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  1. Not sure if this right space to post. Am i right in reading and thinking the following; Ok, if you recieve carers allowance all £68+ of it. if you are working part time, that is fine, you can earn £132 after deductions. Both need to be entered on Tax forms and noted on working tax credit forms. If you no longer are employed; apply for UC as carer with allowance, possibly £334.91 monthly UC, but the allowance £68 is deducted from this amount. As full time carer doing over 35hrs a week, you will not be required to look for or take on work. NI is paid through the carers allowance. If employment ends, do you still get working tax credits as full time carer with allowance or does this end. Am I right in the above. I know its a mouthfull but need to get all my info and details right before making or having to make applications thanks
  2. @Badtimes123 Thank you for your help and time. Currently, working for retail store, grocery and non food. Flexible Contract, 5 days of 24 hrs minus breaks. - As I am now a family unpaid, full time carer due to the caring needs of the one I am caring for, Thur, Frid, is not possible and I dont work weekends. - One practical suggestion for me to retain employment, is Mon, Tue, Wed , AM, but only up to 14hrs minus breaks. To do more than this would affect the one I am caring for and lose CA. - Composing letter this week referring to the above, then seeking guidance on this
  3. thankyou @dx100uk - NI query sorted so am i right in thinking for next 4 years till I retire, If im not working for whatever reason, I recieve the CA and NI paid to go towards state pension. - My C/A isnt taken from the UC or PIP the other person gets. I did speak to the UC department some months ago, they sent a letter explaining this. But if I apply for UC myself they may take it from mine, I think. I have an awful lot of things to sort out.
  4. hy thanks for info. 2 issues, 1 is my employment, application to reduce contract and hrs due to my being full time family carer un paid. I believe there is a govt note of legally being able to put an application for reduction of hrs and contract [they don't legally have to approve it] as long as I dont resign or quit, it will be them who will have to say bye bye or terminate I think, but the caring part should be a good argument rather than me give up just over 10 years service - this part is what I need help and advice on please 2 is about the carers allowance finance which you have touched on Many thanks, have until end of june 2022 to say what I am doing, but I need to get a letter and application form done and sent in in the next week or so
  5. It isnt a great thing to have to worry about all these things. I am sure someone on this site will offer some great advice. Priority debts need to be sorted first; Rent/Mortgage, Council Tax, Utility - Dont quote me as I do not know the legal points around this; but Overdrafts, catalouge, card debts are not priority. I would sit down and work out exactly what your priority debts and living costs are, deduct from your income. Look at all your cards, loans overdrafts etc, list them all, starting from the highest interest charging ones, think what and which ones to work out a realistic monthly payment, dont overpay what you cant afford. I would consider not using the cards etc, as you will be adding to your debt and problems. I would contact someone Like Stepchange or Citizens advice, they will offer you some very good advice and ways of contacting your companies you have debt with. Dont be afraid of your debt companies, write to the fully explaining situation and what you can realistically offer, do not be preasurised into paying more than you can I personally prefer contact by post or e mail rather than telephone. Ive no idea what Factor, Monzo is, but may well fall in line with what Ive said. Keep a note in a diary of every call you made or who contacted you, ask for names, keep and copy all letters to and from as this may be helpfull further down the line for record keeping. Do not ignore contact as this just adds more stress for you and the problem wont go away. Make sure you make your affordable monthly payments, every month, even if they say we wont accept it, its to low. As you have a lot of stress going on, I would certainly contact someone like Stepchange or Citizens advice, Good luck
  6. Hy. Caring for family adult learning disability; full time, currently unpaid from work, unpaid carer - receive weekly carers allowance This is what I have searched on so far; - can only receive from employment £132 a week, after Tax, NI, deductions in all about £201.00 a week, but this is taxable and needs to be entered on tax submission, but if less than personal allowance then no tax may be paid? - I believe NI is paid as long as you get the carers allowance, although gap between break in employment and start of carers allowance may not be? -Should employment end due to company not happy in change of hrs and I have to leave, then only the carers allowance would for be the income, If UC is applied for would this allowance be deducted from what UC give or the person I cared for be affected - Savings may affect if you get UC or not - Certainly cant be available for looking for work as full time carer anyone have any points, help or advice on this issue please
  7. hy, In a nutshell; - current contract work part time Mon to Fri 24 hrs - Unpaid year off break to become family member full time carer - Need to either go back to work at end of next month, start of July or leave - Application for Transfer was turned down - Letter to go in this week with a application form to request change of contract, hrs, days so that I can look after family member - change requested will be work mon, tues, wed but not more than 13.5hrs or 14, then breaks deducted to stay within legal earnings limit as carers allowance is recieved - it is not possible to work thur, fri sat, sun due to care needs and travelling for adult disabled family member ok; Ive done a bit of digging, I can send application for reduction of the hrs and contract which i think the govt said I can legally do. Doesnt mean the company has to be bound legally by it. It may be that it isnt suitible and there for ask me to resign. Or they may agree! Or terminate my employment. But as I am a full time family carer for a family member within the same household, I should have a good case to argue. Does anyone have any further knowledge or experince of this to advice me, what legal or other rights, but if I quit or asked to quit, would claiming benefits as such be suspended for quiting a job, thanks
  8. @mantis shrimp thank you, your input and advice is very much appreciated. I really wish we were not in this position, but we are.
