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  1. Do the two railcards have different card numbers? And is the name shown on the two cards the same, ie your name? They are both shown as 1 year cards. The one that expires 04/05/23 is presumably the one you bought on 5th May 2022 after being stopped by the Thameslink revenue protection officer. So wasn't valid when you were stopped. But the other one that expires 05/09/22 appears to have been valid on 5th May when you were stopped. As it's a one year card it presumably runs from 6th September 2021 to 5th September 2022. Does that sound right to you? Why did you think it had expired? If it is still valid then all you are 'guilty' of is travelling without your 16-25 Railcard because you'd accidentally left it home on an old phone. Explain that and they should drop the prosecution.
  2. Please post on here the letter you have received. We can give better advice if we know what it says. Post it as single pdf but cover up all personal information which could identify you (including any Thameslink reference numbers)
  3. Thanks for update. I can't think of a reason why LCC could be abusing their statutory powers. There seems to be no requirement in law or guidance for them to make an informal approach before issuing a formal s154 notice.
  4. Presumably the tree shown in the photos is yours? Wouldn't it be better for you to cut back the tree(s) yourself to the height required rather than let LCC do the work and bill you for it? I bet LCC's bill will more than you could get it done for yourself. Just guessing here, but it seems unlikely the bus drivers can't see the bus stop sign and don't know where to stop. More likely if they don't stop it's because the overhanging tree branches would hit the bus if they pulled in, especially if it's double decker buses on the route. Sorry, but I can't see how what happened in 2019 is relevant.
  5. @Robsmillers please upload documents as requested so we can understand what's happening. One single mass pdf. I need to know what you mean by 'Utility Contractor - do you mean a utility, company? Thanks
  6. Just so we are completely clear @Robsmillers has your daughter checked her credit record with Experian and the other CRA to make sure there is no CCJ or anything else about this alleged debt on her credit record? Second question: when our children were in student rented accommodation we, as parents, had to give a guarantee to the letting agency for any unpaid amounts that our daughter owed. Did you give a guarantee?
  7. Have you checked on the Royal Mail Address Finder whether each flat is listed as a separate address? Postcode Finder - Find an address | Royal Mail Group Ltd That will confirm whether the RM national address database recognises Flat 26 [using your example] as a separate address. If it does then my understanding is that RM will deliver onlyto that address unless either the occupants or the sender have authorised RM to deliver it elsewhere if no-one was at home. So if RM recognise Flat 26 as an address on the national address database, and if they say that's where they delivered it (ie someone in Flat 26 accepted it), then IMO you are entitled to accept that it has been delivered to the address you sent it to. I'd ignore the stuff about a Romanian woman. Even if true it's irrelevant. Note that RM do not have to deliver to the person named on the package. Their legal obligation is only to deliver to the address. Maybe it's a try on by the purchaser, maybe it's a genuine misunderstanding, maybe it's a scam. Who knows. But if RM confirm delivered to Flat 26 then I think you should hold firm and just say 'No' to this purchaser. RM have confirmed they delivered. End of discussion. Remind them they instructed you to use RM as the delivery company. Was it sent by any sort of RM tracked or signed for servcie?
  8. Do you have a back up plan? How To Build Credit and Credit History | Experian
  9. So you expected to return to the UK after living abroad for some years and have in place a good credit record with the CRAs based on two accounts with UK banks which you had been actively using while living abroad. But when you got back to the UK you discovered that the bank hadn't reported your account history for either account while you were abroad. Is that the situation? (Is it one bank or two? Which bank(s)?) So although you are in good standing with the bank(s) as far as the two accounts are concerned, you have never defaulted or missed a payment, the CRAs have no credit history for you. Because of that when you now apply for UK credit, mobile phones etc, you are getting refused or having a lot of difficulty because there's no recent credit history for you at any of the CRAs? If I've understood that correctly I see the problem. I don't know the answer though. You've tried the obvious route of an FOS complaint but FOS have ruled no fault by bank because there's no statutory duty on banks to send credit data to the CRAs. Were you able to check if the T&Cs when you opened the accounts said anything about this? Is the bank able to give this information to the CRAs retrospectively? Even if only for, say, the last 3 years? As the accounts are still active are they submitting information now?
  10. @JohnnyBallCan you give us the information about the PCN requested in Post #3. When my Council introduces new parking controls, for the first couple of weeks they usually do what the call 'light touch' enforcement, which essentially means that if you can give a convincing explanation of how you were caught out by the new rules they will cancel it. Don't know what Ipswich do but you have set out some good reasons why they should cancel it (that you were parked there already before the day they started). You should be able to build a good case around that. You can mention that the TMO seems to be invalid as well but I wouldn't make that the main reason for asking for the PCN to be cancelled. This link to Ipswich website with details about how to make representations was posted earlier in the thread: Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) | Ipswich Borough Council Keep an eye on the timescales. 14 days to makean 'informal challenge'. You are 7 days into that already.
  11. @LucindaBirminghamCan you give us an idea of how much money you are owed (capital + unpaid interest)?
  12. According to the Companies House Filing History they changed their Registered office address from 4a Rabone Lane Smethwick B66 3JH to King’S Court. 17 School Road School Road Hall Green Birmingham B28 8JG on 26 January 2021. Did the HCEOs attaned at the new address? SMETHWICK TRADE CENTRE LTD filing history - Find and update company information - GOV.UK (company-information.service.gov.uk)
  13. When they say a letter is waiting for you do they only send you a link to read it online or do they also send an actual hard copy through the post via Royal Mail? If they send hard copy be aware that not opening the hard copy letter wouldn't help as it is deemed by law that it has been received by you two days (I think) after being posted 1st Class to your address..
  14. @delstopsomething is still going wrong with your posting because it's still appearing as a solid block of text to me. The editing you did for paragraphing/lines/spacing/punctuation isn't showing at all. I'm reading it a large screen PC monitor which makes it bit easier for me compared to those reading on a mobile small screen, but even so it's hard work. I have skim read through it though to get the gist of the issue, but not all the detail.. It seems to me this is a specialised legal issue about planning law and I doubt whether we have the expertise here to help you. Please bear in mind that the people who post advice here are volunteers who are happy to share their their knowledge and experiences but we are not legally qualified professionals, especially when it comes to the more specialised areas of law outside mainstream consumer problems. It's not an area I have any expertise in. Sorry.
  15. We had a case here not long ago of someone who didn't report an accident to their insurer and got into a lot of difficulties with their insurer because a third party had reported the accident (and that was a very minor incident, a much less serious accident than yours). From memory they were then contacted by their own insurer and asked why they hadn't reported it. The upshot was that at renewal their insurer refused to renew the policy becaue of non-disclosure of the accident . The driver then had to declare that an insurer had cancelled or refused to renew a policy when seeking alternative quotations. Many insurers would not quote, others wanted very high premiums. So my advice is to report this to your insurer as soon as possible.
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