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  1. How old is your house, when was the restrictive covenant imposed? The practical issue with restrictive covenants is whether there is likely to be anyone around any longer who would want to enforce it. What is on the other side of the northern part of your property to which the covenant applies? If you are not familiar with restrictive covenants have a look at this explanation (a search will bring up many similar explanations) ---> Five Things Everyone Should Know About Restrictive Covenants - Hart Reade Restrictive covenants have nothing to do with planning permission so I'm afraid it's unlikely the local council will be able to help. You are already discussing it with your solicitior so they are best placed to answer the question you have asked here.
  2. If the house was empty for 5 months presumably no-one was watching TV there. An empty house does not need a TV licence if the TV set is not in use. And you don't have a legal obligation to advise TVL that a house is empty. So apart from the other points already mentioned about TVL you weren't committing a TV licence offence anyway!
  3. It's a standard disclaimer, potential employers are unlikely to draw the conclusion that you have. Don't worry about it.
  4. @Emmzzi is very knowledgeable about employment matters and may have a view. I have four questions: 1. What is the nature of your sister's job with the local council? In particular does it involve her working with clinically vulnerable people? Is she able to work from home? 2. Has she checked the current government guidance on gov.uk? Is her suspension from work in line with gov.uk guidance? 3. Does the council have its own published policy that applies to situation? Does that policy say she should be sent home? 4. Is she in a union? What does her union say?
  5. OIAHE? Is that the Office of the Independent Adjudicator? >>> Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
  6. FWIW this doesn't feel like a trace on behalf of a DCA. Can't put my finger on exactly why, somehow just doesn't feel like a DCA. A DCA would be more likely to do its own tracing than use a tracing service that appears to have only just started.
  7. Some sort of malware/virus could also be the cause of that. The neighbour might have been careless with security or the timing could be coincidental. Either way do a full security scan as well.
  8. I'm blocked on both links HB. Can read first papragraph but have to subscribe to read any further.
  9. I got three similar ones yesterday! It must have been scam email day for someone. This email has several characteristics that are typical in these sorts of scams The scammers try and give it credibility by claiming to be a real person whose existence you can check. They aren't really them of course. Another typical ploy, as in this one, is to give a link to media reports of the death of the person whose money they claim to be wanting to give you. The death is real enough, the rest of the story is load of baloney. Another common give-away that it's a scam is that they send it from an email address that appears to be the genuine business email of the Bank CEO, so it can be checked on public sources, but ask you to reply to a different address which definitely isn't a bank corporate email. The bank email address it purports to come from is spoofed of course, it didn't really come from there.
  10. Make sure that photos you take of the pothole show it with some sort of ruler that will show how wide it is and how deep it is.
  11. Apparently their website per Post# 4 was www.fasttaxrebate.co.uk but that no longer functions. Their Registered Office address is a business services company called SME Centre of Excellence - a brass plate post box I imagine. More than 50 comapnies have the address as their Registered Office. Business Support | Business Growth | Newcastle upon Tyne WWW.SMECOFE.COM All the support you need to help your business start, survive and thrive. Access all your back office support through the SME Centre of Excellence.
  12. Their registered office is just a brass plate business services company isn't it? There are hundreds of companies registered at that address, the people who take in letters don't work for any of them and aren't responsble for any of them. It's just a post box.
  13. That just confirms they haven't filed for insolvency. It doesn't mean they are still trading. There are very many companies registered at Comapnies House that have ceased trading but not bothered to file for insolvency or otherwise asked to be struck off. It also confirms that they have filed no accounts so we don't know whether tney have any assets you could enforce your judgement against. My guess is still that you will find no assets, no premises, and nobody to enforce your judgement against. Just because FTR Ltd still exists as a company doesn't mean it has any money!
  14. Can I ask how you know this @dixon2094 ? Comapnies House is still showing no accounts have ever been filed and I can't see anything online to suggest they are still trading.
  15. While getting a SAR going two other things I 'd check: 1. Is the meter number that is shown on their bills correct, ie is it the same as the number that's on your meter? 2. How often do you get a new bill normally? Quarterly? Monthly? In June you read it to be 92676 and they estimated it at 80822. If you get Quarterly bills what reading was shown on the bill they sent you in March/April? Was that shown as an Estimated reading or a Customer reading? Which company are you with? [EDIT sorry, It's in the thread title, SSE] Have you changed supplier recently, or have you been with them for a long time? Do you get just electricity from them or gas as well?
  16. This the form you use. Strictly speaking it needs the judge's approval but I understand it would be very unusual for a judge not to accept a notice of discontinuance. Form N279: Tell the court you want to discontinue a claim or counterclaim - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Use Form N279 to discontinue all or part of a claim or counterclaim. Send the completed form to the court and all other parties in the case.
  17. Do you have a copy of the GCRO? lt should look like this Microsoft Word - N19b general civil restraint order_1205.doc (justice.gov.uk) If you have it can you post it up as a PDF after removing identifying details and reference numbers. That should make it clearer what your GCRO says.
  18. There is an exemption for Data Protection SARs of data held for the prevention or detection of crime and the apprehension or prosecution of offenders. It doesn't have to be disclosed if you submit a SAR. HMRC might use that exemption as a reason not to disclose data about you that's linked to their investigation of FTR. Just a thought, I don't know whether this is relevant here or not.
  19. Once you have judgement come back here and let us know. I doubt you'll hear from FTR so you'll need to consider how, or whether, to enforce it. My guess is you'll find no-one and no assets to enforce it against, but when you have judgement let's see what others think. In any event having judgement is one more thing you can use as evidence in your appeal with HMRC and as another reason why you suspect fraud.
  20. The evidence you have of them admitting it will be what matters if/when you go to court. What is the evidence you would use in court?
  21. This shouldn't be a problem, I'm not sure why it has become one. Lost certificates happen all the time and only the Board you took the exams with (or their successors) can issue replacements. (Actually they don't issue a duplicate certificate but a formal letter confirmimng results,.) There's no point in asking the school. They never hold copies of certificates and rarely hold exam results from 35 years ago. Southern examinations group, according to Wikipedia, ended up as part of AQA in 2000. Have you looked at this page? AQA | Contact us | Past results and lost certificates This suggests they do hold Southern GCSE results. Have you contacted AQA?
  22. What will be the grounds of your appeal @Alvinsmalvin ?
  23. I suggest OP follows the guidance on gov.uk linked in post #11. "Pest" does not appear once in the guidance or the law.
  24. If you have a legal right of way (which ought to appear in your deeds/registered title at the Land Registry if you own your house) the legal issue is that the flytipping is preventing you exercising your right of way. I wouldn't get into legal stuff initially, just explain that rubbish has been dumped by unkown persons that is blocking the path, please can they get it removed
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