  9. thank you @ mantis shrimp. Yes I understand I manage it all, in his best interest as I do as Apointee for DWP. I dont do anything unless we have had a very good talk and explained why something has to be done or if he wants to do something, Ill explain yes you can do that or no I wouldnt advise that. Eg, when he wanted to give some ornamental objects to people and to charity shop, he said you can sort it. I explained it doesnt belong to me, Its all yours, but Ill help you do what you want to do. Again it was a Yes you can, or no you cant with full explanation.
  10. Hy so sorry indeed. Made a complete hash of things. You do not need to apologise, @mantis shrimp I was trying to put it into a scenario, that I didnt have to say who we were, in case other people read it and thought my brother was loaded. To start, Dad died, two sons left. Me and brother. My brother was reliant on my father for 45 years, lived with mum and dad. Last year I had to leave my family and work, unpaid leave. To come or go up north to look after him. Physichally he is ok, he does have understanding, issues like this, i explain very carefully and simply as I can and other more important issues. We have spoke about the DOV and the issues surrounding it. He has always said for many years that mum and dad should have left the home to me or us. But I guess they just thought it was somewhere for him to live. We are both Executors and Trustee, Probate has confirmed this. However as you have said, all it does apart from being a beneficiary for specific legacies, is made me a kind of manager of everything for brother. I own everything, but all belongs to brother. He wants to ensure that when we do move up to care for him at least I have security in home and wont get kicked out. I hope this clarifies the situation now, sorry for my clumsy way of trying to get this across. But I do value your input or anyone elsses, has some help is better than no help. And £1000 to £2000 cost is a lot when it could go to much needed repairs.
  11. I agree. That is why, exact drafting of DOV taking into account of wording. However both parties are in full agreement, so time would be reduced, no sticky bits to sort. With support, advice and help, it may well be possible to do, without full Legal input. I will look at the forms. templates etc. to see if this is an easy option. Even just getting everything printed, signed sorted , then seeing a solicitor. Further research, phone calls to be made.
  12. Thanks for all the help. 1] First port of call, see a solicitor/legal advice. Try for 30 mins free bit. 2] Im glad you mentioned Deed of Variation. From my research into this, am I right in thinking, that the person who owns the property, can decide they want to share the property with someone who they want to benefit for as though it had been re written in the will in the first place. 3] Time scale, has to be done within 2 years of date of death. It takes 2 to 4 weeks, as its prety much straight forward , no complications. all in agreement to sign. It does mean between £1000 and £2000 + VAT. [using solicitors] 4]It can be done without legal drafts, but wording, preperation needs to be legally water tight. It can not be undone or changed once it has been done. Has anyone any thoughts on this or any experience or knowledge in, prep and drafting a DOV any help appreciated many thanks
  13. sorry about posts as I was getting myself all confused with things and just wanted a clear start to get help.
  14. Hy, can anyone help with the following please; Property as in home. From my understanding of the following. 1] The appointment of named people as Executors and Trustees of the will, are the ones to sort out the wishes of the will and to make sure the wishes are done. so for example; Fred and Flora surviving son and daughter of Gilbert the father who died. Fred acts as main executor and Trustee as Fred has learning disability issues. 2] I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all my real and personal estate of whatsover..........to my Trustees upon trust to sell call in etc....... "real estate" means home. So is it my understanding that Gilberts home, now belongs to both Fred and Flora as both are the Trustees, as stated in sec 1. Furthermore if both the trustees wanted to sell the property they can do so. 3] MY TRUSTEES shall hold the net proceeds of such sale........ a] Upon trust to pay thereout all my just debts, legacies, funeral .... expenses b] Upon trust absalutely for my wife..... [she died before the dad] c] Upon trust absolutely for my daughter Flora Can I assume that this is referring to a pecking order for surving family members to sort out issues in sec 1 and 2. So, back to the property, Probate has been granted and Fred and Flo are the legal executors of the will. Overall does the property belong legally to both Fred and Flora to live in now. As being the trustees, they hold or have possession of the legal title to it. Or looking at sec 3, Does the property only belong to Flora? and not Fred. Note; a] If property belongs to Flora only and in the future, is placed into care, the council will take the property, sell it, use the money to pay towards care, Flora will have some of it. b] If property belongs to both Fred and Flora, then legally I dont think the council can take the property then to sell and pay towards the care, as Fred has to live there and I wouldnt think making him homeless is a good thing Anyone have any notes or points of fact for me please. Many thanks
  15. Thats another question, problem I have is At present the home is in dads name [deceased] I haven't changed the title deeds yet, i have the will, I think it may be left to my brother, but it says to my trustees as named in first part, well that is me, brother and mum, but she passed long before dad, further down it says something like personal and real estate, to brother? My brother does not want to leave family home he's lived in all his life, neither do we. I am prepared to look after him by moving up there with him, that is what he wants, i am not turning my back on him and the SW ends up putting him in care and taking the property
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