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  1. Could that be because not all of the rebate arose from the (non-existent) EIS investment? Maybe there were other tax allowances which you were genuinely entitled to for those tax years but hadn't claimed before? Just a thought. It's a bit surprising otherwise why HMRC aren't asking for all the rebate back.
  2. what dx100uk said, you never know what the information you get from an SAR might reveal. For it example it might show why they have not imposed any penalty on you and are asking for just the rebate back. Typical HMRC practice is to ask for some penalty on top of the refunded tax rebate to reflect what HMRC consider is the taxpayer's lack of care. That might (only might) mean that they know already that you are a victim of fraud so no penalty is justifed. They'll probably redact information about FTR but you never know. Organisations do release stuff sometimes that's mo
  3. There has been a longstanding disagreement between the wetwipes industry and the water companies about what is "flushable". Water companies say the tests that the manufacturers use to decide if a wetwipe will breakdown are inadequate and don't reflect real conditions in the sewers. The industry's tests ignored that when wetwipes get coated in fats and oils, as they quickly do in the sewers, they no longer break down. I see that there's now a new standard approved by the water industry. Fine to Flush | Water UK
  4. Tax advisers don't have to be regulated. There's a government consultation on whether they should be but that's no help to you now. HMRC are right that a tax adviser is just your agent and you are responsible for anything the agent submits on your behalf. So if Fast Tax Rebate Ltd claimed a tax rebate for you which you aren't entitled to then you have to repay it to HMRC. The £1k you received comes from your pocket and Fast Tax Rebate Ltd return the £2k they kept. If you are satisfied that HMRC are right and you weren't entitled to a £3k tax rebate then by repaying it you aren't 'o
  5. What remedy are you seeking? If you have now sold your business and the contract has terminated then the question of transferring to another supplier is now irrelevant isn't it? Or is your complaint that from September 2020 until you sold your business you paid more to BES than you would have paid to another supplier if you had been able to switch suppliers in September 2020? If so what is your estimate how much more you paid to BES in that period than you would have paid to the other supplier you wanted to switch to?
  6. I guess it depends what is meant by "almost everything". Possibly they are thinking of the 3 month time limit for bringing an Employment Tribunal claim for Unfair Dismissal. But if they are they will be stuffed in defending a claim if the ex-employee gets permission to bring the claim out of time or brings a claim in the county court instead! Payroll records must be kept a minimum of 3 years PAYE and payroll for employers: Keeping records - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Advice from HR experts varies but this one is typical https://www.naturalhr.com/2018/04/12/gdpr-how-long-must-
  7. Magistrates will take into account the Highway Code so be aware of what Rule 214 says about driving slowly when overtaking animals Rule 214 Animals. When passing animals, drive slowly. Give them plenty of room and be ready to stop. Do not scare animals by sounding your horn, revving your engine or accelerating rapidly once you have passed them. Look out for animals being led, driven or ridden on the road and take extra care. Keep your speed down at bends and on narrow country roads. If a road is blocked by a herd of animals, stop and switch off your engine until they have left
  8. Well the obvious question is, has he been saving/putting aside the money to repay the capital element of the mortgage loan? If you take out an interest only mortgage and are intending to continue living in the house until the mortgage is due for repayment people normally take out some other sort of savings product that will mature at the time the mortgage has to be repaid. Has he done that? Not sure otherwise how we can answer the question, knowing nothing of his circumstances.
  9. Yes, basically that's what you have to do. In principle your claim is for what it would it cost you to replace them with second hand items of the same age and condition. Another way to approach it which may be easier or if you can't find second hand examples for sale is 'depreciated value. How long have you owned the item? How long would it be expected to last? What does a new one cost now? Then if an item would be expected to last 10 years, and you've had it 5 years, and new one would cost £250 now you could value it at 50% of its current new cost, ie £125 in my example. I apprec
  10. I am assuming that you own a flat or house, leasehold, on this estate and your lease entitles you to park as long as you park in accordance with the rules decided by the management company, and the management company are authorised to act for the lessor. That might need to checked out at some point but it's what the management company seems to be saying in their 2019 letter when they refer to ".. per the covenants of the Estate...". Is that correct? The management company (on behalf of the lessor) commonly has the power in the lease covenants to impose parking rules (again, needs c
  11. Do you still have the 2019 letter from the management company? If you could post it up with identifying details (including management company name) covered up that would be helpful.
  12. So the lock up had asbestos roofing panels? And a specialist/qualified asbestos removal company said that as a result of the gardener putting his foot tthrough the asbestos roofing your property was contaminated by asbestos and had to be destroyed? Who instructed the asbestos removal company to remove and destroy your property? The local council? Are they the landlord/owner of your flat and the lock up?
  13. I'll let one of the small claims court experts answer that. I'd have thought that if you know the name and address of the gardener who was on the roof and actually caused the damage issue proceedings against them. They can always ask the court to add or substitute other defendants. Wait and see what others advise. Bear in mind that you are going to have to demonstrate that the gardener is legally liable to you for the damage caused, most likely that the gardener was negligent. Did you see it happen? Do you have witnesses or evidence about how the gardener came to fall through the
  14. AXA have no obligation to explain anything to you about their policy cover because you are a third party and have no contractual relationship with them. Your claim is against the gardener. If AXA's policy had insured the gardener then AXA, for practical reasons, would have dealt with you direct. But for whatever reason they have decided that their policy will not insure the gardener against your claim. So AXA are correct that you will need to pursue the gardener directly for the damage to your property and he will have to pay it from his own pocket. If he disagrees then you would
  15. As he seems to be self empoyed running a driving instrctors business that he owns there's not much point in complaining to the business. The DVSA have a page explaining what they do if you complain to them. Complain about a driving instructor - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Complaining about their behaviour is one of the things you can do. It's not clear whether only the learner driver can complain or whether you can as a witness. Complain and see what they say. If you see him do it again try and get a video recording to support your case. Without some evidence or other people wi
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