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  1. HY wont be on line for few days, cant have internet up north. Ive doen some researching. In dads will the property is left in trust to brother. also if dad is less than 52 errkd in care home its classed as temp. yes he will have to pay full costs. But as his son got to live in home, then am I right in saying I do not need to put the home as part of dads caotal for financial assesment. this willbe done 17 may so need to get facts right. hope to get POA weekend if not game over.
  2. thats what Im waiting for, hes been in home 2 weeks, a SW was contacting the home as they dont visit, no reply from them yet. waiting to find out who allocated SW is. he ha sonly 4 weeks left, then after that will have to pay full costs, it will eat into the money/inheritence, but also have to have SW visit and asses home and brother before they think of sending him home forgot to ask, did you get POA or LPA then, with the SW helping
  3. hy, im northamptonshire, family are in Hartlepool area up North. I spoke to Age uk, need to ring tommorow to speak to specialist. Deputyship, well Ive exhausted this option, made loads of notes, its not financially possible, it really is hundreds and hundreds if not into thousands to, apply, hearing, asses, anual fees its just stupid. Im still waiting for the named person who will be dads allocated community social worker. Im still waiting for assesment? 4 weeks left then weekly costs of over £1000 a week will have to be paid by dad. Im visiting him next week. 30 min
  4. help please. not sure if this is right place to post. any advice ; Elderly father in early 80s, doesnt fully understand, cant reason or think ar acknowlege in relation to financial and household affairs. after weeks in hospital due to stroke, now 2 weeks in care home for assesment etc. I need to be able to sort his DWP, bills, repairs at his home etc, what do I do. POA may be to late if he has to agrre to one before starting, Deputy may be, but its seems a long and tricky process, need something done noe especially within 4 weeks.
  5. ok keep fingers crossed that when get stick, it sorts itself. if not then exchange? it is TESCO product support team dealing and not SHARP direct. its a SHARP AQUOS 32 inch Smart HD
  6. HY, that is what the man from tesco product support said, will send USB for us to plug in and sort. But point is, if it was faulty at start, then we shouldnt have it. You buy something new and dont expect to develop faults? or are we being unreasonable. If it doesnt fix problem after this, we paid for a TV that in essence is faulty?
  7. Hy, Purchased a New Smart SHARP TV start of Feb 2021. Over the last month or so, It kept knocking out channels, had to keep retuning, switching off when it wanted. The last few weeks its been at least 3 or 4 times a week and in some cases twice a day. It was purchased from TESCO. Took back today, they wouldn`t take it as it was over 30 days. Had to phone the number on receipt. Told to take it home, set it up and phone them. They said it was corrupted software, they contacted SHARP. Have to wait for a new stick to put in TV and
  8. it has been decided, to use there rental for the next few months or so. This will allow more money to be saved towards a better one. But settlement will be reduced it seems and the costs of removal has to come out of it.
  9. hy insurance is still on going, and its not new for old. Its not our fault it happened it was the tree, and out of the whole row of them, odd only 1 single one broke. there will be no new caravan, not enough money for that. we cant use the site, as the damaged one is on it. They wont put an old one on it, im certain, if they did, then we would have to pay installing costs we cant afford it. they have offered the rental one else where so will use this for now.
  10. just to say, it only covers the 1st month. after that we pay. for 11 months as off site for 1 month. what is so annoying is, we paid site fees up to Jan 2021. Oct to Jan so at least 3 months about £1300, which I think should be refunded as, the caravan cant be used. no gas. no electric. not habitable. But it seems the park wont be refunding any of it.
  11. hy, as we can not use the van it is a write off. at moment in rental, which is what will doing say for the next 12 mths or so. To reasses options. however paying rent and having already paid for the site fees for the year, I do think they should at least refund from october to Jan part we cant and wont be using. Just found out now, they wont be refunding that part. so in effect paying twice for next few months. Dont think that is fair? any advice
  12. all i have is the photos of the tree, and its remaining stump, took loads the next morning, when we could get back, took loads of the tree when the tree surgeon chopped it up. but as you say it seems pointless. But i do think they should refund the remasining months of pitch fees that we already paid, for the months say oct to jan that we arnt able to use. any advice on this.
  13. well to reply to above two comments. I understand about the 2nd person not getting hurt, but nearly. However, if they had died or were seriously matter, then i guess the park owners would be different. I sustained minor cuts, grazes, which I took photos of and informed security who arrived within minutes, cant fault them for that. I think they should have done more for us than just 1 week free rent? after losing our holliday home.the backs of the caravans are lined with trees, non of them cam down except this one. no other treese around the van rows came down. I think the tree was week or poor
  14. hy many thanks. There is a lot going on and endless amounts of time on phone. Insures are in process. My understanding is that insurers may well cover the cost of disconect, removal,scrapage, about £1,000, but from what ive been told it will come out off the final settlement figure recieved, which will reduce amount. But in short term untill its all sorted insurance wise. 1 week free, is about as good as it gets. the minor injuries recieved will heal. the emotional distress that someone could have died had they been in that bedroom at the time, will eventually fade away, and life plods on. st
  15. hy took lots of pictures. the tree did look a bit brown in middle, after tree surgeon cut the rest back and chopped up the fallen part, it did look a bit orange , should have kept a piece, but it had all gone when i went back. The remaining part still standing about 15ft of it. to high for me to see middle. [they hadnt been pruned or cut for about 6 years. so on a moral ground injuries recieved although slight. and the fact if someone was asleep in that room when it came down, could have died or badly hurt. the best outcome is, 1 week free. as compensation , the van is a right off, no elec
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