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  1. The form you completed is unlikely to have gone direct to an insurance company. Usual practice is that the form is used to notify accidents to the council's internal Insurance department. So contact the council's insurance manager and ask them what has happened to your claim. Contact info should be on their website, if not phone the general enquiries number and ask who it is. BTW the forms are often just to report an accident, not to make a legal liability claim against the council. Having an accident at a council leisure centre doesn't automatically make the council at fault or entitle your wife to compensation.
  2. So it's clear what happened. You unwittingly posted it to the Safety Camera Unit without a valid stamp. Presumably they have a policy of refusing to accept unstamped mail (otherwise they would have to pay to receive it). They refused it 12.12.23 so the delay in returning it to you is entirely down to Royal Mail, not the Safety Camera Unit. Wait for @Man in the middle to come back with further advice.
  3. I am having difficulty reading the downloads, I'm on mobile with poor reception. Are any of them the envelope that was returned by Royal Mail? If so does it show that you had put a stamp on it for the correct postage? I am wondering whether it was refused because it was posted with no stamp or insufficient postage or using the old stamps with no barcode that are no longer valid.
  4. Banks have different limits above which they require Probate. So it may be Probate is not needed, although as he died with no Will that could complicate things. Is all the £28k with Virgin Money? Your wife should contact all banks who hold his money with the death certificate and ask them what they need to release the funds to her. Most banks have a central "bereavement department". Check their websites. Use that department rather than general call centre or bank branch if they have one. Nearly every bank website has a section on "what to do when a customer dies" so have a search for that. Your wife may also have to provide evidence that she is his daughter. When his wife died it sounds like they had a joint bank account so that's why her money just went across to him. But as it isn't a joint account now transfer to your wife won't be quite that simple.
  5. Did your FiL leave a Will and if so who is the Executor? Strictly speaking banks could refuse to take instructions until Probate is granted but In practice I would expect the bank to take instructions to cancel the DD if the Executor presents the death certificate and a certified copy of the Will
  6. I took it that bobandi is confirming what I asked in post #101 - domestic abuse by "financial coercive control", an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2015 s76.
  7. bobandi, Has your Ex made a domestic abuse/violence allegation about you to police, specifically that she believes she is a victim of financial coercive control by you (as defined in the Domestic Abuse Act)? Are you currently awaiting a CPS charging decision, presumably under the Serious Crime Act 2015 or similar? You said earlier that you are expecting a decision on whether to charge you this week or next. If this is your position I assume you are on police bail. If so is it a bail condition that you do not contact your Ex? So can't ask her what her debts are? To avoid any misunderstanding on this thread, I am not making any judgements about what has happened or whether the allegations are true - you have already said that in your view they are not true. I am trying to understand why your solicitor and the police might be saying such things to you.
  8. I have never heard of any such law. Please post a link to what you have read online that explains this law. And please confirm whether you were ever married to or in a formal Civil Partnership with your Ex.
  9. Every post of yours brings a pile of new information but little by way of explanation. It's like trying to put together a jigsaw with half the pieces missing. I cannot, for example, envisage any circumstances where a creditor tells you in writing that you aren't liable for a bill but your solicitor and the police tell you that you have to pay it anyway. All I can say to you is that you have to keep making clear to everyone concerned that there is no point in them keep telling you that you have to pay your Ex's bills when you don't know what they are or the account details. And that your Ex won't tell you.
  10. In the earlier thread (now linked above) you were going to change your name by Deed Poll. Did you do that? Did it solve any of your problems? What, exactly, have you been charged with? Has a court date been scheduled? I cannot think of any reason why the police would tell you to pay your Ex's debts that she incurred 5 years before you met her. Either there's lots of the story you aren't telling us, or you have misunderstood what you have been told, or you are trolling us. Earlier you said it was your Ex who wanted you to pay her debts and, for some reason that no-one here could understand, you were going to do so. So your Ex can give you all the details of her debts and you can pay them. She can hardly expect you to pay them if she won't give you the account details! I've never known debt collectors be fussy about who pays as long as someone does. They routinely take payments from friends and family to clear debts. It's not illegal to pay someone else's debts
  11. The offence isn't only about driving it's about holding a phone at all. This is the gov.uk explanation. Are you certain your use fell within the exemption? Was your engine running? It sounds like you were still on the road, you hadn't left the road and gone to a parking area. https://www.gov.uk/using-mobile-phones-when-driving-the-law Tagging @Man in the middle
  12. You apparently don't even know if there was. CCJ so I wouldn't worry about it. And if there had been a CCJ why might it not have been enforced up to now? You are right that if the CCJ exists it is possible for a debtor (not a debt collector unless they have bought the debt) to apply for a court order to enforce after six years but this would be very hard for them to get. I can't remember when I last saw a successful case of this happening although it does happen from time to time. They would have to show exceptional circumstances why they had not enforced before. eg you had been out of the country ever since and only just returned. They would apply to the court under CPR rule 83.2. That requires them to "identify" the debt but doesn't define how. That would be up to the judge. I'm not a lawyer and I can't tell you if any court cases have decided what "identify" means but I'd expect the judge to want to see the original CCJ. Unless there's a back story here that you haven't told us I can't see you have anything to worry about.
  13. I had some contact with this company earlier in my working life but I'm afraid there's not a lot I can suggest that you haven't already done. During your grandfather's time British Celanese was a subsidiary of Courtaulds. Courtaulds was subsequently (after your grandfather had stopped working there) acquired by Alzo Nobel. They in turn closed down the Spondon site and sold it. I have no idea what the number is that you are trying to call. It's a Derby (Spondon) area code but the number appears not to be allocated. From my slim knowledge of the history of the company I would have expected your grandfather's pension to be in the Alzo Nobel (CPS) Pension Scheme. But Willis Tower Watson are the Pension Scheme Administrator of that scheme and would be the people who should know if your grandfather had contributed. Is your grandfather certain he contributed? Joining pension schemes wasn't compulsory in those days. Or might he have got his contributions returned when he left them? That happened sometimes back then. Sorry not to be of more help.
  14. Sorry, I haven't ever seen one of these agreements. Read it all and look out for anything that says when she can withdraw and when she is committed to go ahead. If it isn't clear she may need to call the housing provider and simply say what you posted here, she doesn't want to go ahead and how does she withdraw her swap application?
  15. The answer to this is going to depend on what the agreement your friend signed says. Or contact the housing provider and ask them.
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