period elapsed they would simply refuse any refund. I will do as you say and return the item asap and try to recover my money including the delivery charge, I will read up on the small claims proccedure. Would involving trading standards be of any help I wonder? Anyway thank you again for your help. Oh and no I am not in London at this time but living in Scotland.
  16. The rug was machine made with propylene, it cost about £80 so not an expensive rug! So I wouldn't think there is anyreason for it not to be the same.
  17. Trying to upload a pdf here the top rug the the same image on the website and the bottom two are of my rug. First attempt to load images failed am trying again now. The first image is the rug as it appeared on the website and the second is the rug I was sent . The colours of the two rugs are quite different. rugs.pdf rug shop.pdf rug sent.pdf
  18. I bought a rug from modern rugs last week. It arrived yesterday and while the pattern is the same, the colour of the rug is different. I have looked at their returns policy and they say they will refund the money if we send the rug back within 2 weeks at our own expense. It is a 116 x 170 rug and will be expensive to send back and as they sent a product that was not as advertised I do not feel I should have to pay the return costs. Does anyone know what rights I may have buying something online that does not match the pictures in the online shop?
  19. I am moving in with my partner this evening and need to inform the DWP. My partner earns over the limit for benefits so I expect to lose all of my income related ESA. My partner knows this and is happy to support me, currently me health has not improved since my last assessment. How best should I inform the DWP of my move, should I call or write a letter? I last had a payment yesterday, will I need to repay any of that or will I be safe to spend it as needed? Will moving in with my partner trigger a reassessment of my ESA? I will not recieve any benefit money but I believe my stamp will still be covered as long as I am considered too ill to work. When I inform the DWP of my move will they investigate us? My partner bought this property last year and has spent the past 6 months renovating it. My partner only moved in just over a week ago. Prior to moving into this house together we have never lived together before but have lived in seperate towns with our parents and family. We haven't registered with new doctors or informed our banks yet of this change of address. We have been seeing each other for a number of years though and we met before I fell ill. In addition I have about £2000 in a savings account which is mostly from money I recived in ESA over the past couple of years. Will I be able to keep this or do I need to return it to the DWP? Thank you for your help with my questions!
  20. Thank you both for your reply about my savings that is very helpful and reassuring. Thank you also Shoelover for your good wishes, I hope so to! Best wishes to you both!
  21. I am curently on ESA in the Support Group. I have not recovered but will be shortly moving in with a partner who earns too much for me to keep my benefit which is income related. I have about £1000 saved up in my account which has been saved from my benefit payments over the years as well as some gifts from family. When I contact the DWP to inform them of the change in my circumstances and they stop payments will have to pay them back the money I have saved up if it is unspent benefits?
  22. Hello, I am posting here to see if I can get some advice regarding employment and support allowance. My history is that I currently recieve ESA in the support group and have been on this benefit for four years now with 3 reassessments including my first in 2012. Twice I was placed in the support group after a WCA but after my second assessment I was initially told over the phone I would not get any benefit. I asked the DWP on that call to reconsider and about an hour later they called back telling me I was again in the support group. I am now waiting to find out about my next assessment for ESA and I have some questions. Firstly does anyone know how likely it is that after 4 years in the support group it will be that they can remove the benefit from me? My condition can in some cases improve but in my case it has not and I still attend the hospital regularly 2 or 3 times a year and I am awaiting a further referral. Surely it would be very difficult for the dwp to remove me from a benefit they previously agreed I was entitled to? Also if I am called to a face to face assessment I will not be able to take anyone with me I don't think which I have done in the past, I will be able to get a lift to and from the centre but nobody is free in the day anymore to come in with me. Will not having a companion at the wca be bad for my claim? My last question is on the new esa50 the say not to send any appointment letters. I feel I should send them copies of my appointment letters as it lets them see that I am still being seen regularly by the hospital and have been for some time. I don't have any reports to send and feel it is important to send something. What should I do?
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